De Fret-Boers Dream 26-08-2012

Although I am prone to vivid dreaming, this one takes some beating. Not because of content but via its juxtaposition.

Several days after I had this dream I had a tuition inquiry from a family who are connected way back and parts of that family are well known. They have a very nice big house. The young man I was to tutor had had a difficult time of it growing up and had been unwell. He had a very lively intellect which jumped about all over the place. And he did inded have an entertainment / games room.

I helped him with his American AP exams, which from the point of view as an educator I thought were excellent and stretching. They contained many first year undergraduate style questions.

The young man in the dream looked like the young man I was to teach.

I am, as a teenager, at the side of a hospital bed. I am dressed in a school uniform of a dark suit. In the bed in front of me there is a young man with dark hair. He is slim and tall.  He is on a drip and is unconscious. I briefly turn my back. He falls off his bed and onto the floor. I bend over to pick him up and he wakes up in my arms. He does not know who or what he is. He asks me who I am. I say that I am Alan and a friend from school. He faints and together with a nurse we place him back into bed. He is no longer in a coma, he is simply in a faint. I leave him for a while.

When I return a very well dressed upper class woman is sat with him, it is his mother whom he does not recognise. She says that he has been asking for me each time he surfaces. It has been decided that he should go home to recuperate and he has been adamant that I should stay with them  for the rest of the school holidays.

Before we go to the country I visit him again at his bedside. For some reason I am speaking with him in a Welsh accent. He says;

“Does that mean I am Welsh too?”

“No, I have just been with some of my Welsh relatives. As far as I know you are sort of English, though I do not believe that your family is entirely, English.”

“Phew!”, he says.

We are now in a massive country estate, to which he is heir. Everyone is concerned about his health. There is much behind the scenes chatter amongst the family and staff.

Time passes.

His father comes to sit with him. He shows Tom a picture of Sir (something) de Fret – Boers. Tom looks at the picture and says that is you, pointing at his father.

“I am your dad and this is our house. One day it will be yours. “

Tom faints again. I move over and hold him until he re-surfaces. He is calmer now. The family members repeat this technique for various of them.

There is now a small picnic / garden party. It is all very Brideshead Revisited. Although I am welcome it is clear that the family think I am of the wrong social status for them. Whilst they are all chatting I wander off over a fence into a meadow field.  I am just within earshot. I can hear their chatter. I wander further into the field towards a gate which is at the other end. As I get nearer I can see within the long grass a number of large birds of prey standing. They look like a cross between an owl and a large eagle. There are half a dozen of so of these large birds. I have to walk through them to get to the gate. They observe me silently and in a welcoming manner. I pass through their midst and not one of them moves. I climb over the gate and carry on back to the garden party.

Later I find Tom in his games room. It is equipped with all the latest toys and arcade games. It is in the basement of the big house. Several children and teenagers are playing there. It is his den.

Now several years later and I have been away. Tom’s father has now died. This is to be Tom’s first big event. Everyone is arranged around a Greek style whitewashed courtyard. There is a stage upon which a small orchestra is playing. Tom’s family are all gathered on one of the house’s balcony. It is a large open balcony. I can see Tom and his mother. Tom is dressed in a black suit / dinner jacket. I am dressed in a colonial style, lightly coloured and lightweight suit. I wave at Tom. In my jacket I have the speech which he has asked me to write.

There are steps down from the balcony to the courtyard. Chairs are arranged theatre style so that everyone can look at the stage. People are all very smartly dressed as if they are going to the opera. After the orchestra has finished their will be speeches.

Tom wanders off to exit the balcony and go into the house. The time is nearing for him to give his speech.

I go to follow him but his mother points to another way into the house. Instead of doing this I climb down a drain pipe into the courtyard. As I get there I bang into an overweight balding man. A light green pamphlet falls out of his jacket and onto the floor. I recognise this. I get a similar one out of my jacket it was next to my speech. We compare these. They are publicity flyers for the de Fret – Boers estate. They have a coat of arms and yellow writing on the green background.  We comment on the name de Fret Boers. He says it could simply be De Beers dressed up.

Anyway I continue on to find Tom. I know where he will be. He is in the games room hiding.

He says;

“I knew you would come for me. I am scared. Can you go on first , to set the scene?”

“Yes, Of course..”

We embrace fraternally.

The dream ends.