Some “Spiritual” Nomenclature

I am not long back from the Osteopath, and he is trying to get some more movement into my osteo-arthritic hips. For now, and the near-term foreseeable future, I will not be able to be operated on to get replacement hip joints. Can’t have two bed-bound people in the same house…

One of the problems for anyone studying the “spiritual” literature is the nomenclature. This is inconsistent across traditions and terms can be used willy-nilly.

Whilst a great deal is known and published about the anatomy, biology, and biochemistry of the human physical vehicle less is available about the esoteric constitution of man.

In various treatises people talk about the astral plane and the mental plane. This to an erstwhile scientist like me implies a two-dimensional flat surface. Planes may be stacked and give a two-dimensional paper representation. But that is all that it is a re-presentation.

Many are familiar with this image by Leonardo da Vinci.

Excerpted from The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Section III – Forces behind the Evolutionary Process by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Kuhl

The Appearance of Avatars

Since the year 1400 (a date to which I referred earlier) there have been constant appearances of lesser avatars, called forth in response to minor crises, to national dilemmas and religious necessity. They have taken the form of those men and women who have championed successfully some truth or some right cause, some human right or correct human demand. All these people have worked actively upon the physical plane and seldom received recognition for what they truly were; only history, at a later date, laid emphasis upon their achievement. But they changed the current of men’s thoughts; they pointed a way to a better life; they pioneered into new territories of human achievement. Such a one was Luther; another was Columbus; still others were Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci – to mention only four who so lived and thought and acted that they conditioned after events in some field of human living and are still recognized as pioneering souls, as leaders of men. With these disciples I shall not deal. They embodied ideas and made history – not the history of conquest but the history of progress. I seek to consider with you those still greater Appearances Who come forth from some hidden center, remote from or near to humanity, and Who “release from crisis the sons of men.”

Humanity now, thanks in great part to computer generated graphics, has a better ability to visualise in 3 dimensions and time. This still has a cartesian basis one which is drummed into us from an early age. Mathematicians and physicists are not so limited in their conception, thanks in part to imaginary numbers. Swathes of humanity play highly sophisticated computer games.

Below is an esoteric representation of humanity in which the normal physical body is contained within the vital/etheric, astral/emotional and mental/manasic sheaths all contained within the Soul/ Egoic vehicle/ causal vehicle.

These sheaths are somewhat analogous to amniotic sacs only they are not made of atom based matter. One can develop and “strengthen” these sacs/sheaths by meditating on the form of these. If one constructs the first three inner sheaths one is working on the personality which in due course must become infused by/with and under the direction of the causal vehicle. By the time the being is near fully infused it will probably have taken the first two initiations.

The result of building the thought form say of the astral /emotional sheath is to feel much better contained and not emotionally “all over the place”. Each sheath then contains the being on one “plane”. It is not two dimensional so I shall now call it the astral/emotional surface.  Many human beings are emotionally all over the place and many are very afraid of emotions because they cannot handle them well and are easily destabilised by the emotions of another. They are not contained.

{As aside there have been many times when people have literally sent me emotionally charged people so as to get them off their hands.}

If you don’t have a well-formed vital/etheric surface, you are like a colander and any energy/vitality you receive, or harvest is lost very quickly. You are easily drained.

If your mental surface if not well bounded, then your thoughts ping back and forth all over the place too!

The proper construction of the thought forms of these surfaces leads to a feeling of being contained and not dispersed by the wind of emotions or the ping pong of thoughts.

By the time a being is sufficiently evolved it will know that at the upcoming fourth initiation {in the fullness of time and called by some The Stinger} the causal vehicle will be destroyed and the requirement for re-birth will cease. The Soul often cited as immortal, does eventually cease to be.

So as to remain contained after the disintegration of the lower vehicles the initiate senses the need to build the buddhic and atmic sheaths / surfaces. These are much more diaphanous and extend further from the physical body.

When the Causal vehicle is ruptured the fourth-degree initiate, if still living, stands within only these two diaphanous sheaths. Consciousness can still operate on the mental, emotional and vital surfaces but there are no longer any subtle boundaries between them, and awareness is largely in the buddhic “sphere”. It can go to the emotional surface to gain comprehension of a being who is “polarised” there. It can go the concrete thought level of the mental surface to discuss. But it is much freer and able to move.

The differentiating awareness which budded out of Monad to form the Egoic / Causal vehicle ceases and the awareness is now far less separate and differentiated. At this level of development there is much, much less separation. There is no I or Ego. The being has returned to the source out of which it first differentiated a casual vehicle causing countless incarnations across aeons for the purpose of evolving awareness.

If for example you are obsessed with your body, your physical vehicle, and suffer emotions such as jealousy and envy then your awareness is of a very different calibre to a being who no longer has a causal vehicle nor any personality at all.

This is difficult if not impossible to comprehend.

The vast majority of human beings at this current time are not yet Soul infused and they interact personality to personality. Most of these personalities are not integrated…

Here are a couple of questions:

Do you feel that you are emotionally contained?

Do you think that you are Soul infused?