Is, Ought and Hullabaloo

It is not uncommon for a hullabaloo to result when things do not adhere strictly to expectations. If the world differs from how it “ought” to be, how it “should” be people get all dramatic and there is suffering because how the world “is” does not conform to preconceptions. In fact people sometimes struggle to see and understand how the word “is” because the lenses of “should” and “ought” are so very thick that they prevent the clarity of actuality. People cannot see things how they are because they do not want to.

The shoe-horns of “ought” and “should” can struggle to get the foot of reality into the cobbler’s shoe of how the idealism, bias and prejudice have determined the world to be. There can be a disconnect between physical plane reality and an “idealistic” world view.

For example people are having trouble accepting that the “ideal” of Brexit in no way lives up to the hype with which it was miss-sold to the public. Brexit, in England, is almost a taboo word and Bregret is now being bandied about. Not all cunning “plans” work out. It was not even a plan, it was hyperbole, hot air, based on an faded jingoistic “Britannia Rules the Waves”, outdated illusion.

Now people have their blessed blue passports and can wait at immigration in the airport with the Bangladeshis and the Iranians.

I am picking up the “we are only making plans for Nigel {Alan} vibe again”.

Clearly people know best what is right for me and may even come to a consensual view of what that looks like. However, there is a lacking foundation stone. No bugger has asked me. The house is therefore unsteady.

It is so typical “they” get together and have a chat about how to “manage” others. Thank God for their omniscience. Where would we be without it?

I have no drama about my way of life. It is what it is. Others may deem that it did not “ought” to be like this. Why not?

In the news when someone dies it is often termed a “tragedy” especially if they were “well liked”, popular and below the age of 83. This drama over mundane reality is strange. Loads of people die in their fifties, so why are they “tragically” taken from us before their time?

There is a disconnect between “should”, “ought” and is. A hand wringing hullabaloo can result when someone dies of natural causes because the “should” have made it to their eighties. 

Why, to be an added burden on the health services?

When the time comes, it comes. Why all the drama?

People have a real knack of making a big hullabaloo when is differs from “should” and “ought”.

It is a form of suffering caused by wanting to have life on one’s own terms, terms dictated by the lower self. The universe must comply with our desires and expectations.

{It is not fair mummy.}

Unfortunately shit happens, life goes on and then you die. Life does not comply with our required terms and expectations.

Not How It Should Be

People can get very hung up on their notions of how things should be, how they ought to turn out. They can imagine that others don’t deserve to be treated in a particular manner. I am not a big fan of the “deserve” word. Though it is bandied about my many.

“He got his just deserts.”

“She did not deserve to be treated like that…”

In the minds of many there is often a conflict between is and should or ought.

My life is like this no matter how others might imagine it should not be or ought not be. Perhaps I deserve to live like this?

I am very socially isolated and that is fine with me.

The chap who has offered to do our garden has a master’s degree in environmental protection and his wife has Ph.D. in botany. So we are not the only qualification anomalies living out in the sticks.

One might imagine that whatever talents I have are perhaps wasted. There is of course an invalid supposition in such an imagining. It presupposes that there is anything left in the tank. I am not as I once used to be.

You cannot step in the same river twice. By definition the river is in constant flux.

My trajectory to here can be viewed as unorthodox. If you watch Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild” there are others who have taken an even less orthodox escape from the Colditz Castle of modern living.

Unless I am refused a follow on carte de séjour it is very unlikely, given our current thinking, that I will ever set foot in the United Kingdom again. There is nothing much there for me, so why would I? It has not exactly been nice or kind to me. Some people there have been very unpleasant towards me.

We are here kind of in the now, the hiatus of disease, and there is no telling how long that will last. When the disease comes back, I will revert to being carer. That is what the future looks like.

It is like this.