As Mad as a Sack of Ferrets or a Box of Frogs?

If you do a Google search on Ascended Masters, you will come across various articles and pictures of unknown provenance together with romantic colourful sketches of ideal and usually attractive faces. There are no ugly buggers. {Why not?} These images are nearly always stuck in a time warp and none of them are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a baseball cap. They are not dressed in business suits or modern day ecclesiastical robes of whatever denomination.

It stands to reason that any image can only be of the apparent physical form or mayavi-rupa body {māyāvi-rūpa}. If you are obsessed by what someone’s meat looks like, then you are in effect missing the point. Yet people like icons, statues and the like. They like pictures of meat. There are terabytes of pictures of meat on the internet, some even have clothes on.

I will speculate that were these initiates to take on a form today, it would not be so old-fashioned as to belong in a museum. They would probably do their best not to stand out like a sore thumb or an idealised halo-wearing dude.

It’s astounding
Time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll

But listen closely
Not for very much longer
I’ve got to keep control

There have been claims by people “channelling” these masters. I have no idea what that entails.

I will speculate that any master would be entirely coherent, often terse and would rarely waffle in an overly flowery manner. They probably would not repeat themselves over and over.

This kind of organised intellect ought to be present in their thoughts and words, perhaps as the hallmark.

In the blue books opus and following on from the foundation of the Theosophical society, there is the notion of an ongoing and continued externalisation of the, for want of a better word, hierarchy. In this an increasing number of “evolved” or “trained” beings are entering humanity in a semi coincident manner. The discursive thrust is that these are to start to usher in a New Age. The emphasis is very deliberate.

The idea is that this process is currently early doors.

What kind of forms would these pioneers take on? One could speculate that education would be one arena, as would some kind of politics and agents for change. Some might be charismatic, others not, more behind the scenes in their approach.    

I doubt very much they would be all shiny and glow radiantly.

The Mahatma letters suggest that over a century ago they were moving about in Tibet / Bhutan. They were trying to get through to the very arrogant and “we know best” English. Back then Britain was “top dog”.

Archaic language can also be stuck in a time warp and in need of modernisation. My own cultural references as a 58 year old already will/do not speak to young adults. People who cannot imagine TV screens taking time to warm up and telephones as big as shoe boxes are on a different wavelength.  

In my view that externalisation and its rhetoric needs to be updated and sadly perhaps simplified for modern audiences. Attention spans may not be as long and as deep as perhaps they once were.  

The way for magic and superpowers has already been cleared. Hogwarts for ever!

Perhaps an entirely new verbalisation is due.

I will speculate that were I to say to some of my former colleagues, irrespective of any quantum optics patents, that I have had “telepathic” contact with an “ascended master”, they would deem me mad as a box of frogs or as wildly-crazy as a sack of ferrets. I would be deemed bat-shit crazy, a whacko and a nut-job.

It takes all sorts…

Prejudice can come in many forms…