The Difference Between Exoteric and Esoteric Psychology

I have read quite a few books on exoteric psychology. I have had cognitive behavioural therapy and talking psychotherapy. I am a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner and have employed this is multiple team and personal development scenarios.  I have experienced Prozac, anti-anxiety drugs and monoamine oxidase inhibitors. The latter are usually only given as an inpatient, but because of my vegan diet at the time, there was much less risk with me. I have worked with shamanism and animal totems together with the notion of dreaming classes. I have also been trying to apply the esoteric psychology from the blue books opus for around two decades. What I am going to write here should be treated as discursive speculation. If it rings true for you fine, if not that is also fine. I am not bothered about being right or winning arguments.

The major difference between the two psychologies lies in the orientation of self. “Normal” psychology seeks to have a stable notion or identity with self, with the personality. In terms of Myers Briggs, personality I am an INFJ. This means that I am in general introverted getting energised by my inner world and overwhelmed by having to speak with / listen to others. Because I have a judging orientation, I like organisation, timing, planning and plans. My dominant function is introverted intuition. Nobody sees it, it is introverted. I am at the top of the scale for this. My second function is extroverted feeling. So, I can appear warm and caring.  I do need to be alone more than most people can imagine and it is fine for me not to speak with anyone for a week.

Normal psychology seeks to explain people in terms of social conditioning and to get the “patient” to comply with the socio-political norms of their peer group(s). Normal psychology is the psychology of the herd, whereby the patient fits without too much discomfort, with the expectations of your common or garden human. These expectations vary. Iran is not Holland; Jamaica is not Japan and Senegal is not Iceland. Normal psychology has many theories about sex and shagging. It can deem selfish ambition as a good thing. If you are not ambitious you may even get diagnosed with depression. Normal psychology does not delve over much into the notion of Soul. Normal psychology is the psychology of the mean, the average. Diverge too far from this and you are diagnosed with a personality disorder. Within this framework it is possible that I had delayed onset post-traumatic stress disorder because of a childhood incident involving drowning, hippos and a crocodile induced death. I have been known to do reckless things.

If you accept the notion of Soul, then one can conclude that normal exoteric psychology is incomplete. It has many wonderful and life saving uses but it does not address the evolution of an incarnating being.

Esoteric psychology is the psychology of how the Soul “seizes” the steering wheel of the lower personality vehicle. The “Self” or “Personality” first of all does not like a back seat driver and will overrule the conscience from time to time. It does not want to hand over the steering wheel. Inevitably then as the Soul tries to take control some measure of conflict, struggle and crisis occurs.

As a descriptor esoteric psychology suggests that awareness can be “centred” in the physical/etheric, the astral / emotional, mental/manasic, buddhic or atmic “planes”. It has the notion of raising the awareness up the ladder. The awareness is not fixed on one level but depending upon level of evolution can be found there for most of the time. If you are obsessed with the form or meat side of live you will do a lot of exercise and be interested in carnal encounters.

The idea is that over multiple lifetimes the Soul gets better and better at driving the lower vehicle creating for itself a more suitable vehicle. The awareness of a normal person with an undeveloped intellect would be very different to that of a university mathematics professor. The latter would be using abstract mind on a regular basis, but he/she may still be polarised on the astral/emotional plane and consequently prone to bouts of drama from time to time.

In esoteric psychology by the time one has “taken” the third initiation the personality vehicle is no longer in charge. The being is Soul infused. The being then builds the buddhic and atmic sheaths. So when the Soul or causal vehicle is destroyed the awareness does not dissipate. Because there is no longer a Soul or Causal Vehicle, a new piece of meat is no longer obligatory.

My mental vehicle is fifth ray or concrete knowledge, my personality as a whole is seventh ray ceremonial order or synthesis, my Soul second ray or love-wisdom.

The seventh ray is entrepreneurial, and I love making new things such as courses up. Depending on circumstance I can show seventh ray shamanism or write a business plan. I can show clear scientific thinking or deeply feeling love-wisdom compassion. My intuition comes not just from my INFJ personality vehicle but from the second ray Soul.

In a real sense the lower separative personality has to surrender. It gets all grand, egocentric  and puffed up and then it has to kneel.

Esoteric psychology seeks to integrate the personality and then have it surrender. Exoteric psychology has no notion like this.

After the fourth initiation because there is no longer a causal vehicle, which is also separative to an extent, the awareness is no longer human. The awareness has echoes of its prior coloration but is now more monadic and therefore holistic, joined up, and universal. This is as opposed to the separate notion of ME held sacrosanct by the strong individualistic personality.

According to the suggestions for the New Age a very large part of humanity will undergo the process of personality integration, repulse and the full infusion.

In my case I would appear to change from an entrepreneurial scientist {5-7} to a love-wisdom buddhist {2}. The change would be a transfiguration. I would not behave like I used to.

This holds true for humanity at the end of the next evolutionary process, it will not behave as it once did

To Illustrate how this might apply to nations. Great Britain as a nation has a first ray personality and a second ray Soul. Have a look at these descriptors from Esoteric Psychology One in the light of recent events in the UK. Which qualities have been demonstrated in Westminster?

First Ray of Will or Power

Special Virtues:

Strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness, power of ruling, capacity to grasp great questions in a large-minded way, and of handling men and measures.

Vices of Ray:

Pride, ambition, wilfulness, hardness, arrogance, desire to control others, obstinacy, anger.

Virtues to he acquired:

Tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, patience,


The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom

Special Virtues:

Calm, strength, patience and endurance, love of truth, faithfulness, intuition, clear intelligence, and serene temper.

Vices of Ray:

Over-absorption in study, coldness, indifference to others, contempt of mental limitations in others.

Virtues to be acquired:

Love, compassion, unselfishness, energy.


I’ll speculate that the UK is demonstrating a poorly integrated first ray personality which fails to see the bigger picture. There are only faint hints of second ray vice coming through, whereas first ray vice is abundant.

In the fullness of time as humanity gets closer to soul infusion there will need to be a shift from the exoteric-SELF psychology to the esoteric-Soular psychology…