Anything Might Happen…

On of the advantages of the warriors’ path is that it sets you up for the unexpected. One cannot expect the unexpected, one can be fluid and not rigid in thinking. Your never know when you might get a surprise.


When the wife was ill and had a cancer diagnosis, I said to her that you never know what is going to happen it is the warriors’ path. All kinds of weird shit might happen.

The four postulates of stalking suggest that we do not have life “sussed” and any “solution” to the mystery we might have, is but a temporary construct.

Fate has quirks, the universe throws curve balls and God chucks a spanner into the works of our most carefully laid cunning plans.

If we self-diagnose as omniscient, we know best, we are at best arrogant fools.

I am aware of the most likely life trajectory from here, from this point in space-time. But fate may have a sack full of quirks yet…

We shall see…

Has Humanity Run Out of Ideas?

Listening to the news today this question came to mind. It seems to me that perhaps it has.

In the USA two very old men may be set to run against each other for a very powerful job. The choice between an eighty year old who may no longer be the sharpest tool in the box and an orange criminal sociopath speaks volumes on the state of the American nation. It sees itself as leader of the free world but its own house is in very poor order. It is polarised and lacks any self-awareness.

Ed Sheeran is in court for copying someone else’s song. Soon all the notes will be copyrighted. New music will be illegal due to copyright infringement.

We have tory sleaze and labour antisemitism…British politics has lost its way.

In the UK the obsession with juvenile shallow league tables continues. We will name and shame people who do not comply with the numerical dictates of those who run a model T Ford production line approach to humanity. We will blame others.

Fickle politicians will swing from clap for heroes to blaming them as greedy bastard doctors for asking for more cash.

We will open negotiations with outer Mongolia as a safe destination for mostly brown immigrants. We are not racist, not us. The blue and yellow white people are fine. No brown people with wispy beards please…

The situation in Ukraine is stuck and it is a mirror for the rest of the world.

The so called trans lobby forgets its own privilege, it worries about pronouns and fashion not gang rape and food.

Whatever you do, do not mention the genius of Brexit, the single most recidivist act of this century. It is not in any way to blame for the mess… which was obviously caused by all those pesky Europeans.

The karma of colonisation continues to unfold…

Same shit different day…

Yup, seems to me that humanity has run out of new ideas…

It is caught up in a groundhog stalemate…It did not work before but hey, let us try the same thing over and over and over…

Sounds like a cunning plan….

Advice – tiefes Wasser

It is not uncommon for people to get out of their depth very quickly. Especially when they encounter a situation with which they are unfamiliar, full of bravado they can steam ahead convinced that they “know-it-all”. There is no point giving people who are already “omniscient” advice. They need to find out the boundaries of their knowledge for themselves, they may only do this in retrospect long after they have left the sanctuary of what they actually know.


People learn better by mistake than advice. This is true.

I can recall numerous occasions when I have given advice, sometimes solicited and sometimes not. In some cases when the advice has been ignored {usually because it required effort} people have landed up deep in the brown stuff of their own making. It is a bit silly but I cannot force anyone to listen to me. I have warned people when they have been getting out of their depth with their “cunning plans” but often if they are already in a hole, they simply continue to dig. Rarely do they actually end up in Australia.

To assume that detailed knowledge in one system, one society, is transferrable to another is the approach of a fool. To experiment with an open mind is a tad more wise. People can be arrogant, cocky and ignorant, they may be very unaware.

We like to watch the TV programme Dragons’ Den. There is a very large back catalogue. Yet when people come into pitch they have not done their homework concerning valuation, or P&L, profit and loss. The dragons go through roughly the same iteration show after show, with minor variations. It is formulaic. This should be bleeding obvious. Despite all the evidence available from previous shows people still enter the den ill prepared and unrealistic. They end up in deep water and out of their depth.  

Don’t people do their homework?

Do they simple cross their fingers as they fly across the sky on their unicorns?

People can think all sorts of things are good ideas, like AI and robots. It seems wise, but down the line there may be unseen consequences. Humanity will learn by its mistakes, it may not be advised by the “warnings” of science fiction. The ideas are way too groovy, let’s forget about the downside.


If in a hole like the climate crisis, humanity will try every possible avenue, no matter how ridiculous so that it does not have to change its ways. There is the idea of “permanent” carbon capture and storage to offset air miles. There is plenty of money to spend on various research in the hope of keeping on doing exactly what we are doing.  The inventions may get ever more inventive and perhaps desperate. There is only one planet there is no planet B in the goldilocks range, close by.

There is much less research on societal overhaul and change!!

People rarely stand still and truly take stock. You never know who might be reading this blog. Perhaps they have tried to advise others to no avail.  


When people are in “deep water” as a group, there is a tendency to have a conflab within the group and seek a solution from within the consciousness, mind, and mores of said group. Although no such solution can be found within these pre-set boundary conditions people can iterate ad infinitum, so long as the status quo is not threatened.

The dog rarely catches its own tail.

A frog trapped at the bottom of a well may be an expert on the well, its social order and the flora and fauna of the well. It has never seen the ocean and it is probably unaware that there is even such a thing.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results has been defined as insanity I am led to believe.

Team Deficits – The Realistic Killjoy

Of late the wife and I have been watching various cooking programmes including Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars and Master Chef Australia. They both have team elements. There are a lot of egos… Sat here I probably would not invest in any of the candidates in Ramsay’s programme. It is meant to be entertainment. FFS.

While people may be inventive, keen to get started and full of hype, there is an obvious deficit in most of these teams. That is, they all lack an effective Monitor Evaluator {ME}. They do not ask if this will work and can we get it done on time?


Sat the other side of the screen I find the chaotic scenes uncomfortable. One can sense the oncoming car crash caused by lack of timings and quality control. There is no detachment. There are headless chickens in a hurry.

Whenever I was tutoring small groups, I used to take on this role, ME, for the tutor group for the first few tasks. Then I would explicitly ask someone to take on this “unpopular” role, that of realistic killjoy.

These can seem boring and lacking in fun, but they get the job done on time and to standard.

They are the antithesis of Johnny

Nobody likes it if you piss on their fire even if it is getting cataclysmic. Stupid ideas however need nipped in the bud.

Egos can be easily bruised, bless.

Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance. {Note planning is present participle.}

When directing a large course, part of the job of the director is to ensure that the Monitoring and Evaluation of course as it unfolds is tantamount.


Do you resent it when someone finds realistic flaws with your rushed and exciting cunning plans?

Do you struggle to remain grounded?

When the Fruit of Karma Ripens

King Cnut allegedly tried to deter the tide and the waves. He was by legend unsuccessful in his endeavour.

When the fruit of karma ripens it can do so over a protracted period or very quickly. The fruit of karma can turn sour and maggot filled rather quickly. Its taste can be perceived as being bitter.

Karma is often symmetric. In that the time taken to build the karma may be reflected in the time of its ripening. Karma built up over years can unwind slowly, inexorably, and painfully.

Sometimes karma unravels the clever and cunning plans of mankind over a very short time leading to an apparent crisis in the lives around which the karma is wrapped and wound. The ripening karma can move like a rip tide through the lives of those who seek to ward off the ripening. Those who try to get away with it can find karma unsympathetic to their desires.

The only sure thing is that when the fruit of karma starts to ripen, it is an irreversible process…time’s arrow only goes one way…