Frosty January 2023

We had minus five Celsius in the greenhouse. Outside it would have been a lot colder….

Laurel bowing doing yoga in the early morning sun.

Frozen pondscape with silver birch

Oak “fingers” in the sun…

Relection in the unfrozen overflow from the well

Vibrant green in the well overflow…blowing bubbles…

Watery light

Frozen stiff …

Trébeurden – Friday 13th January

Trébeurden est une station balnéaire bretonne sur la Manche, à l’entrée de la baie de Lannion, classée station touristique le 13 juin 1921. Elle correspond à la partie occidentale de la côte de granit rose. Ses principaux atouts sont ses sites naturels protégés, ses plages qui bénéficient pour deux d’entre elles d’une exposition sud et sud-ouest rare en Bretagne Nord, son port de plaisance doté d’un bassin à flot, son port municipal et ses autres mouillages. Trébeurden se trouve sur le territoire de l’ancienne province du Trégor. Ses devises sont : « ar mor eo ma flijadur » (« la mer est mon plaisir ») et « S’attache, qui m’aborde ».

L’île Renote – sur la Côte de granit rose

It was 18 degrees Celsius on the 12th of November!!!

Trecherous to navigate, ideal for smuggling, cognac from France and rum from Cornwall…
Every summer emergency services rescue “intelligent” people cut off by the tide on a near weekly basis…..
All calm and serene behind the rocks.
very crowded beaches…
Ilse au Moines and Ilse de Bono – named after U2
This reminded me of a breeching whale…
Very rocky…Mars before it lost the seas.
Built to last with a big slab of pink granite…

Autumn at Traou an Dour

The grass needs cutting and the central section needs clearing up.
As if by magic….
The mowing ninja is back…long shadows at 4pm CET…we are as west as Plymouth
Fresh growth in the field across the road…the earth is a beautiful shade of fertile brown. The farmers are very neat.
Lovely blue sky, les soldats are nearly naked plus a passing magpie..
Mr Heron catching the last of the rays in an oak before dusk…I need a tripod and bigger lens at this range…

Felix and Bowie

Bowie has been a regular vistor of late. Felix has not attacked her (?).

Maybe stray cat “love” is in the air.

He really did not like Trip Hazard who had a pair…of cohones…

Felix’s nose seems to be healing too…

“Hello darling, do you come here often? You have lovely green eyes. Heaven must be missing an Angel now that you are down here…Can I buy you a Jägerbomb?”

Serenity Haiku

a heron stands

one leg in the reeds

he reaches for his oboe

a contented carp

blows bubbles

puckering his lips

a lotus unfolds

her petal wings

butterflies waft incense

a busy dragon-fly

is a rainbow

who caresses time

clear crystal ponds

reflect pure light

whiter than snow

a pendant drop

hangs from the gallows

of a moment

a ripple stretches

across a dewy pond

and yawns sleepily

a reed bends

in the harsh winds

which soon, too will pass

a moorhen dives

hungry for breakfast,

a croissant with butter

the spirit churns

all of the milk

to spread on toast

a hungry falcon

hovers in the wind

seeking a morsel

the rain falls heavy

the ducks rejoice

water off their backs

a Rōnin waits

for he has no master

else his heart

he sits seiza

and watches only walls

for there, is wisdom…