Himalayan Monastery – Security Forces Dream 5-1-23

This is the first of a whole dreaming sequence that was too extensive to remember in its entirety.

The dream starts off with me talking to P. She is having to explain to security why she has no idea as to my whereabouts.

The scene shifts and I am in a kind of shared guest accommodation in a Himalayan Buddhist monastery. There are a few younger dharma bums there. Some of the people in the room are wearing monk’s robes. I have partial robes on.

A young white man gets us to do stretching exercises. He is an accepted novice. He then goes around the room projecting Ki at us. The idea is that we should let the Ki move us backward. He comes to me. The first time he projects Ki at me I allow it to move me backwards. The next time I project Ki back and it is he who moves backwards. I explain that way back I did some martial arts. He says I bet that they are not as good as those at this monastery. I agree.

They have decided that they want me to help with the technical running of the establishment. Particularly with the laser lighting. A young man shows me a small circuit board which has stopped working. I examine it and one of the chips has come loose from its housing. I place this carefully back and the circuit board is now functional. The young man brings me three flashlamps wired together. They come from the O lasers which they have. Together we hold the lamps and they light up, the static electricity raises the hairs on our arms.

I take a walk to the edge of the compound where there is a fence. I climb over the fence. A young man asks me if I would like sex. I reply that no I am not homosexual. He says never mind. Apparently when some of the younger monks leave the compound they do so in search of gratification. The scenery around is Himalayan and absolutely stunning. I climb back over the fence.

As I am making my way to the main temple building, I notice two military helicopters circling. They are headed to the helipad on the flat part of the mountainside just outside the main compound. One of them lands and the other takes up a covering position with its machine guns. Out of the first helicopter a collection of people in non-standard military uniform gets out. They are armed but their weapons are not drawn. They fan out in a very professional looking manner. One of them a black woman who has the presence of an officer walks forward.

The Abbot fully robed and with a ceremonial hat moves forward to check what they want. The woman says that they want to check on some of the guests. The Abbots says that this is Ok. She calls out the name Isobel and a German woman moves towards them. They start to question her.

In the dream I know that I am next. So, I make my way towards them. When the woman calls out my name I am already there. She hands me over to a senior civilian man of middle age who speaks with a Bostonian accent. He takes me to one side and asks me to recount my history as an adult.  I do this explaining that The Royal Institution is very niche and has the highest Nobel prize per capita density. I talk about UCL, Imperial, UMIST and Bern. When I get to the laser spin out, he goes bingo. Somehow it is me that they have come here for. He is struggling to comprehend how come I am here up at this monastery in the Himalayas. It does not make sense to him.

Dream ends

On waking I know that this dream is directly related to the filing of my patent yesterday and that from time to time P is subject to deep security clearance audit.