Dancing with Ganesh Dream 20-9-19

This dream was three weeks after I fell and broke the neck of my femur. I was sleeping downstairs in the hospital bed, using a zimmer frame to get about, taking medication for pain and hence constipation. I was on heparin for blood clots and my broke leg was a lovely shade of bruise all the way from hip to my toe. I had the titanium pin put in while fully conscious. They injected fentanyl into my spine and held up a curtain so that I could not see the surgeon with his Black and Decker. It felt like he was using a large guage masonry bit from the skeletal vibrations.

The dream was most welcome.

Still a bit shaky. I have just woken from my afternoon nap, which usually results from my midday codeine. Wow! That was the most intense dream I have ever had.

I arrive at the edge of a walled garden and am welcomed through a large gateway by an upright Ganesh. He has all the typical elephant features, but his gait is that of a human being. He is iridescent blue in colour and has a twinkle in his eyes. I am welcomed into his “humble abode”. He shows me around his palace gardens, gardens that are tropical and scented. There are flowers everywhere. The garden is filled with water features. He takes me to a partially covered courtyard which has red-brown gravel. The pieces of gravel are near perfect spheres. He sits me down and we take tea together brought by his servants. I understand that this courtyard is where he practises his dancing.

A group of Indian musicians file in and seat themselves on the ground. Ganesh signals to them and they start playing. He gets up and starts to dance. His movements are exquisite, and his hands alternate between mudras beautifully and each mudra is exact and precise. He beckons me and starts to teach me some steps of his dance. {In the dream my leg functions fine.} Slowly I get the steps and we are starting to whirl and circle. It is entrancing. He stops suddenly and takes a blue-metallic AUM symbol out of his tunic. He walks over to me and presses it on my Anja centre. Slowly it penetrates and dissolves into me. I am left with a tattoo like impression on my skin. Ganseh smiles radiantly and we continue to dance.

I look at my body and notice that it has somehow taken on the same hue as Ganesh, which pleases me greatly in the dream. He laughs, at my surprise.

I awake with a start and my first instinct is look at my arms. They are not blue. They are lightly tanned and freckled with a few bruises from all the needles. It takes a while to assemble the reality of the room. I get up and go outside to smoke.

Guardian Dream 14-9-13

In the dream and the dreaming…..

I am shown a map. It is a map of Japan. On the East side of Japan there is a place. It is The Gateway to freedom and enlightenment. I am the Guardian of this place.

No-one passes through – except by me.

People are annoyed that there is only one such place. It is not “where” people think it is. Nor can it be found as a physical locality, for it does not have one.

Many seek it, but it cannot be found, except through me.

People think that this Gateway is guarded by dogs or savage beasts.  It is not. It is guarded by an Elephant and that Elephant is me.

Many seek this Gateway but they are all using the wrong methods. I am the Guardian of the Gateway. It is a place and yet not a place.

Dream ends.

Siddhartha Entering the Womb

“Queen Māyā of Shakya (Sanskrit: मायादेवी, Pali: Māyādevī) was the birth mother of Gautama Buddha, the sage on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. She was sister of Mahāpajāpatī Gotamī, the first Buddhist nun ordained by the Buddha.

In Buddhist tradition, Maya died soon after the birth of Buddha, generally said to be seven days afterwards, and came to life again in a Hindu-Buddhist heaven, a pattern that is said to be followed in the births of all Buddhas. Thus Maya did not raise her son who was instead raised by his maternal aunt Mahapajapati Gotami. Maya would, however, on occasion descend from Heaven to give advice to her son.

Māyā (माया) means “illusion” in Sanskrit. Māyā is also called Mahāmāyā (महामाया, “Great Māyā”) and Māyādevī (मायादेवी, “Queen Māyā”). In Chinese, she is known as Móyé-fūrén (摩耶夫人, “Lady Māyā”), in Tibetan she is known as Gyutrulma and in Japanese she is known as Maya-bunin (摩耶夫人). Also, in Sinhalese she is known as මහාමායා දේවී (Mahāmāyā Dēvi).”

Tembo the Gardener and Wasted Resources

tembo en français dictionnaire swahili – français


noun masculine

fr Mammifère de l’ordre des Proboscidea, il a une trompe et deux grandes défenses en ivoire partant de la machoire supérieure. Les éléphants sont les plus grands animaux terrestres existant actuellement.

Wa nne akagundua mkonga na kusisitiza kwamba tembo ni kama nyoka mkubwa.

Un quatrième découvre la trompe et certifie qu’un éléphant est comme un gros serpent.

Éléphant d’Afrique

Over the past few days, I have been mulling over the notion of Tembo the Gardener. Whilst I was a child in Zambia the “houseboy” was a 53 year old pygmy called Spider and the gardener was a 70 year old man from Malawi called Tembo. He was unusual both by his age and his survival of smallpox. My first ever French teacher at night school was from the Congo now DRC.

Tembo was extremely patient and used to cut the grass with a slasher like this one.

He would hold the hose for the boxer-ridgeback cross canine to drink from. Tiger, the dog, would bark at Tembo when he was thirsty. I spent a lot of time with Tembo and Spider and was allowed to sit in on their advice clinics for some of the younger domestic workers on the housing estate. They were the “wise men” and at lunch time they held court in our garden.

He also tended the vegetable garden which still exists in the satellite photo of my former abode, central in the satellite image below. The L shaped house has a veranda and just above the house one can see top to bottom striations, the vegetable patch. In the top left hand corner of the garden there used to be six banana “trees”.

In many ways I am now doing what Tembo did, that is gardening. I have become Tembo that is the use that the world has for me.

I have come a long way from teaching at a top UK university, co-founding a high power laser company and adding greatly to getting the transferrable skills agenda operative in an otherwise fairly resistant UK academia. I have left the country of my birth and am considering applying for French nationality in due course. Were the events of my childhood, learning French and mixing with Tembo the gardener a harbinger for where I find myself now?


Anyway, I need to add some grass cuttings to the composter and set some more mole traps. One of the pesky blighters has reappeared down by Le Jaudy.

Nagal’s Courier Dream-Dream Within a Dream

During the night I had a dream which pointed me back to this dream and replayed it. The dream suggested that I put this dream and related ones up here…

Nagal’s Courier Dream 2-2-22

This is the first very vivid dream that I have had in a long while and on a morning with a whole heap of 2s.

I am at a small fishing port walking along the harbour wall. In the near distance I see a dark-haired man leaning against a parked Ducati motorbike. He is wearing leathers. I know this man to be A, a dreaming nagal’s courier. I approach him and say hi. He is very sceptical and not-trusting.

I explain that I need to make him aware of some things because there has been a lot of misinformation floating around.  I say that when I stopped interacting closely with Théun my dreaming colour changed from indigo-purple to indigo-blue. The shade deepened and became much more vivid. I am certain that it meant that I was a second ray being an Elephant and not a Wolf. I ask him a metaphorical question, “How is your dreaming colour now?”

I explain that there is plenty of “evidence” from dreams and omens that I am a nagal being and not a Man of Action as Théun had suggested.  I had been trying this hypothesis on, as is my want. The dreams both mine and the wife’s suggest that I am doubly severed and therefore a three pronged nagal being. Indeed, I had a traumatic experience entirely consistent with the second severing. My secondary predilection is for the East and thus I am a philosophical nagal and radically different in approach to Théun. A second ray dreaming philosophical nagal is an altogether different beast.

I say that in my opinion there was a whole bunch of stupid shit going on back in the day. I say that I have said what I needed to say.

The dream ends.

This dream follows on from an earlier one in which I was verbalising the rule of the four-pronged nagal for a bunch of students.

Blue Corridor-Massive Owl Dream 5-2-22

This morning’s dream was the most vividly coloured one I have had in many years, and this taken with the nagal’s courier dream indicates that there is something on the cusp of the dream and that thing is starting to manifest now. They are selling long life carrier bags up at the supermarket with dream catchers on. Today many were buying these bags even when they already had sufficient. Bunch of hippies around here…

I am in a car with the pin cushion. {the wife} We are driving down a narrow street and I am looking for an entrance in the walls. I will know it when I see it. There is an opening, and the walls are pointed with immaculately cut stone blocks. I know this is the place. The wife is hesitant in case it is private property. I say that I have seen this place a number of times in the dreaming. I turn right into the opening. The car we are driving is our right-hand drive Peugeot 207. As we enter the properties the walls are of a vibrant and almost radiant royal blue. The colour is very intense. We drive several metres down this tunnel.

The ground has dark red granite-based gravel. The tunnel heads off ahead of us. There is a turning to the right also with the intense blue walls. I take this turning and it leads to an immaculate courtyard in front of a grand French town house. There is a short staircase leading to the front door. I take this staircase. The door opens before me and a corridor leads me up into a large wooden floored ornate ballroom. It is a bit chavvy like Versailles.

Th ball room is twenty to thirty metres long. At the far end of the room on a heavily decorated antique table is a huge ornate bird cage. It is about 1.5 metres tall and 1 metre in diameter. Inside the cage is a huge owl. The owl is almost as big as the cage. It stares right at me and then fluffs up all its feathers around its head to make a big circle. It then relaxes them and repeats this several times. The owl and I are staring at each other and there is a sense of being at-one with this owl. I sense that it is caught in its gilded cage. But the owl knows that it can at any time de-materialise the cage. This it does and the cage vanishes. The owl then stands on the table and fluffs up its feathers again whilst maintaining eye-contact.

I feel an enormous sense of camaraderie with the owl.

The dream ends.

18 Flames – 17 Flames – Mossad Dream 31-1-21

Here is the first of last night’s dream which were had either side of a piece of very squally and stormy weather.

The dream is set in a hospital which is similar in feel to the one locally where I was admitted previously. I am sat up in a chair fully clothed and there is high technology medical apparatus around me. In the room are two young men in army fatigues and with weapons. They each have a western style assault rifle and a handgun in a holster. One of them has a circular close-fitting hat on and he has ginger coloured hair and freckles, the other is darker of complexion.

Suddenly out of the hat small blue flames, several inches in length start to burn in a circle round the man’s head. I count them and there are eighteen in total.  I know in the dream that this man is my nagal’s courier and he is reflecting for me the eighteen blue flames of my courage.

I turn to the other man, and he has blue flames arranged in a circle too. I count these and they are seventeen in number. In the dream I am surprised because he feels like a southerly stalker and should by rights be a woman. It strikes me as odd. So, I think that he must be my courier to the Scholar representing the other part of my predilection.

I take note of the numbers 18 and 17, the jewels courage and discrimination or discernment.

Into the room comes a male doctor and two female nurses. They are all wearing white coats. They are going to take samples from me. I ask if I can have some local anaesthetic, some lidocaine. They say that it is better that I do not. The man does something and then I am moved away to another room.

The nurses do not get a chance to take their samples.

I am now in a large room with a single large table in it. The nurses are with me. I say that they can take their samples now. I take off my shirt and lie on the large table. They take out their instruments and cut several pieces of flesh from my right side. I have raised my arm for them to do this and do not flinch. They put the samples into sample bottles which then then put into the pockets of their white coats. They leave the room. I sit up on the table and put my shirt back on, there is no blood.

The ginger haired man from before comes in. He is now wearing a security earpiece wire. He says that he is from Mossad and here to protect me. He is now also wearing a Kevlar chest shield and has a helmet in one hand and assault rifle in another. He says that there are seventeen of his colleagues, also from Mossad, around the perimeter to protect me and keep me safe. I have been brought here for my own protection and together with the seventeen colleagues he makes eighteen all of whom are to keep me safe and secure.

Dream ends.

Not Being Thorough and Ray Two

I need a bit of break now because me swede is mashed. I have been doing another trawl trough the patent documents cited as contra-indications for my application. They pointed me to things like this Nature Review article.

It looks like one of the applications was very heavily stimulated by this article and I am not sure how they manged to get grant. Some of the embodiments seem a tad cut and paste. When I was trawling the quantum optics patents a while back, I kept getting this feeling, this question, “how come they got that past the examiner?”

I wrote about a molecular exciton in my Ph.D. theses. The two chromophores were coupled by strong hydrogen bonding. Guess what? I started thinking about molecular excitons coupled to a resonant cavity. Physicists are not so keen on molecules.

I am pretty sure that the examination was a first pass only one, because if the examiner had drilled down into the detail, he would have seen that the two contra-indications are concerning very different phenomena. But I do accept his argument that a couple of dependent claims might be obvious. After all, me with my rusty brain, saw them.

There is this thing that many people skim and conclude. They jump to conclusions at haste without looking at ALL the evidence. There are a lot of people in the world who are not thorough. They think that have understood but they have not checked their understanding. People do not check, they assume..

Surface skimming or fathoming the depths?

I guess I have the second ray approach…

I have been burrowing like a mole and storing my nuts. Tomorrow after I have left things to my background intuitional processors, I’ll draft my reply.

It is 33˚C in the shade outside and will probably go one degree more.

That is a toasty…

The Direction of Ray II

    “The Scholar knows the truth. All is revealed to him. Surrounded by his books, and sheltered in the world of thought, he burrows like a mole, and finds his way into the darkness; he arrives at knowledge of the world of natural things. His eye is closed. His eyes are opened wide. He dwells within his world in deep content.

    Detail on detail enter into the content of his world of thought. He stores the nuggets of the knowledge of the world, as a squirrel stores its nuts. The storehouse now is adequately full… Sudden a spade descends, for the thinker tends the garden of his thought, and thus destroys the passages of mind. Ruin arrives, destroying fast the storehouse of the mind, the safe security, the darkness and the warmth of a satisfied enquiry. All is removed. The light of summer enters in and the darkened crannies of the mind see light… Naught is left but light, and that cannot be used. The eyes are blinded and the one eye seeth not as yet…

    Slowly the eye of wisdom must be opened. Slowly the love of that which is the true, the beautiful and good must enter the dark passages of worldly thought. Slowly the torch of light, the fire of right must burn the garnered treasures of the past, yet show their basic usefulness…

    The seven ways of light must wean away the attention of the Scholar from all that has been found and stored and used. This he repulses and finds his way into that Hall of Wisdom which is built upon a hill, and not deep under ground. Only the opened eye can find this way.”

Ray Two

  ” ‘Again I stand; a point within a circle and yet myself.’ The love of love must dominate, not love of being loved. The power to draw unto oneself must dominate, but into the worlds of form that power must some day fail to penetrate. This is the first step towards a deeper search.

   The word goes forth from soul to form: ‘Release thyself from all that stands around, for it has naught for thee, so look to me. I am the One who builds, sustains and draws thee on and up. Look unto me with eyes of love, and seek the path which leads from the outer circle to the point.

    I, at the point, sustain. I, at the point, attract. I, at the point, direct and choose and dominate. I, at the point, love all, drawing them to the center and moving forward with the travelling points towards that great Center where the One Point stands.’ What mean you by that Word? “

Guru Deva Elephant – Sahasrara Dream 21-01-21

This dream was preceded by another which follows. They both had a very strong Indian theme.

I am going to the port to meet Guru Deva. He has been long expected and he comes for me.  I meet him as he gets off a rather small ship into a small tropical port. He is a young Indian man in his mid-thirties. He is wearing only a loincloth. His chest is muscled and hairy and his hair if of medium length. It is jet black and scruffy. He has a glint in his eye and is very pleased to see me. He gives me a big hug and then we bow namaste.

I lead him off to show him our library. The women there are a little put off by his near nakedness. He touches one of them on the arm and she recoils shocked. He tells me telepathically that it takes western women a while to get used to his earthiness.

We move on through a grassy park where people are playing cricket to some kind of bridge or underpass. There are big, vaulted pillars. His team are there, and they welcome us with music. The male dancers, similarly dressed as Guru Deva start dancing. They then line up in two lines. They raise oblong sheets of shiny metal, much like shields to make a corridor. Then Guru Deva leads a large elephant along the corridor. This elephant is for me. The dancers converge and the elephant disappears into a small toy elephant which Guru Deva hands over to me with a big smile.

We then go down to a beach. The tide has not long gone out. The sand is firm. Guru Deva then intimates mind to mind that I must watch carefully what he does next. He dances a thousand petalled lotus into the sand, a Sahasrara. It is for me and he has danced it for me.

Dream ends.

In the previous dream I am walking around an immaculate older building in London. As I am walking, I am speaking with a small young Indian woman dressed in a sari. She has extremely lustrous jet-black hair. Her English is impeccable with an upper-class accent. She is asking me about my academic background in a very respectful way. I speak to her about University College London, The Royal Institution, Berne and Imperial College. She is fascinated and polite. She leads me through a door and as she does this, I understand that this palatial home belongs to her family which is very wealthy.

Dream ends.