Are the USA and the UK Expressing Their Soular Ray?

These two share the Egoic or Soular Ray of Love-Wisdom. USA has a sixth ray Idealism and Devotion “personality”, whereas the UK has Will to Power. Some in the USA spout dead letter creationism and ban abortion as a sin, whilst gun massacre is just dandy. We are in the act of egocentric {me, me and me} politicising in the “trustworthy” Tory party. “Trust in me…”

It is so ironic, the surname.

Neither of these countries has been invaded for a long time. The USA has only experienced minor bombings on its soil, Pearl Harbour and 9/11. Britain did get bombed very heavily in World War “two” though no where near as bad as Germany or Japan.

Here is an image of Stalingrad, the battle of Stalingrad was arguably the turning point of the war.

Russia has experienced terrible and prolonged brutality both from the Nazis and its own leaders. The well fed Westerner with a mortgage and a comfy job, cannot understand this difference in orientation. Most of the countries in Europe were occupied by Axis or USSR or both. It is in their psyche as a scar.

We are not close to winter yet. As I have said before winter has been the best ally of Russia in times of dire need. We do not know what Xi and Vlad have agreed.

In the UK the “wise” government is more interested in internecine petty politics, a form of one-up-man-ship about who is going to get the top job. They are squabbling amongst themselves. “Let them eat cake…” There is no love, and very little wisdom. There is jostling for position. People are getting pissed off with this bunch of “entitled” buffoons, the self-diagnosed and condescending omniscient. Strikes are coming…

In the states government is moribund because of allegiance. “I cannot agree with you if you are not of the same party as me.” The coast is at odds with the centre. People are legalising cannabis and buying automatic weapons. We have ultra-high technology and Abrahamic dispensation religion. There is “Me Too” and fanny grabbing Presidents. There are Black Lives Matter and cop shooters. It won’t take much for things to ignite again. There is polarisation and no intelligence, certainly no cooperation.

No! Both countries are expressing personality and indeed the negative aspects of it…

Working With Esoteric Psychology

Over twenty years ago someone suggested that I read the works of Alice Bailey and Djwhal Kuhl.

Being a researcher and a trained chemical physicist, I approached them with an able and open mind. I did not discount anything therein a priori. I suspect that many with a similar educational background to me would not be so openminded and might think mention of Atlantis far-fetched. They would probably have difficulty with the way in which the words energy, ray and vibration are used.

I am able to turn off my physical sciences adherence to scientific jargon because I do not believe it to be sacrosanct.

I approached the texts with the notion of the dreamer and the dreamed, a parallel to the Soul and the personality. I also had the concept that there are seven dreaming classes which you might say are seven colours or shades of Soul. I was daily doing a meditation called dreaming practice the purpose of which is allow the dreamer to infuse the dreamed and eventually take over the steering wheel of the lower vehicle. In this practice the skilled practitioner enters the dreaming colour pertaining to the dreaming class of their dreamer.

Because of the fact that I used many different types of lasers I was able to guess the wavelength of visible light to an accuracy of a couple of nanometres. I worked very closely with colour in often dark rooms. I approached the books not with the intention of picking holes but to absorb the material and see what my intuition made of it.

What I found in this opus was well argued, if in slightly dated language and internally consistent. I was in no way able to grasp all of the content on the first read, not by a long shot. It was clear to me the author, purporting to be the Tibetan, has a considerable and far reaching intellect and some comprehensive memory and attention to detail. The works span a scope greater than several dozen Ph.D. theses.

I was drawn to some volumes more than others. I don’t get anything from Astrology, it is not my bag.

I did find the concepts outlined in a Treatise on the Seven Rays, attractive. The nomenclature did not put me off. Able to enter the colour of my dreamer, it made sense to me to say that the Soul is upon a particular ray. I looked at the various tabulations and found that my colour was that of the second ray or love-wisdom. I read all the descriptions / advice pertaining and it all sat well. In some cases, uncannily so. Therefore because of my different approach I knew my Soular ray before my personality ray. Although compassionate I am not lovey-dovey so I guess I err on the wisdom side.

In the late nineties I did a foundation course in shamanics. As a teenager I read every book on Witchcraft I could get my hands on. The librarian thought it odd that I was a boy…{sexist?} My approach has always been synthetic, I tend to look for commonality and similarity and I do not pick holes just for the sake of it. As a working hypothesis it seemed to me that my personality ray was ray 7, synthesis, ceremonial order or magic.

So, I looked up the technique for personality coordination and gave it a go.

Ray Seven

    ” ‘I seek to bring the two together. The plan is in my hands. How shall I work? Where lay the emphasis? In the far distance stands the One Who Is. Here at my hand is form, activity, substance, and desire. Can I relate these and fashion thus a form for God? Where shall I send my thought, my power the word that I can speak?

    ‘I, at the center, stand, the worker in the field of magic. I know some rules, some magical controls, some Words of Power, some forces which I can direct. What shall I do? Danger there is. The task that I have undertaken is not easy of accomplishment, yet I love power. I love to see the forms emerge, created by my mind, and do their work, fulfil the plan and disappear. I can create. The rituals of the Temple of the Lord are known to me. How shall I work?

    ‘Love not the work. Let love of God’s eternal Plan control your life, your mind, your hand, your eye. Work towards the unity of plan and purpose which must find its lasting place on earth. Work with the Plan; focus upon your share in that great work.’

    The word goes forth from soul to form: ‘Stand in the center of the pentagram, drawn upon that high place in the East within the light which ever shines. From that illumined center work. Leave not the pentagram. Stand steady in the midst. Then draw a line from that which is without to that which is within and see the Plan take form.’ “

For an extended period, every night either before or after my science work (physical chemistry lectures and marking) I lit some incense, then lit five candles and placed them on my lounge carpet. I started the construction in the East. In my mind’s eye I drew a pentagram of fire connecting them one at each point. I then entered the pentagram from the East. I lay down on the floor so that my body was entirely inside the pentagram and my head pointing to the top, northern, candle. {Point upwards}

Every time I left the pentagram it was via the East. I would ceremonially undo the pentagram in the exact reverse sequence I made it, taking the utmost care with my actions.

There I did my dreaming practice and intended the integration of my personality. It seemed to work as after a while I seemed to be more together, coordinated.

Whenever I got a bit unbalanced by life events, a bit tetchy, all I had to do was seek out East the place of clarity and sobriety. A short visualisation of a pentagram around me, vertical if I was standing, and bingo calm returned.

Many years later I did a mediation to construct the lower sheaths.

I am not sure what my vital/etheric sheath or astral/emotional sheath are.  I did work it out, but I have forgotten now. It is in one of my lab books. My mental ray is five…

From another meditation I have seen the colour of my Monad.

So, I guess, according to the extensive works on esoteric psychology I am Monad 1, Soul 2, Personality 7 and Mental 5…

It all hangs together nicely for me and makes quite a lot of sense. It took a long, long time…

Not Being Thorough and Ray Two

I need a bit of break now because me swede is mashed. I have been doing another trawl trough the patent documents cited as contra-indications for my application. They pointed me to things like this Nature Review article.

It looks like one of the applications was very heavily stimulated by this article and I am not sure how they manged to get grant. Some of the embodiments seem a tad cut and paste. When I was trawling the quantum optics patents a while back, I kept getting this feeling, this question, “how come they got that past the examiner?”

I wrote about a molecular exciton in my Ph.D. theses. The two chromophores were coupled by strong hydrogen bonding. Guess what? I started thinking about molecular excitons coupled to a resonant cavity. Physicists are not so keen on molecules.

I am pretty sure that the examination was a first pass only one, because if the examiner had drilled down into the detail, he would have seen that the two contra-indications are concerning very different phenomena. But I do accept his argument that a couple of dependent claims might be obvious. After all, me with my rusty brain, saw them.

There is this thing that many people skim and conclude. They jump to conclusions at haste without looking at ALL the evidence. There are a lot of people in the world who are not thorough. They think that have understood but they have not checked their understanding. People do not check, they assume..

Surface skimming or fathoming the depths?

I guess I have the second ray approach…

I have been burrowing like a mole and storing my nuts. Tomorrow after I have left things to my background intuitional processors, I’ll draft my reply.

It is 33˚C in the shade outside and will probably go one degree more.

That is a toasty…

The Direction of Ray II

    “The Scholar knows the truth. All is revealed to him. Surrounded by his books, and sheltered in the world of thought, he burrows like a mole, and finds his way into the darkness; he arrives at knowledge of the world of natural things. His eye is closed. His eyes are opened wide. He dwells within his world in deep content.

    Detail on detail enter into the content of his world of thought. He stores the nuggets of the knowledge of the world, as a squirrel stores its nuts. The storehouse now is adequately full… Sudden a spade descends, for the thinker tends the garden of his thought, and thus destroys the passages of mind. Ruin arrives, destroying fast the storehouse of the mind, the safe security, the darkness and the warmth of a satisfied enquiry. All is removed. The light of summer enters in and the darkened crannies of the mind see light… Naught is left but light, and that cannot be used. The eyes are blinded and the one eye seeth not as yet…

    Slowly the eye of wisdom must be opened. Slowly the love of that which is the true, the beautiful and good must enter the dark passages of worldly thought. Slowly the torch of light, the fire of right must burn the garnered treasures of the past, yet show their basic usefulness…

    The seven ways of light must wean away the attention of the Scholar from all that has been found and stored and used. This he repulses and finds his way into that Hall of Wisdom which is built upon a hill, and not deep under ground. Only the opened eye can find this way.”

Ray Two

  ” ‘Again I stand; a point within a circle and yet myself.’ The love of love must dominate, not love of being loved. The power to draw unto oneself must dominate, but into the worlds of form that power must some day fail to penetrate. This is the first step towards a deeper search.

   The word goes forth from soul to form: ‘Release thyself from all that stands around, for it has naught for thee, so look to me. I am the One who builds, sustains and draws thee on and up. Look unto me with eyes of love, and seek the path which leads from the outer circle to the point.

    I, at the point, sustain. I, at the point, attract. I, at the point, direct and choose and dominate. I, at the point, love all, drawing them to the center and moving forward with the travelling points towards that great Center where the One Point stands.’ What mean you by that Word? “