Out of the Blue – Superconductivity

On Wednesday, the 8th of March, for no apparent reason, my thoughts turned to a friend of mine from way back. Yesterday I was reading a French newspaper on-line and it had an article about room temperature superconductivity in Nitrogen doped Lutetium hydride. I followed the link to a Nature article and that friend was published anew, on March the 8th, together with a colleague, with a new article claiming, “Tc of 294 K at 10 kbar, that is, superconductivity at room temperature and near-ambient pressures.”

In 2020 I had had discussions with this friend prior to his first claim of room temperature superconductivity published in October 2020. I knew before publication that this article was on its way. We talked a little about patents, start-ups, and he formed a start-up company with his colleague.

Last night I had extensive dreams of me being in the US of A meeting with this friend and various others, including a poker player, to discuss these new discoveries. My guess is the IP of the new discovery is vested in the start-up.

In this dream I helped organise and shape whatever it was that was arising.

Strange especially since the material presents as a blue crystal.

It is quite another world, ultra-high technology, and rural Brittany.

In few moments I will make a satay marinade for chicken and this afternoon I will continue to decorate this room.