Quantum Optics Patent – Grant Approved!!

I have just received a letter from the Intellectual Property Office in Newport, South Wales.

They have decide to grant me a patent for my “cyfarpar i gynhyrchu parau ffoton” patent application!!


This patent application I wrote myself; no expensive patent attorney used or required.

So, this is probably the only quantum optics patent granted without any lawyer input and almost certainly the only one written in our rural commune of ~1800 souls in Côtes d’Armor.

This means that I will have three granted patents in a few weeks’ time… two US and one UK.

So maybe there is a tiny bit of boffin juice left…

Corpse in a Freezer or Skeleton in the Closet?

In the current series of “The Unforgotten” which we have started watching the story is kicked off by the discovery of a headless and handless corpse in a freezer at a scrapyard. The corpse had been frozen and kept secret for three decades. Slowly the karma from an old cause starts to unfold and various protagonists are drawn into the plot. The pressure, so far, builds and the various people entangled in the plot start to meet up and metaphorically lose the plot. The tangled web starts to unfold and they begin to exhibit their true {unpleasant} colours. There is always a pressure caused by secrets. Things hidden in the dark seek light and fresh air. The fetid wants freshness. All secrets have a pressure for revelation inherent in them, it is a part of their very nature.


The thing about the karmic boomerang is that it can fly away for a very long time before it starts to make its return to sender.

Return to sender
Return to sender

I gave a letter to the postman
He put it in his sack
Bright and early next morning
He brought my letter back…

When one starts to spin plates, it can happen that eventually some plates hit the ground and smash.

As it is outlined in this TV programme some of the skeletons in the closet go way back.

We have just watched another Scandi-noir film from Denmark “Kærlighed for voksne” which had a similar theme. {As an aside the script writers are excellent. They had me guessing the plot right up until the last few minutes which is no mean feat! I recommend this film highly.}

So often in this kind of thing the protagonists are highly successful, having done some dodgy deeds in order to “make it”, and the corpse in the freezer remains at the periphery of consciousness. Until!!

Then the negotiations, deals and bargains become strained and start to unravel. A lie begets another lie like a line of dominoes. The message is beset by the problems of Chinese whispers and then the falling domino effect can be precipitated bringing the whole house down.

Some quirk of fate, some throw of the karmic dice, brings the skeleton to light. And it might dance the Fandango.

Almost inevitably the reason the corpse is in the freezer is an attempt to “get away with it”, to hide evidence and to avoid the consequences of actions. At the time they put the skeleton in, there is an assumption that it is all done and dusted, it will never again see the light of day. The schemers may congratulate themselves on the success of their cunning plans. And go, “phew, we got away with that…”

I am looking forward to seeing how the story evolves. We are less than halfway…

cyfarpar i gynhyrchu parau ffoton

The subject of my patent application is entangled photon pairs and it seems to me that this is a metaphor for karmic entanglement with the past. My “pet theory” remains that because some people have unresolved karma pertaining to me, I experience karmic breakthrough at a distance of hundreds of kilometres. It is only a pet theory but why otherwise would people from the past continue to impinge unasked and without any conscious forethought into my dreams.

I will metaphorically piss myself laughing if, in the next few days, I get a letter from the Intellectual Property Office after my dream the other day.

There is a part of me tempted to call our local newspaper “Le Trégor” and let them know.

Boffin gallois ….

“Eccentric Welsh ex-scientist from a small village in Brittany gets quantum optics patent granted at the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom.”

They were interested when a scouse teacher took the piss about football…


Japanese Embassy – Patent – Dream 14-07-2021

Here is this morning’s dream.

In my hands I have a patent application on paper. I am walking through the corridors of the London office of the Intellectual Property Office. There are smartly dressed people everywhere. I enter a room where one can file patent applications by hand and on paper. There is a smartly dressed young woman sat behind a desk. I explain that I want to submit an application but because I am not a lawyer and am representing my own intellectual property nobody is taking me seriously. She asks a little of my background. She then writes on a piece of card a long code beginning with the letter K. She hands this to me and suggests that I go to the Whitehall office and hand them this code. This code means that they will take me more seriously. I thank her and leave her office. Once more I am walking down the corridor.

At the end of the corridor, I open a door, and this leads me into the reception area of the Japanese Embassy. There are several men and women on the welcome desk. They seem surprised to see me appearing in their foyer.  A man in his thirties in an old-style suit says hello and asks me to explain how I got there. I say that I was trying to file a patent application. He asks on what subjects. I say “quantum optics and entangled photon pairs” his ears prick up. He says that this is something we in Japan are very interested in. From beneath the counter, he pulls out an old-style document holder briefcase. He intimates that they would be helpful if my application was filed in Japan. Hinting that they would bear the costs of translating the application into Japanese. He wants me to hand him the application to put in the briefcase.

I briefly come to and make a mental note of the dream. I then drift back off.

In the dream I can now see a Japanese translation of my patent application. Each paragraph and each diagram have a very light violet coloured stamp of two kanji, two Japanese characters. The kanji are tiny but easily visible because they are glowing somewhat.

I awake thinking that is weird, because it all seemed so very realistic.

Resolving Quantum Superpositions

If I have understood this correctly when a photon pair is created as a quantum superposition the moment the quantum states of one photon are measured and hence known, so by a kind of “subtraction” or “division” are that of the other. This happens “faster than the speed of light”. It does not matter what the distance is. Measuring one “resolves” the other. There is an implication of time in this. It depends which equations you use.

To the classical “reality” based physicist it is spooky though very groovy.

“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.

Science is inherently conservative…and time and time again that “certainty” is found to be unwarranted. New stuff happens…

History shows that the adamant insistence of some scientists has been blinkered and nigh on fanatical. History repeats itself this is a historical fact.

Human beings have created the notion of quantum superposition in the first place, through the mathematical descriptions, of observable phenomena.

The photons do not know what humans have described them as. Nor can they solve the equations applied. They are just photons. They do not have big brains.

Is the quantum superposition real or an artifact of human mind unable to adequately {for now} model and understand what is happening?

It works…

Was there no superposition in the first place only a love of human complexity?

Humans don’t like likelihood or probability. They like to assert, insist and be adamant. {soapbox}

When they do this, they are probably inaccurate and “wrong”.

How can we resolve this tendency?

Patent Fun and Juxtaposition

Well serves me right for talking about optical waveguiding! On Tuesday I had a GP appointment and he asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I had retired and had once taught physical chemistry in London. It saves the GP justifying his stance on antibiotics. I added that I made a patent application in the small village next to where his surgery is. They have upped my dose of Seretide and given me stand by antibiotics, in case.

I have heard from the Patents Directorate in Cardiff at the IPO. He has written to me in English with no Welsh translation!!

He raises a number of concerns and has one very good suggestion. I seem to remember looking up the two pieces of prior art before and concluding that although they mentioned electric field it was not in the same non-linear optics context. Maybe I am going to have explain some non-linear optics.

I’ll look these bits of art up after I have done the hedge.

The juxtaposition of rāja yoga and quantum optics is a tad unusual. I don’t think that there are many others having it.

His suggestion was for the title:

“Increasing the probability of generating entangled photon pairs….”

This is the main thrust of the application, where the probability is increased during a specific time gate. This could be at GHz in a nanometre waveguide. I likened this to the clock frequency in a normal computer.

So, I am going to have to do some boffining as well as gardening, cooking and cleaning…

Espacenet here I come….