Anything Might Happen…

On of the advantages of the warriors’ path is that it sets you up for the unexpected. One cannot expect the unexpected, one can be fluid and not rigid in thinking. Your never know when you might get a surprise.


When the wife was ill and had a cancer diagnosis, I said to her that you never know what is going to happen it is the warriors’ path. All kinds of weird shit might happen.

The four postulates of stalking suggest that we do not have life “sussed” and any “solution” to the mystery we might have, is but a temporary construct.

Fate has quirks, the universe throws curve balls and God chucks a spanner into the works of our most carefully laid cunning plans.

If we self-diagnose as omniscient, we know best, we are at best arrogant fools.

I am aware of the most likely life trajectory from here, from this point in space-time. But fate may have a sack full of quirks yet…

We shall see…

Ignoring Warning Signs

People who “know best” have a tendency to ignore warning signs and can be smug in their self-promotional complacency. The implications of the Brexit fiasco continue to unravel and of course Europe is still to blame for all the woes in the UK. The “loyal” members of the tory sleaze party continue to self-promote by jollies to Taiwan for example. Liz the lettuce is so thick skinned that she does not see that the Russians are not keen and now also the Chinese. She is dangerous by ignorance.


In the space of a few days the isolated UK has had fairly strong warnings from Russia and now from China. We have an “Irish” American president and the UK is probably at its most isolated. If you tell your pals to metaphorically “fuck off”, “we will not comply with your laws”, the chances are that they are no longer “bezzie mates”. Island Britannia is getting its apparent wishes to be ever more insular.

If I was to identify a strategic weakness in NATO it would be England. Tory sleaze is really about English politics, it does not give a toss about the Taffs, the Jocks, and the Micks. It is not so keen on northerners either. Commercially the UK is the most vulnerable, highly dependent upon technology hardware imports. It makes very little itself.

There is to my eye, a very real problem with English self-perception. We cannot send in the fleet because we do not have one to speak of.

If I was to isolate a weak deer from a herd, I know which deer I would aim at.

Braggadocio can be dangerous…

Frame of Reference, Terms of Reference

I’ll kick this off with a suggestion.

The more “intelligent” you are according how these things are traditionally measured within the socio-political construct, the less likely it is that you will believe that anything lies completely outside your frame of reference and the more prone you will be to a form of intellectual arrogance. You will find it hard to believe that there are any things which you cannot get your head around.

It is common practice in the socio-political construct to launch an inquiry from time to time. For example, into the cost-cutting achieved by installing flammable cladding to high rise accommodation. There is often a great deal of argy-bargy into and about the terms of reference of any putative inquiry. This negotiation often ends in removing any teeth or bite from the act of show called an inquiry.  These are usually interminable. The jargon laden reports are boring, soporific, unintelligible and cause loss of will to live in the reader. Window dressing is window dressing and it can be used to placate the public with a “show trial” of going through the motions as measured by the metric tonne of paper produced. People may even be sufficiently deluded to imagine that toothless inquiries address problems.

If something genuinely new arrives, people will no doubt try to shoe-horn it into their frame of reference or terms of reference. After all some people insist that life should comply with their terms. Instead of being fluid, open minded and flexible, they insist on the application of a whopping great shoe-horn.

There is no way of getting over to a pseudo-omniscient being {self-diagnosed} that their whole approach does not nor cannot it ever work. They will keep on trying to the mantra of “this is the way we have always done this; this is our precedent.”

When there is no precedent relying on precedent is folly!!

I have sat on enough tedious academic committees to see terms of reference dogma enacted to the very letter.

I know this game…


Some things are outside of our frame of reference and beyond the terms of reference to which we want them to comply.


People struggle to accept it.