Are You Susceptible to Evil?

This is a question which most will never consider. As I mentioned earlier evil has managed to get the whole subject of evil taboo. It is a feat of some considerable trickery.

In the very early part of this century, I encountered on the physical plane a number of individuals who with the benefit of hindsight I now consider to be evil and who practised the dark art of forceful manipulation. One of these was the CEO of the company I co-founded. Luckily, I did not get overly tainted by his acquaintance. Around that time, I was offered many temptations, the vast majority of which I did not take. Another character was very nasty and prone to growling and being generally unpleasant.

I’ll speculate. The more insecure you are the more susceptible to evil you are. If you want to take shortcuts and be cunning, evil will tempt you and you will find it hard to resist. If you want to hold the trump card, the joker up the sleeve, evil may appear to offer you these. If you desire the upper hand the advantage because you don’t think you are not good enough, evil will whisper in your ear. If you like secrets and playing secret squirrels evil will offer you, its cloak. Do you like to persuade or manipulate others to do your bidding, if so, evil will show you how. Evil is always willing to negotiate and to strike a bargain, it likes to offer rewards. It believes in sticks and carrots.

There is a basic question. Which do you prefer Sun Tzu or Lao-Tse? One is force the other is flow.

Evil likes to possess, enslave and have power over beings. Evil likes binding contracts. Many think that they are being good leaders when in fact all they are doing is trying to satisfy their lust for power. They will have many justifications for why they are a good leader, why they know best. Power tempts and can be the thin end of the wedge whereby evil permeates. For those susceptible to evil there is always a path of least resistance and evil knows how to find it.

In the previous post the Tibetan suggests that it is lower concrete mind, where evil if effective. Lower concrete mind out argues what remains of conscience and intuition. It silences the still small voice of calm.

It in using justifications can find reasons for heinous acts, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Nazis in Ukraine. Evil twists and perverts. Trump lost his battle with power; he could not admit he lost the election. The King of Rohan listened to the whispers of Grima Wormtongue. Smeagol was twisted by the ring of power.

But evil does not need to be so dramatic. It can just be deep selfishness, ambition and greed. Evil is often about material acquisition. Most would find this notion of gaining material goods as normal. But in excess and in an unfair distribution there is evil. Occultly speaking matter has remnants of evil in it. Lust for money, is evil.  The word ME can found somewhere in the motive for all low level mundane evil practices. Me, me, me, me is an evil mantra. Evil is jealous and vengeful.

Balance is not evil, excess often is.

Having read the above, are you susceptible to evil?

Do You Believe in Fate?

Fate as a concept has been around for a long time, way more than two thousand years. In ancient European theology there were even the The fates who spun out the destinies of mankind. People use the notion of fate in physics, in common parlance and in romantic novels. There is this made up concept of soul mate. Souls cannot mate they do not have the necessary equipment. “It was fated that their paths should cross.” Fate is not too far away from karma, dependent origination and cause and effect can be related to fate. If you do that cause you will get that effect, that fate.

We have just seen cause and effect in action. The UK government did a reverse Robin Hood budget, the effects are still rippling out.

I don’t think of fate as a done deal. I think that a fate is a set of lessons which you set up for yourselves by choosing the vehicle you incarnate into. How you handle and learn from those lessons is dependent upon your willingness to cooperate with what you chose for yourself when you felt again that need for meat. One can squander a given life or one can welcome with open hands what life offers.

So, we set up for ourselves a palette of possibility with which we paint our current life. It might be Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso or Warhol. It could be tags on the wall in an underpass. Or a life lived entirely in silicio in the god-dammed metaverse. We might open for ourselves an “only fans” page.

Trying to find out why we incarnated and to cooperate with the purpose of that incarnation is not easy. To do so we must begin to have Soular contact. If we start to sense the emanations of our Soul, we can cooperate and learn that which we need and want to learn.

If we have been an arrogant dickhead in a previous life, we might need to learn intelligent humility in the next. If we have been a doormat, we may need to learn to assert.

Dreaming, can help us to understand our fate. But we need to interpret dreams with an open mind and not with confirmation bias.

This morning I had an extensive dream pertaining to people who imagine that they are right. They think that they are expounding the true spirit of the Toltec teachings. They are so convinced that they know best. I beg to differ.

From my view they have gotten entirely the wrong end of the stick apropos of me. They have screwed up one possibility on the palette of possibility in this life.

Over the years I have offered many of these a feather of “hello” when my dreamer has suggested. In nearly all cases no reply. I am taboo.

I will restate. This is my current best attempt.

I think that a fate is a set of lessons which you set up for yourselves by choosing the vehicle you incarnate into and its circumstances. How you handle and learn from those lessons is dependent upon your willingness to cooperate with what you chose for yourself when you felt again that pressing need for meat. One can squander a given life or one can welcome with open hands what life offers.

Difficult to Believe

Many people hold the notion that is was Columbus who discovered the Americas. This is a very euro-centric view. They were already there, the Americas. I have read Breton folklore which suggests that Bretons went there way before Columbus, similarly Madog from North Wales is supposed to have been and there are Scandinavian stories too. Many people buy the Columbus story. If I remember correctly there was debate as to whether the world was flat and whether or not one might sail off the edge of the world. People can and do {allegedly} believe what they want, and many might convert religions to avoid torture or execution. People bullshit and spin for convenience.

{Word does not want me to use this word bullshit because it might offend, word is woke.}

While the wife was getting ger PET scan I was re-reading the introduction by Gregory Hays to “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. He outlines the supposedly Greek stoic philosophy of logos and the vital breath pneuma. The migrations of the early Celts had made it to Greece and the Balkans. They perhaps brought with them the notions of prana. It sounds like the same notion to me, pneuma and prana. A classicist might struggle to accept that Vedic thought underpins what they imagine to be pure Greek…There is a land bridge between Greece and the Indus valley. The influence of Persian Zoroaster is often passed over. “Pure” classics must not be tainted by browner people.

There is to my knowledge, no modern day archaeological proof for Atlantis. There is circumstantial evidence by the similarity of built structure and belief systems around the world. Atl in the Toltec tradition is the planetary logos. He whose thought form is our home. There are flood descriptions in many ancient texts. We know less about the depths of our oceans than we do about the surface of the moon.

I’ll wager that the notion of a continent of Atlantis being destroyed because of human ill-doing is very hard to believe for many people. Their minds would want proof, physical plane evidence. If you want to get a notion of what the planet is capable off, take a holiday in Santorini. There is a big caldera where an island used to be.

The previous post is pretty extensive and the book it is drawn from even larger.

It the notion of Atlantis too difficult to believe?

Resolving Quantum Superpositions

If I have understood this correctly when a photon pair is created as a quantum superposition the moment the quantum states of one photon are measured and hence known, so by a kind of “subtraction” or “division” are that of the other. This happens “faster than the speed of light”. It does not matter what the distance is. Measuring one “resolves” the other. There is an implication of time in this. It depends which equations you use.

To the classical “reality” based physicist it is spooky though very groovy.

“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.

Science is inherently conservative…and time and time again that “certainty” is found to be unwarranted. New stuff happens…

History shows that the adamant insistence of some scientists has been blinkered and nigh on fanatical. History repeats itself this is a historical fact.

Human beings have created the notion of quantum superposition in the first place, through the mathematical descriptions, of observable phenomena.

The photons do not know what humans have described them as. Nor can they solve the equations applied. They are just photons. They do not have big brains.

Is the quantum superposition real or an artifact of human mind unable to adequately {for now} model and understand what is happening?

It works…

Was there no superposition in the first place only a love of human complexity?

Humans don’t like likelihood or probability. They like to assert, insist and be adamant. {soapbox}

When they do this, they are probably inaccurate and “wrong”.

How can we resolve this tendency?

Are You Quantized by Socio-political Norms?

Are you a being in a box, trapped by the confines of socio-political norms?

Do you have to subscribe to the allowed eigen-values of society?

Must you only speak the allowed eigen-truths?

Under the cosh of the woke operator must you only emit certain sonic vibrations, whose wavefunction is confined by political correctness?

Do you find yourself noncommutative and orthogonal with the herd / shoal?

Are you a real or imaginary being?

I am sorry I have to go now; the thought police are in the driveway and I must flee…

Do You Have a Preferred Version of Reality?

When one starts doing personal development courses to help others, one quickly realises that so many people are in fact not self-aware, and they don’t really care about it. It never occurs to them that they are largely ignorant about inter-personal dynamics, and they tend to behave as if they know it all already. When I was asked to do some team development at a Cambridge University institute the brief was that the technicians were causing problems and they needed to learn to work better together. It quickly became obvious that it was the academics who were causing all the problems by their unrealistic demands and the power imbalance. When I suggested that it was the academics who needed training it went down like a lead balloon. So, I had to adjust the course for the technicians into how to deal with difficult people with unrealistic expectations and a sense of entitled divinity. The preferred reality there, held by the academics, was that THEY, the technicians, were the problem.

Lots of people have preferred versions where everybody else is the problem. There is always someone else putting flies in my ointment, pissing on my fire, it is all their fault, the bastards.

People can be very insular and myopic.

I mentioned elsewhere in the blog there is the phenomenon of unacceptable truths. Something may be true accurate and correct, but the mind, the perception, is totally unwilling to accept it, because accepting it brings with it implications and consequences which differ from the held preferred notion or version of reality. To accept said truth causes the “reality version” to implode, crash and burn.

I know someone who found out in middle age that the person he thought was his biological father was probably not. He did not want to do a DNA test to have surety. People can tell whopping lies to each other for decades. The truth is not acceptable.

I doubt most are able to be ruthlessly and accurately honest with themselves. I added accurately because people can be overly harsh and critical. Honesty is balanced and not skewed either one way or the other.

If you think about it, even a little bit, the scope of the title question is vast. It encompasses approach to life, to death and notions of afterlife. Most people tend to be centred in the socio-political programmed common view of the world.  If you read newspapers or listen to the news, that demarcates the boundaries of the everyday “reality”.

If you meditate on the question, “do you have a preferred version of reality?” You will begin to see how many biases, preconceptions and assertions you have. There will be elements of your “reality” that you take for granted which are unbalanced and inaccurate.

What is your preferred version of reality?

Is it real?

Have You Succumbed to Evil?

As I alluded to previously people may be unaware that they have succumbed to evil. They may be practising forceful manipulation and imagine that this is good business practice. For example, the phrase leverage has the application of force implicit, and many use this phrase. Others succumb to their greed and feel justified in exercising and attempting to satiate that greed. People can imagine ambition to be noble and good. Greed is good, is a mantra to which some subscribe without even thinking.

In effect many have succumbed to the temptation of mundane power and feel justified in exercising this over their fellow humans. It does not for one second pass through their mind that they are evil. They imagine themselves just. Slaveowners thought themselves just too. Mundane power can twist perception markedly and those in / with power can exhibit a deep and combative paranoia so as to sustain that power. They can cling to power long after it is seemly. Power can make people nasty, punitive and bitter, if people are unable to handle it.

Evil people may not see themselves as evil. They might imagine themselves knights in shining armour and be certain that butter does not melt in their mouth. They will prop up this illusion with reason and shed loads of justifications. They may even convince themselves and others that they are heroic and worthy. They will be unaware that evil has taken them over.

Have you ever succumbed to evil?

How can you be certain that you have not?

Dark Pretending to be Light?

There are many who imagine themselves perhaps to be the great and the good, who are in fact not.

Perhaps the most obvious example was/is the former president of the Untied States. Make America Great Again? How? By sowing seeds of hate and division and casting doubt and aspersion on the electoral system. A nasty piece of work, methinks.

Good or evil, what do you think?

There are examples of leaders who might think that they are helping, or who at least pretend that. What they really want is power. They put their own positional and pecuniary gain first. Charity begins at home old boy…don’t you know…

Evil has by legerdemain even made discussion of evil taboo.

We can see darkness in action in Eastern Europe and it seems to be spreading to other former soviet states. Israel bombed Damascus airport “because” Iran was sending arms to Syria…There always has to be a “reason” for evil or so it seems. There must be a quasi-plausible reason for murder by high technology munitions.

Darkness uses the masks of reason and justification to politically “legitimize”. These two are amongst the primary tools of the Dark Adepts. Humans have been trained in a Pavlovian way, when in school, to worship this often unholy dual “deity”. There is always a “reason” for evil. Imaginary weapons of mass destruction were used to justify the slaughter in Iraq. Nazis in Ukraine, to excuse invasion. Nasty people want to do bad shit to others, and they use reason and justification to coerce the minds of others into partially acquiescing. It is all so reasonable old chap. Let us spin it so it does not look quite so heinous. Now bomb the Sierra out of them

In the past the English were adept at the application of evil, divide and conquer {rule}. It sounds quasi-reasonable, but it is in fact black magic.


Do you think you are a “goodie”, one of the good guys?

Are you in fact a “baddie”?

Are you dark pretending to be light?

Please justify you answers with well argued reasoning…marks will be awarded on this basis.


Superheroes and Delusions

We have been watching Ragnarök {Ragnarøkkr} and The Matrix Resurrections. In each of these the “baddies” try to convince the “goodies” by means of psychiatry and/or medication that they are off their rocker. The major protagonists Thor and Neo are delusional, obvs. Views of reality inconsistent with those held by the powerful “baddies” are deemed sufficiently divergent to warrant psychochemical intervention and control.  

Neither of these gentlemen is a particularly willing superhero and it seems in terms of plot development that doubt in self and ability is a necessary trait / process to be a superhero.

When I was having my adult Asperger’s assessment the psychologist thought that I may have the “unrelenting standards” life-trap, partially because I was using the word impeccable a lot. People who are high functioning can have this trap or schema, but it usually is around self-criticism and striving. I have looked into it, and I do not have this trap, I do try to be impeccable, though. Impeccability does not require any striving or excelling. I saw her only a few days after my colon cancer operation, which she also thought odd. I was “supposed” to be fearful and concerned about my cancer.  She did not think I had Asperger’s but would need to talk to relatives to confirm according to the rulebook. This was not possible due to death of relatives and so we left it there.

There is a strange situation, most psychologists / psychiatrists will not have meditated as extensively as me. Nor will they have worked hard at losing attachment. Their whole interpretive basis would not fit very well. Being detached might be diagnosed as some social and developmental problem. It would be handy to do many of the whole host of agreed and standardised tests to see what kind of label(s) might apply.

It might be interesting to see which pigeonhole(s), if any, I would be shoehorned into. It is probably not a good idea to open this Pandora’s box. I am sure that some people would struggle to get their head around the entirety of my world view.

Viewed from the angle of a Buddhist practitioner it is a moot point as to who is living in illusion/delusion.

Are you caught and held by/in the Matrix in reality or metaphorically speaking?

Who is delusional, the goodies or the baddies?

Have You Ever Sacrificed Yourself?

By this I mean have you taken the blame for someone, done an act which in some way prevents others from harm, or anything else which is completely self-less for the greater good when you were not obliged to?


This from Etymonline:

sacrifice (n.)

late 13c., “the offering of something (especially a life) to a deity as an act of propitiation, homage, etc.;” mid-14c., “that which is offered (to a deity) in sacrifice,” from Old French sacrifise “sacrifice, offering” (12c.), from Latin sacrificium, from sacrificus “performing priestly functions or sacrifices,” etymologically “a making sacred,” from sacra “sacred rites” (properly neuter plural of sacer “sacred;” see sacred) + combining form of facere “to make, to do” (from PIE root *dhe– “to set, put”).

Originally especially of Christ’s propitiatory offering of himself for the world. Latin sacrificium is glossed in Old English by ansegdniss. The general sense of “act of giving up a desirable thing for a higher object or to a more pressing claim,” also “something given up for the sake of another” is recorded from 1590s. Baseball sense of “hit made by the batter not to get himself to base but to enable another player to advance” is by 1880.

sacrifice (v.)

c. 1300, “to offer (something, to a deity) as an expression of thanks, devotion, penitence, etc., from sacrifice (n.). The Meaning “surrender, give up, suffer to be lost for the sake of something else” is from 1706. The intransitive sense of “offer a sacrifice, make offerings to a deity” is from late 13c.

Related: Sacrificed; sacrificing.


I suspect that most people find it difficult not to be selfish and self-centred. They are not overly keen on “falling on their sword” for the greater good. There have been two recent examples of very senior figures, one a president and one a prime minister, who have failed to do the decent thing. Trump speaks like a Christian when it suits but he does not act like one. There are other figures accused of bullying who have apologised and not resigned. They won’t go until forced. One might window dress this as assertive behaviour.

When I was a child, I protected another by taking the blame. This earned me a fair amount of bullying; it was my assessment that I could handle this better than the other boy.  The dynamics of the new age group I was in had become stuck. Someone said that I was the problem in the equation. I simplified his equation by leaving something I had put heart and Soul into over a period of years.  This resignation, this renunciation had an element of sacrifice to it, because I knew the group would have greater longevity after my passing.

Sometimes people say “clever” stuff and it has unexpected consequences.

Donkeys’ years ago, when there was much talk about which colleagues should go, be sacked or nudged, so as to improve a research exercise rating, I resigned with no job to go to. A fairly major element of that decision was the protection of others, a sacrifice of career on my part, another renunciation.

The company which I co-founded was turning into a toxic environment for the employees because of the nasty CEO. I “gave” my founders’ shares back knowing that the company would live longer because the CEO could not claim to have my belief in him. As it turns out he went soon after me and the company briefly thrived. I supported a number of employees forced out by him in their job applications.

These quasi-sacrificial acts nearly always have wider implications than are initially obvious. That is the deep magic.

Those with a negotiating ME centred attitude rarely expect them, nor do they see them coming.

The success story of the spin-out company was subsequently not so easily spun. One of the founders walked. This raises eyebrows, no matter what you say, the eyebrows twitch.

I have some of this sacrificial orientation. It is a strange trait which might be triggered.

If I say, “you can have my resignation if you would like it”, I am not playing a game. I have already decided that I can do this, and it is very unlikely that I retract, I have already gone through the mental process.

When I say that I don’t want very much for myself, I mean it. I can put the needs of others before my own. I don’t have many needs in any case.

Self-centred people do not believe in self-sacrifice nor in the deep magic.