Quantum Optics Patent – Grant Approved!!

I have just received a letter from the Intellectual Property Office in Newport, South Wales.

They have decide to grant me a patent for my “cyfarpar i gynhyrchu parau ffoton” patent application!!


This patent application I wrote myself; no expensive patent attorney used or required.

So, this is probably the only quantum optics patent granted without any lawyer input and almost certainly the only one written in our rural commune of ~1800 souls in Côtes d’Armor.

This means that I will have three granted patents in a few weeks’ time… two US and one UK.

So maybe there is a tiny bit of boffin juice left…

cyfarpar i gynhyrchu parau ffoton

The subject of my patent application is entangled photon pairs and it seems to me that this is a metaphor for karmic entanglement with the past. My “pet theory” remains that because some people have unresolved karma pertaining to me, I experience karmic breakthrough at a distance of hundreds of kilometres. It is only a pet theory but why otherwise would people from the past continue to impinge unasked and without any conscious forethought into my dreams.

I will metaphorically piss myself laughing if, in the next few days, I get a letter from the Intellectual Property Office after my dream the other day.

There is a part of me tempted to call our local newspaper “Le Trégor” and let them know.

Boffin gallois ….

“Eccentric Welsh ex-scientist from a small village in Brittany gets quantum optics patent granted at the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom.”

They were interested when a scouse teacher took the piss about football…


Thunder Cats – Patents – Dream 11-05-23

Here is last night’s dream it is another out of the blue.

The dream starts in a busy open office environment there are many people milling about. There is a lot of noise and the people are mostly “young guns” wearing grey business suits. It has a feel of the city of London, but it is not there. There is a lot of excitement.  

On a screen in the corner is a camera pointing at a stock board at the London Stock Exchange. One can see a blank board and it is before the exchange opens for the day. An initial public offering has been made by the company and everyone is waiting to see if the share price starts higher than that of the offering.


I find myself in the midst of chaos. There has been a lot of investment and many people have been employed but I can see nobody who is going to get down and do the hands on work. There are too many suits. I shout out, “Do we need any more intellectual property? “No”, is the answer.

I ask who is in charge of patents. Amidst all the youngish British men a more mature tall and slim woman puts up her hand. “I am”, she says in a Californian accent. I say to her that we need to talk and could she find us a quiet place.

On the building opposite I can see the Thundercats logo projected. It pertains to the company and we and most especially I have this logo. In the dream I am slightly surprised on one level but not on another.


The patent lady and I walk off out of the noise and struggle to find a quiet room to the side of the office. Once we are in, I say to her than we need more quiet spaces amongst the bedlam.  Which she agrees with. We sit down and she outlines that there is indeed need for further intellectual property which is more to do with applications and extensions. I ask her how come they recruited so many suits. She shrugs her shoulders and says that it was not her idea. I ask her to scope out in detail more of her ideas concerning applications.

A young man comes running to the door and knocks. “I am sorry to disturb you but there is a man at the front desk who keeps asking for you and he won’t go away.  He says that he knows you.” I say to the patent lady that I will be back and go with the young man to the front desk.

When I get there, it is Prof. TSJ. He says that can we go for a walk and have and “off the record” chat. He has come up with an application for the intellectual property and would like to discuss it. He has in mind, using it to buy some shares in the company and joining in. We walk off into an industrial estate and he outlines his ideas.

The dream ends.  

Revlimid in the news:

From Reuters:

Bristol Myers said on Thursday its revenues in the quarter were $11.34 billion, below analysts’ expectations of $11.49 billion, according to Refinitiv data.

CFO David Elkins said that revenue in the quarter grew by 10% if you exclude products like Revlimid that have lost their exclusivity as well as the impact of foreign exchange.

Sales of Revlimid, which began facing generic competition last year, fell to $1.75 billion in the quarter, down 37% from $2.8 billion last year.


From Bristol Myers web site

—- Bristol Myers Squibb posted first quarter revenues of $11.3 billion, a decrease of 3%, due to Revlimid generic erosion and foreign exchange impacts, partially offset by in-line products (primarily Opdivo and Eliquis) and our new product portfolio (primarily Opdualag, Abecma and Reblozyl). When adjusted for foreign exchange, revenues decreased 1%. Our revenues for in-line products and new product portfolio increased 8% to $9.3 billion, or 10% when adjusted for foreign exchange impacts.

— U.S. revenues increased 4% to $8.0 billion in the quarter primarily due to Eliquis, Opdivo and our new product portfolio, partially offset by Revlimid generic erosion. International revenues decreased 16% to $3.3 billion in the quarter. When adjusted for foreign exchange impacts, international revenues decreased 11%, primarily due to Revlimid and Eliquis generic erosion, partially offset by Opdivo and our new product portfolio.


This means as high quality generics become available at a lower price more people will be able to have life saving Lenalidomide now that the patent has expired.

I maintain that UK pharma is missing a big pile of cash by not investing in and chasing the lucrative generics market.

Of previous good character…

“The defendant, of Abertillery Road, was arrested and later pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The court heard he was of previous good character.”


The above quotation is not unusual when it comes to reporting on criminal cases at the various county courts in the UK.

They also often comment that the perpetrator was an unpopular loner and did not mix well, whereas the victim is usually a great person, sociable and very well liked.

It is a moot point if anyone could bear witness as to whether or not I am/was of good character. For the last four years we have not had any face to face interaction other than supermarket, pharmacy, DIY store and medical. There are no contemporary witnesses.

I have sent my response of to the Intellectual Property Office {IPO} this morning and the application will now be examined {probably} which will lead to grant or refusal. I could possibly appeal in the case of the latter.

If granted it tickles me that a UK patent would be granted to an application written in rural Brittany, in a farming commune of ~1800 souls. This is like someone applying from deepest, darkest Pembrokeshire {assuming that the thought police allow us to make such a statement}. I’ll wager that it is the only quantum optics patent applied for in our communal postcode.

If it is granted it is unlikely to bother the Richter scale with its earth shaking impact. Most likely it will remain a curio, in the published literature. One day someone like me trawling through patents might stumble upon it. If their curiosity is piqued, they might type the name of the commune into Google maps. They might then think “odd” and carry on with whatever it is they were doing.

There is a feeling of “tidying up”. The germ of the idea, amongst others, arose before we left the UK. I have not bothered developing any of the other ideas, one of which was using molecular symmetry in Quantum computation.

The patent if granted will have cost me time and around a few hundred quid, not the ten grand or so one might spend with a patent attorney. All along the IPO noted that grant for those applying without a professional is much less likely. It seems like a “jobs for the boys” orientation.

‘Tis done.

In the realms of extremely unlikely someone might want to buy the patent off me.

Subject to grant or not, I have to decide whether to pay the fee, the patent can be re-instated subsequently, I understand.

It is possible that people have made all kinds of stories up about me over the decades and these perhaps without having made my contemporaneous acquaintance. I know people are prone to bullshit and extrapolate, checking facts is less popular, hearsay is more attractive.

I may not be “of previous good character”.

This office is now re-decorated and I will probably get rid of this 2007 vintage desk. I bought it to fit the cottage I moved into. There is a bit more finishing off to do and some serious wiping down.

Today we went to some places selling second hand goods, there were quite a few people looking to buy, perhaps due to the economic situation. There are some other things which we might put up for sale, we have reserved a stand.

There was a weird juxtaposition, ultrahigh technology before lunch and second hand clothes and nick-nacks in the afternoon…

Far out…

Patent Fun With Alice & Bob

The patent examiner has suggested that the above US patent application contains “prior art” but from the tone of his last letter he seems to have accepted my {semi-extensive} arguments against this.

He suggests that I replace “non-optical electric field”, which I added to the claims in the latest iteration, with “static direct current field” which is implicit and explicit in the description. I am not allowed to use non-optical field as this “extends” my claim.

It does differentiate explicitly between a three photon induced process and a four photon one!

This seems fair enough.

I am not allowed to use “non-resonant three photon process via the third order non-linear susceptibility”, this phrase actually removes generality and decreases the scope of the claim, rather than extending it. It fixes spontaneity into the description and does not allow for optical absorption and hence finite lifetime “states”. It has resonance without field “depletion” by any photon absorption. The maths covers this in the description.

It does not look as though we are too far apart. I probably need to sleep on it and use my AM fresh morning brain to respond.

The letter is not too divergent….hmnn

It would be good to get this off my desk so that I can get back into the garden…

Patent Application – What to do?

When I was reading up before writing the patent application, I read in full, analytically, something like 60 patents on quantum optics, most of which had been granted by the “home” patent office. In my study I could not believe that many of these patents had been granted. In many cases the “inventive step” was incremental and to my opinion “obvious” to one skilled {or semi-skilled in my case} in the art. I came to the working conclusion that national patent offices were granting patents to the “home” inventor teams as a strategic ploy in geo-economics. They were going out of their way to award home patents which could be used as a negotiation tool subsequently.

I was genuinely shocked…

I have long suspected that the whole field of intellectual property is ripe for a massive clean out. There are many dodgy patents with little substance other than length and people, investors, want patent quantity not patent quality. That way Apple and Samsung can swap hundreds of patents for a consideration of a few billion dollars. I doubt that many of the patents would be upheld in a courtroom. They are chess pieces…in the new game…


In the past I might have ramped this up and circulated emails to senior people at the IPO and maybe asked if the examiner had lost his hwyl.


Dear X,

Thank you for your detailed and pedantic comments on my application.

Unfortunately I will not be responding or discussing this matter any further for the simple reason that I have lost any will to live.

Wishing you a more fluid and open minded incarnation in your subsequent life.

Bye for now,


Have You Infringed Copyright?

I suspect that in one way or another most of us have infringed copyright law.  In a magistrate’s court one can face a fine of up to £50,000 and a sentence of six months. I suspect that for individual hobby infringement with no for profit element it is unlikely that legal action would be taken. In higher courts the sentence goes up to 10 years and an unlimited fine. I guess that means pirated videos or fake branded goods.

The government has a web site Intellectual Property Offences

It looks like section 2 the Copyright, Design and Patent act 1988 is pretty broad.  Distribution of material infringes the act.

It is possible that many universities sail a bit close to the wind with some of their educational materials. I am not sure that academics get enough training in this.

If I understand it correctly if someone photocopies say one of my Start-up role play games, that infringes copyright. If they then use it as a part of a course, that has gotten funding from the government that is even more iffy.

It goes on to talk about gain and loss, I guess these are the metrics for the punishment.

It all looks like a bit of a minefield.


Excerpted from Start Up Loans UK

Copyright is an automatic intellectual property right, so you don’t need to apply for protection for your creative work.

As soon as you create something, such as a company logo or a take a photo, you are automatically assigned copyright.

Who owns copyright?

In most cases, the person or company that created the work exclusively owns the copyright.

They are referred to as the ‘first owner of copyright’ under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.

There are exceptions, however. If work is produced as part of employment – such as by a member of your staff while performing duties as part of their job – then the copyright owner is usually the employer rather than the individual who created the work.

Graphic design companies, photography studios and copywriting agencies would own the copyright of the work their staff created, for example.

Just like any other asset, copyright may be transferred or sold by the copyright owner to another party.

Freelance or commissioned work will usually belong to the author of the work.

However, many freelancers are willing to transfer copyright as part of a contract.

This is essential if a freelance designer is creating a brand identity creating a brand identity or marketing materials.

As a business, you’ll need to ensure that all copyright is transferred to you and that the author waivers their moral rights to the work as well.


Well, you learn something new every day…

What is Intellectual Property?

Funny how the topic of Intellectual Property is rearing its head again. I got this letter from the Intellectual Property Office this lunchtime. I have only scan read the attached letter. Apparently, it all hangs on the third order nonlinear susceptibility χ3.

When I was developing the courses for Doctoral Training centres, I took great care in making sure that I had appropriate permissions for the material which was not mine. At the time large corporations were going after some self-employed trainers for financial recompense if they were cutting corners.

The HCI case study I wrote was original work. I made it up based on my own experience. As a self-employed individual the intellectual property of case studies is very valuable. Some people may not see individual created case studies as intellectual property. They are and I claimed copyright.

Using copyrighted material specifically for financial gain is potentially illegal, there are grey areas such as education.

“You are allowed to copy limited extracts of works when the use is non-commercial research or private study, but you must be genuinely studying (like you would if you were taking a college course). Such use is only permitted when it is ‘fair dealing’ and copying the whole work would not generally be considered fair dealing.

The purpose of this exception is to allow students and researchers to make limited copies of all types of copyright works for non-commercial research or private study. In assessing whether your use of the work is permitted or not you must assess if there is any financial impact on the copyright owner because of your use. Where the impact is not significant, the use may be acceptable.

If your use is for non-commercial research you must ensure that the work you reproduce is supported by a sufficient acknowledgement.”

Excerpted from – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/exceptions-to-copyright

Using the entire case study looks to be not “fair dealing” and someone claiming it as their own and not mine, would undermine my ability to use it.

I have never belonged to or been a member of any Doctoral Training Centre.

I did the work as a private individual…

The letter from the IPO is a cut and paste job. I don’t have an Agent.

So, I will be looking into IP and patents over the next few weeks, methinks…

Japanese Embassy – Patent – Dream 14-07-2021

Here is this morning’s dream.

In my hands I have a patent application on paper. I am walking through the corridors of the London office of the Intellectual Property Office. There are smartly dressed people everywhere. I enter a room where one can file patent applications by hand and on paper. There is a smartly dressed young woman sat behind a desk. I explain that I want to submit an application but because I am not a lawyer and am representing my own intellectual property nobody is taking me seriously. She asks a little of my background. She then writes on a piece of card a long code beginning with the letter K. She hands this to me and suggests that I go to the Whitehall office and hand them this code. This code means that they will take me more seriously. I thank her and leave her office. Once more I am walking down the corridor.

At the end of the corridor, I open a door, and this leads me into the reception area of the Japanese Embassy. There are several men and women on the welcome desk. They seem surprised to see me appearing in their foyer.  A man in his thirties in an old-style suit says hello and asks me to explain how I got there. I say that I was trying to file a patent application. He asks on what subjects. I say “quantum optics and entangled photon pairs” his ears prick up. He says that this is something we in Japan are very interested in. From beneath the counter, he pulls out an old-style document holder briefcase. He intimates that they would be helpful if my application was filed in Japan. Hinting that they would bear the costs of translating the application into Japanese. He wants me to hand him the application to put in the briefcase.

I briefly come to and make a mental note of the dream. I then drift back off.

In the dream I can now see a Japanese translation of my patent application. Each paragraph and each diagram have a very light violet coloured stamp of two kanji, two Japanese characters. The kanji are tiny but easily visible because they are glowing somewhat.

I awake thinking that is weird, because it all seemed so very realistic.