Spring at Traou an Dour 16-3-23

Before getting back into the DIY I took the camera for a spin around the garden…


The heather has started to flower…


This rockery flower is ~0.5cm across…the bugs are back


The magnolia is starting to unfurl…

This has been dipped in sherbet…


Daisy plus bug with psychedelic wings…


Simple yellow primrose … there are loads of these starting just now

Monsieur Le Heron has started to chill a bit

Grape hyacinth in full bloom…


Pine cone in the making…


Baby dandelion with assorted bugs…

Pine needles close up

Rescued azalea coming back to life..

Her Royal Highness – Bowie

Prelude to Spring…


First blossom, these are about 1cm across…

Our new addition a “fire bark” plant to provide colour in winter…with pine needle..

First Daffodils – Cymru am byth

What are you looking at human? Yes, I know my eyes are a bit red it was all the vodka jello shots I had last night…

Love is…

What exactly is your point, old chap?

Bro-gembre and Llydaw and Instagram

Over the last few days I have been toying with the idea of creating an Instagram photography site.

My exclusive new lingerie range is due for release soon. It is designed for heavily built, hirsute, ex-front row rugby players. The idea is to bring out the inner-tranny hidden deep within. It comes in all sizes XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL. I could model it in home shot videos. I might need to put a trigger warning and ensure that my nipples are covered with Cornish pasties or Greggs steak slices.

I have bee scanning my archives and there are some fine photos therein.

I have been toying with the Breizh – Cymru theme. Most of the photos are taken here in Bro Dreger…

Ideas include:


Breizh, bugs and flowers…

Kembraeg – Brezhoneg

Breizh – Llydaw – Bro-gembre

Breizh – Kembread – Photography

Breizh – Kembraeg – Luc’hskeudennerezh

That last one is a bit long….

Ar Yeoded – Le Yaudet

Looking for somewhere new to visit we took a slight wrong turn and ended up here. High atmopspheric pressure means good light…



The Chapel from the car park on top of the cliffs…


Le Léguer estuary from high up…


From sea level…


Around the corner into Pont Roux where we were aiming for…looking out onto Le Léguer


She sells sea shells by the sea shore….



Looking back from the bridge at Pont Roux….


Breton lace….


Back at the Chapel




Light from a stained glass window on a pillar in the Chapel…




Poseidon and Jesus in this Chapel?

The Bowie Saga

This morning I placed some cat biscuits in the cat carrier with the door affixed for left handed use. I sat with my right arm over the carrier and Bowie walked right into the “trap” and with minimal fuss I was able to close the door with my left hand.

We took Bowie to the vet who confirmed that there was no microchip. Bowie has been “here” since the middle of October last year. We have arranged for an appointment next week to have her chipped, vaccinated, and sterilised. We are therefore in the act of adopting her.

This evening we have had a ‘phone call from someone in our local village who has lost her cat. The timings are a bit off. But I have just sent her some photos.

Something tells me that there is more to come in this saga…

Snow Moon 5-2-23

These taken with a Canon EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS from our kitchen last night.

It is very difficult to get the exposure right!!

This came out a mellow yellow…

This is more how it appeared to the eye. Is the bright feature the impact crater?

Moody with cloud and tree…

Click on image and open in another tab. The resolution of the impact crater is good…

Zoomed in with trimming tool

Maginus Crater from Wikipedia…{above}