Harry’s Chess Pieces

If you are born into a royal family the game of chess is a tad more personal than to you and I. There are King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Castle and Pawn.

When Harry allegedly mentioned that the people he allegedly killed were like chess pieces, I took note. It spoke volumes…

He says that the weddings of he and William had elements of sham. He played the bishop, the archbishop. The King is a bit of a shit piece in terms of chess, it is very vulnerable. Without the protection of the Queen {Elizabeth} he is vulnerable. Time to launch your attack?

Harry has shifted his castle to west coast USA and is playing the wounded Knight game.

In this we along with Netflix and other greedy journalists are perhaps all pawns. If you suck up his narrative are you a pawn in his attack?

Are you a part of Harry’s game?

Chess in the olden days of royal family was a life and death game…