Sixth Ray Entrenchment and Schism

Before a flame goes out it can sometimes have a brief brighter flicker.

The sixth ray of idealism and devotion is going out of manifestation. The two nations most prone to its influence at the personality level are Russia and USA. The personality does not think holistically it is separative. We are right and those commie / capitalist bastards are wrong. This drama played out for decades.

American led NATO expanded to the edge of Ukraine. Russia does not like this and deems it hostile. {I am sure countries like Germany liked having a land buffer.} Half of Germany knows Russia. Russia invades Ukraine. The blitzkrieg did not work. Most countries in NATO deem it right to punish Russia. Russia deems this aggressive so raises the stakes of nuclear poker by “annexing” parts of Ukraine. {Sudetenland anyone?} The sides are entrenched. {The Somme and Passchendaele.} Ukraine asks to join NATO. It does not yet fit the criteria. Will NATO have the cohones and bend the rules to let it join? In all of this nobody is speaking of the fiscal cost of all the weaponry heading East. Is production of weaponry being ramped up to fill the empty inventory? Truss says she is going to increase the defence spending to 3% of GDP. With what, imaginary unicorn or faery coins, I ask?

Does history repeat itself?

Nuclear fission is at the “heart” of atomic weapons. They are the weapon, par excellence, of separation, division and entrenchment. It may be fitting for the sixth ray to go out with a bang. After all our ideal is the only correct ideal, we will exterminate anyone who disagrees. {Saddam, Osama bin Laden, Litvinenko, Sergei Skripal}. When the pot calls the kettle black, and neither are self-aware, what can you do?

Nuclear war may in a strange way bring us all together by merit of shared experience. You could say that the cleavage of a sixth ray atomic weapons cause could usher in the synthesis effect of shared experience. Which would be tad ironic, don’t you think?

Are You Quantized by Socio-political Norms?

Are you a being in a box, trapped by the confines of socio-political norms?

Do you have to subscribe to the allowed eigen-values of society?

Must you only speak the allowed eigen-truths?

Under the cosh of the woke operator must you only emit certain sonic vibrations, whose wavefunction is confined by political correctness?

Do you find yourself noncommutative and orthogonal with the herd / shoal?

Are you a real or imaginary being?

I am sorry I have to go now; the thought police are in the driveway and I must flee…

The Four Natural Enemies Simplified

The four natural enemies are fear, sobriety, power, and old age.

I think it fair to say that most people have fears, some of these are crippling. In our times we have a new fear, the fear of missing out.

In the context of evolution fear of the unknown and fear of changing from the way you were socially programmed by family and peers are big, as is fear of getting rid of your internal dialogue. If you have no inner critic, what are you going to do without all those circling thoughts? Fear of silence and being alone in one’s own company is also common.

Sobriety as an enemy means that you think you know more than you do and are sufficiently detached to have no pangs of conscience if you are mean to someone. If you are sufficiently detached and uncaring you can then exert power over other beings. This kind of power is addictive to some.

You could say we have, insecure scaredy cat, clever Trevor or Jeremy and Donald the bequiffed prince of orange, the very stable genius, as archetypes of people who have succumbed to these enemies.

The fourth natural enemy is old age, it means that you are exhausted and worn out by struggle, so you just want to pack it all in, get your slippers and a mug of cocoa, nanna and gramps.

One encounters stories of a lot of people who have succumbed to power in alternative circles. It often involves copious shagging by the “guru” of people who have handed their power and wealth over to said guru, so that he can have orgies and Rolls Royces. How many people in Westminster sexually interfere with their junior staff? Power is an aphrodisiac to those who are power hungry. It is a vicious circle.

If you work in higher education, you will have encountered the young smart Alec type, who thinks that they get all the material you have been torturing them with. Thinking they know a lot, they are fond of showing off, whilst still an undergraduate. They are usually a tad more circumspect when it comes to Ph.D. viva having been disabused of their illusion.

The Toltec teachings are the only ones, that I know of, which tackle power as a subject. It is, to my eyes, implicit in Vajrayana tantra. To my opinion a discussion on temptation and on evil in a sane way, is absent in much “spiritual” material. Treating evil as a taboo subject, enables it. In the darkness strange things fester. If you can’t talk about evil in an adult rational way, you are handing your power over to evil by means of fear. Taboos are primitive and superstitious.

I’ll speculate that it is transcending the natural enemy power which is the gateway to the third initiation and thereby inevitable ultimate liberation or if you succumb becoming ever more deeply embroiled with the dark adepts and thereby not achieving liberation, not in this kalpa. Overcome the natural enemy power and in the fullness of time there is no hasta la vista baby, no au revoir.

To overcome power is tiring. If you do this, you feel knackered. Then you have to start all over and with a newfound sense of trying hard not to be a complete arrogant dickhead, rather a harmless and humble being trying their best, and with little or no drama.


Not far beyond the event horizon

gravity is so very importantly intense

that light cannot escape

this is the domain of the most venerable



All the heavenly spheres

rotate around that singularity

in Space-Time

the one ring which binds

the ring of Power


Forged in the fiery cracks

of Mount Doom

the valley of death

where rode the six hundred

with cannons on all sides


The endoscope of Ego

examines sphincters

on a cold winter’s day

to see the cosmic Manvantara

there, always at play


It needs aloe coated,

quilted paper to burnish

and Anusol

to clear all the piles

of leaves


The Autoproctologist

lays ostrich eggs

with his head buried

up to the ears

and sometimes past


In his eyes

there is no us

no you, no me

only He

or She


Not far beyond the event horizon

gravity is so very importantly intense

that light cannot escape

this is the domain of the most venerable


A Waste of Life

Deep in contemplation the other day I saw with an astounding clarity that humanity has invented for itself a new and dire pass time which squanders precious seconds.

Do you know what it is?

It is foxtrotting cookie consent.

You can get it in all languages too!!

Never in human history has something wasted so much time for so little added benefit. It is worse that the whole “woke” illusion. Which also wastes time.

“Hmnn, I wonder which pronouns shall I use today?”

“Shall I consent to being called he/him instead of it?”

I am turning into Victor Meldrew….

I can’t believe it!!

The Stalker’s Rule and The Worrier’s Path

The Worrier’s Path

The talker’s rule…

1) A Worrier does not believe in battles, therefore he approaches life with all the accuracy and care of someone who has drunk ten pints of “wife beater” and taken half a gram of amphetamine sulphate. A Worrier knows that knee jerk reactions are best and that repetition of folly is his favourite pastime.

2) By striving for complexity a Worrier fills his diary and day to day life with things of the utmost boredom and futility so as to avoid taking any action. A Worrier is able to construct a twenty seven dimension third order hyperpolarisability tensor for any situation so as to justify the fact that he is overwhelmed by complexity. By projecting catastrophe after catastrophe onto the world, the Worrier justifies his fear and inertia.

3) A Worrier knows that it is better to run than to stand, being sure that he can always put things off until Monday next week, when he can, if there is time, review how to put them off until the following month. A Worrier is sure that there is no such thing as the eternal now and his favourite mantra are “if only” and “what if?”

4) A Worrier never enters into battle because he knows that the control of his self image, view of the world and personal history are what keeps him sane. As such a Worrier is always obsessed with controlling his life so that he can, after all, have life on his own terms.

5)Whenever faced with even the slightest of difficulty the Worrier capitulates to the sound judgment of his infallible reason. He becomes obsessed with displacement activities and bends the true meaning of life to fit with all his preconceptions and prejudice.

6) A Worrier stretches time so that his life is filled with the exquisite beauty of hours spent in the dental waiting room looking forward with anticipation to that root canal work in the absence of anaesthetic. By making life as boring as possible he will extend his apparent longevity by decades. Hence his life will seem like an eternity.

7) A Worrier is convinced that he is only his self image and ensures that his personal history is sufficiently intact that he can be bound to it. A Worrier never reveals to himself the fact that he is a magical being of the universe.

Monitoring and Making Plans

It is common practice for people to monitor all sorts of things.

They may not understand what they are monitoring. But they cannot resist doing this and then they like to “make plans for Nigel”

“We’re only making plans for Nigel
We only want what’s best for him
We’re only making plans for Nigel
Nigel just needs that helping hand”

It never occurs to them that their plans are not welcome. That is because their self-perception differs from how others see them…

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…there is no rhyme or reason to it.


From the Urban Dictionary


The act of lecturing, spouting, ranting about a particular subject to attempt to make a point or a stand. Derives from the days when people, such as ministers, actors, strikers, abolitionists, rights defenders, etc. would take a sturdy soapbox (soap came in wooden crates then), carry it to a street corner, and begin preaching their point to anyone passing by.

That point of conversation led her to soapbox about the subject until she knew she made her point.


Over the course of my life, I have met many people who have expressed seemingly adamant opinions on diverse subjects without ever having researched or even considered them. They feel the urge to pass on the “collective wisdom” the provenance of which has never been checked.  Because “they” say it, it must be true. I obviously am much in need of their wisdom and I need to be told / enlightened.

People can pooh-pooh from their soapbox and behave like a right Jeremy to others.

Fake news can often be more attractive than reality and certainly more prone to spreading. People can spread gossip and rumour as quickly as coronavirus. “Ever since I got that microchip implant during my coronavirus vaccinations I have been thinking differently.”

In real life, away from universities, many people have expressed adamant opinions to me which, although strongly held, they knew next to nothing about and could not explain how come they had that opinion. I have heard people in universities poppycock things which they knew nothing about. It was often a kind of Pavlovian assertion. “There never was Atlantis, that is just some made up hippy shit.”

Even if it is only metaphorical the notion of the destruction of Atlantis is increasingly germane as we head like a planetary juggernaut towards climate catastrophe. My best guess cure for the climate crisis is a nuclear winter caused by human beings soapboxing and being bellicose and assertive. Someone will miscalculate and bang!

People in general like to score “points”, “win” arguments and argue the toss more than they like to listen, think, comprehend and reflect. Homo Sapiens?

In our time we have the phenomenon of “instant expert” where people profess their abilities and use soapboxing as marketing. The problem is that if one is using a soap box to preach people tend to forget that the soap box is generally empty and vacuous. Sound bytes cannot ultimately cover for lack of content. The internet is awash with influencers who do not for one minute consider what it is they are pushing.


This topic is proudly brought to you by our sponsors and the profound and considered policies expressed by the deep thinking contenders in the conservative party leadership campaign.

Trying to Catch Trip Hazard

Having read up on the subject it seems we have to get Trip Hazard checked for a microchip. { Bill Gates put it in him with his anti-Covid vaccinations. } I think that he, Trip Hazard, would make someone a really nice pet. He doesn’t piss up the wall which suggests that he has had the snip. He is friendly and chatty. He wants to be inside near a fire and watching Netflix. We can’t have that, due to health concerns.

Our first attempts at getting him in the pet carrier failed. So, I then took to trying to tempt him in, post trauma. This meant that I knelt in the cat feeding area with a bowl of cat food in the cat carrier. All the while I was doing this the more feral cat Felix was watching from about 3 metres away. Felix tried to stare me down but like Bodhidharma I can keep my eyes open for a long time. Cats try to freak humans out using the force. They don’t like it when you do the same back. Felix has figured out that I am not a stress bunny, so he is getting closer to me. In any case he is a lot quicker than me.

As a rule, cats like to play “patience” games. They haven’t figured out some humans like this too.

I have played patience games with cats in the past. Sometimes it takes a week!!

No dinner for Trippy tonight.

We shall see how keen he is to go in the carrier tomorrow morning when he will be a little more peckish…