The Darkened Queue and Auras

It is bright and sunny outside thus it is safer to talk of the darkness. People like me get exposed to the darkness and it is not, generally, something which engenders fear in me. That darkness comes in many forms and here forms if often the most correct word.

Last night we watched a film “Malevolent” in which some fake paranormal investigators ply their trade. Irrespective of whether you believe in such things it is on many levels a dumbass thing to do, just in case. It is also manipulative and if it takes advantage of others who are scared, it is unpleasant and evil in itself. I would call people doing this “demon bait”. How could a demon resist someone already sufficiently corrupt to con the needy? It is like an Airbnb host waiting for new guests.

When I mention auras do I mean glowing energy fields around people, man?


I mean how people “feel”, what “vibe” they emanate and propagate out into the world. This in my case is not visual it is an intuitive feel. I have seen auras manifested visually whilst tripping on mushrooms. But that is not what I am talking about.

People can be hooked on the face value of what people say and not the feeling, the emanation, of the person doing the speaking. I’ll wager that there are quite a number of people out there who thought they were having one affect / impact on me with their words, when my intuition / feeling was picking up something entirely different unbeknownst to the emanator. I place more value and trust on my intuition that whatever it is people say. In general, and in the long run, it has been more accurate than the “forked tongue” presentations.

I have noted that people genuinely believe that they have “hoodwinked” me when they have gotten entirely the wrong idea regarding my receptivity. I am more detached than people estimate.

Last night, in the wee small hours, I had a strong dream / vison of what I shall call “the darkened queue”. This queue is the line of “people” post death waiting for their desserts and in this case, it was not a Michelin 3* sweet. It was their due measure of darkness, served to keep them bound into incarnation and symptomatic of a difficult upcoming karma. In that queue were at least several people I once knew. Being drawn towards that queue were others.

I have met people whom I deem a “nasty piece of work”. They emanate a kind of malevolence, a sweaty fear and paranoia. They are aggressive, defensive, and very ME oriented. They go out of their way to hurt and lash out at others in a destructive way. They temporarily feel better by belittling others.  {You might imagine this describes Trump.} Far from being an altruistic leader of the free world he is a dark, dark being, possibly adept. Power over is the addiction and the lust. Luckily, I have not met anyone personally quite so skilled in the dark arts.

He has a “bad” aura, as did Jimmy Savile…

Modern psychology might call these narcissists or sociopaths but it is something much more primordial than that. It is not tractable to academic, as we currently know it, study. Being dramatic we could say that it is a manifestation of the ancient darkness.

People who are hypnotised and entranced by power neglect their inner tuition and can fall hook line and sinker, imagining that the evil-one will help them advance materially in some way. Those on the make are often tempted and blind. Their own greed and lust get the better of them.

They may give the purveyor of evil fame and a knighthood to add to their cover.

Often when I meet people with a darkened and unpleasant aura, I wonder am I here to help them, endure them or learn from them. I have met people with dark, cloying manipulative auras and others just with a simple darkness, a loss of hope. The latter are less harmful and may simply need a few “photons” of light.

This cloying nature is the glue which entangles people into the web of a manipulator, for them to be used and bled as and when. It is almost tangible in a kind of weird incestuous way.

“Do you wanna be in my gang, my gang, Oh yeah”.

It cloyingly entangles people into the circle and is the glue which keeps cults alive. It enders group mind and a negative sycophantic version of guru yoga. My “guru”, my leader, is omniscient and cannot be challenged.

Light, free and easy it is not.

The glue is along the lines of an itchy back paradigm but is inevitably more salacious and less pleasant than a bit of harmless grooming and transaction. The glue nearly always has some secrets which may not be uttered in daylight. They may only be spoken “entre nous”.

Secrets held in the darkness always fester and mutate. They can infect beyond the initial bearers as people can be manipulated into the propagation and sustenance of secrets. Secrets are always on one level, hungry. Shame is used to keep the covert, covert. Compliance and collusion are encouraged and when people have failed to speak up in a timely manner that adds to the glue, the binds and the binding.

Secrets in a strange way nearly always develop a life all of their own.

The thing is that once people have erred, they can use tricks of the mind to justify and enforce behavioural patterns. They imagine themselves “in the right” and are at least outwardly adamant that they have done nothing dodgy. This negative justificatory circle enables and allows further descent. It becomes a spiral.

Any attempt to help or to let in even a little light is seen as an attack and the boiling oil is poured from the metaphorical battlements of the fortress of self-justification.

And so, people find themselves in “the darkened queue” collecting the curriculum for their next incarnation.

Who are you going to call?

There are many who seek power, more who are tempted by it and others who succumb to that temptation. They can give themselves over to the dark side of the force. Because the dark side is subtle and beguiling, they may imagine themselves to be just and right, pillars of society even. Thinking that they are entitled to exercise that power, they may lose sight of balance and unleash that darkness, that salacious lust for power over others, dominion {over the plebs?}.

They may become deaf to the emanations of their souls and enact deed dark and foul. They can become obsessed by the darkness. Once the thin end of the wedge has gained foothold in the doorway of conscience it swiftly erodes and forces the door ajar. Soon the avarice of me blinds and overtakes. The darkness has them. They become fearful of loss of power and ever more desperate to cling to it. A paranoia sets in and disproportionate behaviour is dished gleefully out.  They are defensive, prickly and easily offended. They may make a pact with the darkness, an oath whether spoken or otherwise which acts as a spell over many lifetimes until they are brought finally and painfully to their senses.


Believe it or not I have met people who have signed oaths in their own blood with entities which they have encountered the other side of a mirror. I have met some rum types on my travels and many have seen fit to unburden to me. There can be a truth serum to me. {It might be due to my past lifetime as a Christian priest.}

People who are obsessed with power see pretty much everyone else as some kind of a threat. They may go out of their way to bad-mouth anyone who comes within a light year of their power base. They spread mis-information and lies. They big themselves up and put others down. Most of all those who have given themselves over to darkness hate anyone capable of exorcism. They will go out of their way to deride and destroy the exorcist. Though the residual human may be in sore need, the darkness is a jealous host.

So, if you suspect that you are descending into darkness or are already in its grips, who are you going to call?


In France you can look up “exorcist” in Yellow Pages and indeed there are entries.

It is difficult to know when and if I am taking the piss. If I say that I have performed a full-blown exorcism which resulted in loss of bodily control and an exit burn where the entity left it is unlikely that you would believe me. I am not scared talking about exorcism or possession by dark entities. It does not give me the heebie-jeebies. I have looked darkness direct in the eye on a number of occasions.

Let me say this, oaths and contracts come in many forms. The more intent one uses in the oath, the vow, the more binding it is. I once promised someone to support and follow them, not realising that I was taking part in a binding spell. It took me years of harrying and agitation to get him to release me from that spell in writing. Other people, cult members, make many a binding oath. Cults are present in mainstream life and not just the bush in Kenya. There are elegant ceremonies for all sorts of societies. Magic is enacted at Buckingham palace with a ceremonial sword. There is nothing like a shared lie, a shared conspiracy, for binding beings together in one life and perhaps many more to come depending upon how heinous the conspiracy is. Some beings are tethered for a long, long time.

If you have given yourself over to darkness, who are you going to call?

It is very likely that you will have driven away the very person who might be able to help you in your hour of need. Moreover, they may be disinclined because of the way you have treated them.

If you like “power over” you are either in the process of being tempted or you have already succumbed hook line and sinker…you are in a trap of your own making…

Macbeth Act 1 Scene 1


ACT I  SCENE I    A desert place. 

[Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches]

First Witch           When shall we three meet again

                In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Second Witch     When the hurlyburly’s done,

                When the battle’s lost and won.

Third Witch         That will be ere the set of sun.

First Witch           Where the place?

Second Witch     Upon the heath.

Third Witch         There to meet with Macbeth.

First Witch           I come, graymalkin!

Second Witch     Paddock calls.

Third Witch         Anon!

ALL         Fair is foul, and foul is fair:

                Hover through the fog and filthy air.



Explanatory notes below for Act 1, Scene 1

From Macbeth. Ed. Thomas Marc Parrott. New York: American Book Co.

(Line numbers have been altered.)


Shakespeare’s dramatic genius is especially to be noted in the art with which he manages his beginnings. The first scene of Macbeth strikes the keynote of the play. The desert place, the wild storm, the appearance of the witches, “the wayward rhythm” of their songs, all help to prepare us for a drama in which a human soul succumbs to the supernatural suggestions of evil and ranges itself along with the witches on the devil’s side.

We hear of a battle that is even now being fought, we hear of the trysting-place of the witches at the conclusion of the fray, and last of all we hear the name of the man they are planning to meet. No sooner has the name “Macbeth” been uttered than the calls of the attendant spirits are heard and the witches hurry off. The action of the scene is over with the naming of the man against whose soul these ministers of darkness are plotting.

1. The dialogue of the witches is a sort of chant. It is thrown into a verse form, trochaic tetrameter, which Shakespeare rarely uses except for supernatural beings, witches, fairies, or the like. In order to bring out the rhyme the last syllable is dropped from the end of each line. In line 2 the rhythm is reversed and the stress falls on the second syllable of each foot. In line 8 the stressed syllable in the third foot is omitted. This forces us to pause in the middle of the line and so secures additional emphasis for the closing word, “Macbeth.” We may imagine the Third Witch pausing for a moment while her sisters gather round her and then shrieking out the name of the hero in an ecstasy of devilish joy.

12, 13. The couplet with which the witches take their departure is a confession of their creed. All that is good, “fair,” to others is evil, “foul,” to them, and vice versa. This applies to both the physical and the moral world; they revel in the “fog and filthy air,” and in every sort of mischief and evil-doing from killing swine to entrapping human souls.

The Karma of Secrets

The first thing to say abouts secrets is that they all in some way itch, they itch at being. The second thing to say is that secrets bind. Secrets also have a tendency to infect and cause fear in their purveyors. They nearly always generate new Karma to be worked with and sometimes, though not always, have a habit of surfacing at the most inconvenient of times. Some secrets are carried to the grave. Organisations, governments and people use secrets when they think it expedient. Avoiding a problem today often stores it up for tomorrow.

People are fascinated by secrets. Fascination binds.

This fascination is by way of a glamour and an attachment. Because most know that secrets are “naughty” they come with a certain salaciousness and a sense of privilege. Some how the possessors and purveyors of secrets are better than others, they are in the know, others are in the dark.

Exactly who is in the dark and who is in the light, is a moot point, often unconsidered.

From a point of liberation what is most germane is their binding conspiratorial nature. If you share a secret, you share the breath of that secret, you conspire and breathe it together. Whispers in the dark, keep you in the dark, for fear of light.

The two major cause of secrets are lack of impeccability and lack of courage. If you are impeccable there is never any need for secrets.

Anything, any act, which binds you, is not good for liberation.

I suspect that there is not a being alive who has never lied nor never held a secret, at some stage or another. It is the Karma, the Dharma, of holding a secret that needs learned from. There is nothing quite like real life experience to teach.

The cure for secrets is impeccability.

It is as simple as this. If you are utterly impeccable you will never feel the need to lie or hold secrets. You may not feel the urge to spill the beans on everything you know, yet if the time to speak on it comes, there is no secret, no attachment.

People are attached to secrets. Beings often cannot move past a secret. They are log jams in evolution.

Often the secret, held deep and hidden, is no way near as bad as people have built it up to be. Its revelation seldom causes a tsunami nor the explosion of the sun. Some secrets are bad and these eat and itch at the being all of their lives.

Secrets cause suffering!

It is a matter for each individual as to which secrets they keep. One could try airing a few of these to see if God strikes you down. Theory has it He knows in any case. Much of the suffering associated with secrets is SELF generated for the SELF is what keeps or shares secrets, so as to bolster its SELF IMAGE.

As I have mentioned before, Karma is for learning by and from.

Have I ever kept a secret? Have I shared secrets about others? What have I learned through this? What am I still learning from this?

I Ching Unfoldment Consultation 7-1-23

I have been consulting the I Ching oracle for over three decades on and off. It all started when in a bookshop in Tring and copy of the Wilhelm I Ching “jumped” off a shelf and landed at my feet. I saw it as an omen that I should use the I Ching.

Normally one takes a while to formulate, with care, that which one wishes to consult about. If you ask banal questions like; “When will I meet a tall dark and handsome man?” The I Ching will give a banal if not piss taking answer. If you ask roughly the same question of the oracle over and over it will tell you not to be so impudent. One needs to treat the I Ching with respect because in reading the oracle one changes the future. One cannot unread what one has read. So, the conscious choice of consultation is a future changing event. If you do not like the answer and try to go against the “advice” that is very unwise.

In many cases the I Ching just adds that little bit of clarity, some left field input, to something already at the periphery of intuition.

Sometimes the I Ching will not “let” you ask a question. Whenever this happens it is important to take note. A valid timely question is always easy to hold in the mind’s eye and build intent to the answering. In no way ought one to try to influence the oracle. One can on occasion get a “preview” as the hexagram unfolds.

 I have just tried to ask the question:

“Please comment on the unfoldment of 2023 for me…”

As I was asking this question, I had visual images of three people who I believe do not pertain to the light side of the force, one more linked to two of these also not light appeared. There was one other individual who I am unsure as to their orientation with light.

I could not complete the question. The I Ching would not let me. The thought forms of these individuals were obstructing.

One possible interpretation is that the unfoldment of 2023 will in some way involve these beings not exactly aligned with the light.

It is a 7 day in a 7 year so this could be the light jewel guidance at work…


If only you knew the power of the dark side.

Darth Vader, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)


Luke don’t give in to hate. That leads to the dark side.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)


Once you start down the dark path, forever it will dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will.

Yoda, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)


Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.

 Yoda, Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)

The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future it is.

Yoda, Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)

When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.

Yoda, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Matter or Spirit, Evil or Good, Light or Dark?

The contest, the battle, the rivalry between good and evil lies aback many books, films, and cartoons.

In so many of these cases the protagonists are brothers, erstwhile friends, or other kinds of siblings. Usually, they both start out OK and then one gets jealous of the other and has the hump with them. One is light, the other exposed to power becomes corrupted by it and evil. One turns to the dark side of the force, the other remains a true Jedi patient in the light. Vengeance and domination are common motifs for the ensuing drama.

In times gone by a wayward prince would have been dealt with in a final manner via sharp implements. Now they get to make Netflix documentaries and whinge about family. The royal soap opera continues to unfold. Who is dark and who is light here? Who has gone for the lucre? Who has someone whispering in his ears?

The struggle between tyranny and freedom is another major theme in history. Those in power, have for example, slaves. Today’s terrorist becomes the historical freedom fighter. The status quo always tries to suppress and oppress any upstarts who arrive. It is a kind of Groundhog Day in which they, sometimes brutally, cling to power. The status quo always imagines itself just and right when the 20:20 hindsight of history shows it to be barbaric, coercive, mean, and oppressive.

“We are not a foreign power Mr Ghandi, India is British”, shows the level of delusion to which some are prone.

I know several people who have been pissed off with me because I did not materialise for them the money which they anticipated I might. I walked away.

A lot of people who deem themselves just are anything but. In their sense of entitlement, they deem themselves owed usually in a material and often in a pecuniary sense. They might deem themselves Optimus Prime when they are in effect Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. People can so easily deceive themselves that the sun shines out of their arse and that butter does not melt in their mouth, whilst they sit in white armour aback their steed, the trusty white stallion.

People can mistake coercive and threat based interaction, backed up by quasi-quantitative personal development planning for effective “management”, when it can easily stray into bullying and manipulation. It need not, but there are some nasty folk out there. Give an insecure person with a grievance a stick and they will use it.


I guess I have one question and an ancillary.

Are you imbued with the light side of the force, or have you turned to the dark side?

Do you have goodwill?


Ex-Science Boffin Remembers Atlantis

Today the hunters have been close. There have been various reports in the local newspapers about a man accidentally killing his wife with a stray rifle shot. Bearing in mind I wear camouflage combat trousers, when the shots are close it is best to stay away from the perimeter fence. By the sound of it, they were using shotguns and not rifles. That is not so dangerous. The spread at decent range is large. I have not seen the ducks for a while, perhaps they have been eaten…When the hunters came to get the Coypu, one of them told us that apparently, they are nice to eat.  

There is perhaps one more mega-strimming session left for the year. The butterfly “meadow” down by the pond is now gone. This promotes a variety of growth in spring. The wagtails were on it as soon as I finished.

I tasted the water coming out of the well today. I had three good palmfuls and it was reminiscent of a Welsh mountain stream. I used to drink from them as a child. I have had water from brooks in the Lake District as an adult. It is very refreshing.

As I was strimming, I was thinking about newspaper headlines. The Daily Star might write something like the title of this post if I contacted them and claimed to remember some of my lives on Atlantis. The Mail and The Sun might put their own spin on it. I suspect many of my former colleagues would think me a nut-job, whacko, a few cards short of a pack and in need of a lost marble detector as sold by ACME industries of road runner fame.

For the tabloids it does not really matter if it is true, they try to entertain and like a bit of click bait.

When I was first unemployed and doing the occasional team development courses, I had a dream saying that I must find the Great White Lodge. I also had a series of dreams concerning the Sons of the Dragon.

These dreams were set in Atlantis…

“At the time when the white adepts had lost their grip and Atlantis was no longer ruled by a white initiate king/emperor the priesthood sought to fight a rear guard action so that at least some of the white adepts and initiates could lead others off the land and escape before the destruction.

Thus, word went out to all the schools which had a member of the priesthood at head to keep an eye out for talent using their clairvoyance. Should a suitable candidate be found an envoy was dispatched to observe the child. If the child “passed” they were taken to a special school to develop their talents. They were trained very rigorously in the light arts and exposed to the dark arts as training.  Some were taught the dark arts too.

Their job on graduation was to hunt out the dark initiates and where possible trap them into a psychic gaol or prison. They did this by using themselves as bait. Thus, there was a high casualty rate amongst the Sons of the Dragon as they were called.

The thing about the dark initiates which is their big weakness is that they are prone to yield to temptation. There were a growing number of nagals who had turned to the darkened evil paths, they had lost their battle with power. At first it was relatively easy to tempt them until word got around about the unexplained disappearances. To catch a nagal the Sons sent a nagal or several.

Deep in the underground caverns special chambers were hewn out of the quartz rich rocks. They were prepared by incantation and magic to receive. The white nagals learned how to cloak themselves so as to appear dark. Then on the promise of special secrets they lured their dark brethren into the chambers, wherein they were sealed. 

Only specially trained personnel were allowed to feed and look after the prisoners, they had to be not susceptible to the “voice” and the wiles of the prisoner. The wails were sometimes heard at many leagues. But it was forbidden to take life for the priesthood and the Sons. In time they, the prisoners, passed.

The configurations of the prisoners were observed and recorded. The records were kept to advise of a subsequent incarnation. And so it was that cat and mouse played out across multiple lifetimes…

I remember the day of my graduation and the terrible wail of my first capture. Dark initiates used to tricking and tempting others do not like it when the tables are turned. They get mightily pissed off…”

Old Geezers, Bowie, Badgers and Mole Sign

This morning I had my weekly visit to the garden waste tip to say “bonjour” with the other old geezers there. The town gardeners from the nearby town are starting to recognise me too. Civic pride locally is high and each commune employs gardeners. They are very good and they do a great roundabout around here. This afternoon it will be strimmer frenzy. We buy the 2.5mm plastic flex in reels of 200m. One of these lasts a little more than a year.

Bowie has just been chased off by Felix. Felix looks to have come off worse in a catfight with another cat. He has probably been fighting for shagging rights. Bowie looks pretty untouched and is an Usain Bolt kind of cat. It has taken of a morning to sitting up against the French windows just to my left, less than a metre away licking its arse etc..

Over by Les Soldats there is extensive evidence of badgers overnight, they have been digging for morsels.

There is more mole sign. I’ll strim around the mole field this afternoon and then tomorrow I’ll set the mole traps. I’ll probably set around 10 by the look of the mole sign…

Maybe if there is time this afternoon, I’ll write about the rear guard action against the dark adepts during the Atlantean times, when the Sons of the Dragon were formed…where we imprisoned the wayward nagals in psychic gaols.

Dark Adepts, Gardening Gloves and EU Advantages

Bit of a strange way to start the day, dreaming about the dark adepts. It is the kind of thing which might, in the wee small hours, cause some concern. It could give one the heebie-jeebies. I have seen and experienced a lot of weirdness and some of it was initially terrifying. If you have shifted far into left side awareness and gone for a stroll at and just after sunset in a wild place you will understand what I mean. Walking around Tokyo at 3AM was also interesting. I have been enticed up a mountain in the fog by “owls”, luckily, I saw sense and came down before my situation got really dangerous. As a child I was always interested in horror, vampire and thing that go bump in the night. I have seen dead people, not in their coffin.

I’ll make a statement which is unverifiable.

There is a lot more weird stuff in the world than your common or garden human being knows about or might even envisage. There is stuff about which nothing is or can be written.

Moving swiftly on… I have worn out yet another pair of heavy usage garden gloves. I have been pruning the Maples so as to liberate the Camelia. Using a pruning saw on the end of a 3 metre long pole is hard work. My shoulders and biceps are throbbing. I have an XXL RFU Wales T-shirt on and it is tight around the biceps. They will calm down a bit over the next few hours. The “unbreakable” heavy duty sheers are showing signs of breaking. This will be our third or fourth pair. And just like the unbendable garden fork, they do not do what it says on the tin.

France has its own tastes and customs. The tinned tuna here is albacore which is a bit too salty for those who have grown up with Bonito or Skipjack Tuna. It is one of those childhood programming things. You can’t readily get skipjack here. But on Amazon Deutschland you can. It arrived this lunchtime. I can pay with my French carte bancaire in Euros. You can get homebrew kit from Belgium and source Paprika direct from the manufacturer in Hungary. You can buy packs of one hundred cetirizine tablets from Apotheke shops in Germany. They only sell them in packs of 7 or 14 here. I sourced some replacement loudspeaker cones from Denmark.  Another medication has come from Holland.

It is so seamless and the shipping costs are less than getting things from the UK. I wonder has Brexit made things easier…nah.

Dark Adepts – Yr Wyddfa Dream 26-11-22

Here is the first of last night’s dreams.

The wife and I are walking along in the countryside. We come across an opening between two very large stones. I go into explore. I am wearing my safety boots, desert camouflage combat trousers and a white Lonsdale singlet. My hair is cut short. I proceed into a large, cavernous chamber hewn out of the rock. To one side there is an altar or podium. Behind the podium on the wall one of Hitler’s speeches at Nuremberg is being projected onto the wall.

I understand this place to be a Sanctus sanctorum for the dark adepts. It is a very secret place and I have walked right into it. I can feel that I am being observed by several people. I kneel down on the floor and prostrate myself like a Muslim, in front of the podium. There is no intent, this is only for show and safety. The observers seem happy enough.

I continue to explore and come upon a wall with a mural painted on it. I push the wall and it starts to revolve. I step through into a well lit underground cave system. The same mural is on both sides of the “door”. The door closes and I know this to be one entrance into the temple. I can find it again.

I continue along the cave system which ends in a tourist shop selling tourist stuff. I am joined by the wife. A young girl is there with her mother. She points a toy revolver at me. I reach down into the right pocket of my combat trousers and pull out a large black semi-automatic pistol which looks like a Glock. I jokingly point it at the little girl. She laughs and hides behind her mother. I put the pistol back into my pocket.

We exit the tourist shop having no idea where we are. I look up and can see a snow covered Yr Wyddfa on the horizon. We are in a valley southeast of Snowdon. I point this out to the wife and we take a while to look knowing that the mountain is a sign of hope.

We progress along towards the car park.

In front of us and hewn into the rock is a clear fast flowing brook. The water is about a foot deep. I have a rucksack with me which I throw across the brook. I then get down into the water and lift the wife across. I reach down into the water and take a palm full. The water tastes fresh and invigorating.

The dream ends