According to the Ashridge Estate Conversations…

In early 2009 I was accustomed to walk entirely sober and soon after dawn at the Ashridge Estate near Tring.

I would get there before most of the normal folk and as I was leaving, I would start to encounter the odd dog walker or two or some sweaty dude out running.

I perhaps imagined telepathic dialogues with inter alia the Tibetan, Djwhal Kuhl. Or maybe it was real? Maybe I am a paranoid delusional schizophrenic? Place your bets…

He “told” me of my five previous incarnations and said that I was a close disciple of Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, my brother. My dreams have pointed at a named person, Bakula. He is considered as one of the arhats of the Buddha in some texts, roughly equivalent of being one of the apostles of Jesus.

This suggests that I pertained to the ashram of a Master 2500 years ago. Or that I need to be locked up at the Friern Barnet Asylum.

There is discursive Buddhist intellectualism as to what an arhat is or may be. The general consensus is that is really bad karma to be nasty and disrespectful to a being who is closer to enlightenment than you. If you have been a manipulative bastard to an arhat, that is not a good thing to have on your karmic CV.

If a high degree initiate incarnates into a nation and feels the need to change country because of how he is treated, that is not karmically good for the nation. For the new host, it is a good thing.

If an alcoholic “burn out” runs away to die a lonely sad and isolated death, that has no karmic impact on the nation he runs away from.

The strange thing is that the people who imagine that they know best are unaware as to the limitations and the accuracy of their all-encompassing imagination. It is impossible to teach, help or advise, those who have already self-diagnosed their own universal and cosmic omniscience.