Sixth Ray Entrenchment and Schism

Before a flame goes out it can sometimes have a brief brighter flicker.

The sixth ray of idealism and devotion is going out of manifestation. The two nations most prone to its influence at the personality level are Russia and USA. The personality does not think holistically it is separative. We are right and those commie / capitalist bastards are wrong. This drama played out for decades.

American led NATO expanded to the edge of Ukraine. Russia does not like this and deems it hostile. {I am sure countries like Germany liked having a land buffer.} Half of Germany knows Russia. Russia invades Ukraine. The blitzkrieg did not work. Most countries in NATO deem it right to punish Russia. Russia deems this aggressive so raises the stakes of nuclear poker by “annexing” parts of Ukraine. {Sudetenland anyone?} The sides are entrenched. {The Somme and Passchendaele.} Ukraine asks to join NATO. It does not yet fit the criteria. Will NATO have the cohones and bend the rules to let it join? In all of this nobody is speaking of the fiscal cost of all the weaponry heading East. Is production of weaponry being ramped up to fill the empty inventory? Truss says she is going to increase the defence spending to 3% of GDP. With what, imaginary unicorn or faery coins, I ask?

Does history repeat itself?

Nuclear fission is at the “heart” of atomic weapons. They are the weapon, par excellence, of separation, division and entrenchment. It may be fitting for the sixth ray to go out with a bang. After all our ideal is the only correct ideal, we will exterminate anyone who disagrees. {Saddam, Osama bin Laden, Litvinenko, Sergei Skripal}. When the pot calls the kettle black, and neither are self-aware, what can you do?

Nuclear war may in a strange way bring us all together by merit of shared experience. You could say that the cleavage of a sixth ray atomic weapons cause could usher in the synthesis effect of shared experience. Which would be tad ironic, don’t you think?

An INFJ King?

There is wall to wall coverage of the death of the Queen and the proclamation of a new King.

The world is temporarily distracted from crisis and all eyes are on the UK. The one thing that the Brits sure can do, is throw a party, a celebration, an Olympics. Pomp and circumstance are a forte.

I might do a numerology work up…

There is a lot of questionable material concerning Myers Briggs Type Indicator {MBTI} on the internet and people have typed celebs by guesswork as clickbait. When I heard that Charles liked Laurens van der Post, it made me suspect more strongly that he has the same MBTI type as me. This means that he has little problem being different. Only around 1.5% of the population has this type.

“Monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much loved and elegant friend” is just the kind of thing an INFJ would say…a tad poetic and straight to the point. The kind of thing that can piss off the woke and the hypersensitive. Some people do not like too much truth and couch their opinions, not INFJs.

I have made enemies, some lasting, through saying my home truths.

INFJs when they have decided are very difficult to sway.

I’ll make a prediction, and this is it. Charles is going to be a very different monarch. It is possible that the relationship between prime ministers who like fracking, and a green environmentalist will become strained. If Liz Truss can piss off Lavrov, a politician, what else might happen?  She already has made “friends” with Macron and Sturgeon.

What King Charles may mean by service will differ from his mother in scope, in scale and in practice.

It is early days, but my INFJ radar is saying, different, different, different…

We shall see…

Homo In Silicio

Homo sapiens, a possible misnomer, is heading towards an entire new species, which we might deem homo in silicio. Already much of our time is spent on line and in our electronic worlds. There are advances in medical implants whereby the heart etc. is controlled by on board electronic devices. We have the world of wearable tech.

Before long it will be implantable tech. We may become microchipped like cats and dogs. Soon there will be a new rite of passage at say 18. Then we get fitted with our own transmitter/receiver and our SIM implant. We will get intra-cochlear headphones and an intra-jawbone microphone implant. Our heads-up display will be hardwired into the cortex.

Amongst us will be an army of clones produced from neither egg nor sperm. Many of us will change species and there will be a parallel evolution between homo in silicio and residual homo sapiens. It will be to be discovered if any Souls are willing to take on a cloned body, so we may have a new type of being entirely without Soul. Only those rich enough for the implant technology will become homo in silicio, they will communicate with all the data sources and live increasingly immersed in the virtual worlds. They will seek to dominate the remainder of homo sapiens, who will develop empath and telepath qualities.

Homo in silico will give over control of pretty much everything it values to the onboard artificial intelligence. It will have virtual relationships via avatars, reproduce by electrically and visually stimulated ejaculation into glassware, the eggs harvested simultaneous with the SIM fitting rite of passage will be extracted from liquid nitrogen and genetically matched. No corporeal contact will ever be needed again and so homo in silicio will exist in a near hermetically sealed world devoid of viruses and bacteria, where high definition 3D holograms are the on board ersatz of nature.  

In time there will be the war to end wars, in which the machine driven soft wet matter takes on the rest. It will be the war of the empath and telepath, against the computers and its hosts.

Coming sooner than you think to a world near you…

Hmnn… perhaps there is a movie script here

2022 – Numerology – Tarot – Written 26-12-21

As is my custom I tend to have look at the numerology of the upcoming year.

Overall, 2022 is a six year which implies that it is about choosing between the old and the new. Hopefully with divine inspiration.

But when I started to look and feel 2022, the thing that stood out was 22. I did not see it, at first as, as 2 + 2 = 4.

I see it as 22 which is the dark jewel Egotism.

The feeling behind this stems from the prolonged coronavirus restrictions. So far people have been, by and large, able to keep a lid on it, on the pressure cooker.

22 Egotism
Active Shortcoming: Self-importance
Behaviour: Self-opinionated, arrogant, self-centred, pompousness, holier-than-thou, longwindedness
Passive Shortcoming: Self-pity
Behaviour: Victim/martyr, hard-done-by, unappreciated, fear of exposure, fear of being wrong, fear of criticism”

Already people are blaming others. My first best guess hunch is that we will be seeing a lot of the behaviours associated with this dark jewel manifesting next year. Things could erupt and blow.

The negative manifestation of 22 is minus four. This is when 4 stability changes into inertia and death minus thirteen. As opposed to the positive version of 13 death of the old {ways}.

There will be a tendency to remain stuck.


There could be a coronavirus Groundhog Day. The rich are vaccinated, the poor not. The virus in the poor will mutate and spread and the immunity conferred by the vaccine in the rich will again dwindle in the light of new variants. Same shit different day. Boris may have to “save” Christmas again 😉

There area a lot of twos.

Two means the need for humility and understanding for our fate is written for us in the book of destiny. If we are not sufficiently humble our destiny cannot evolve as we try to force our will on the world and dictate how life should sumbit to our precious and important plans.

I see a bifurcation, a split.

Those who have sufficient humilty and understanding will be able to choose between the old and the new. 2 + 2+ 2 = 6 They will be able to let go of what has served its purpose and usher in some new and freshness in their lives. They may get a taste of absolute freedom zero. They will feel the burden of the old lessen and a sense of new found adventure, nascent.

Those who insist and are adamant in their egotism will not be able to choose and in so doing opt for the stagnant inert and old ways of being. They will insist that life must be normal and remain the same. They will demand the right to their aquisitional materialism and continue to kill the planet with their greed. They will not change. There will be the slow death of stubbornness, stuck-ness and inertia. The more they refuse to change the more the universe will kneel them. Could mean more natural disasters.

Some people will change a lot next year, others will remain insistent and stubbornly stuck.

First pass…

All the twos

I Ching Consultation 30th June 2022

Please comment on what I may do with the rest of the year.


9. Hsiao Ch’u / The Taming Power of the Small



This hexagram means the force of the small–the power of the shadowy–that restrains, tames, impedes. A weak line in the fourth place, that of the minister, holds the five strong lines in check. In the Image it is the wind blowing across the sky. The wind restrains the clouds, the rising breath of the Creative, and makes them grow dense, but as yet is not strong enough to turn them to rain. The hexagram presents a configuration of circumstances in which a strong element is temporarily held in leash by a weak element. It is only through gentleness that this can have a successful outcome.



Has success.

Dense clouds, no rain from our western region.

This image refers to the state of affairs in China at the time when King Wên, who came originally from the west, was in the east at the court of the reigning tyrant Chou Hsin. The moment for action on a large scale had not yet arrived. King Wên could only keep the tyrant somewhat in check by friendly persuasion. Hence the image of many clouds, promising moisture and blessing to the land, although as yet no rain falls. The situation is not unfavorable; there is a prospect of ultimate success, but there are still obstacles in the way, and we can merely take preparatory measures. Only through the small means of friendly persuasion can we exert any influence. The time has not yet come for sweeping measures. However, we may be able, to a limited extent, to act as a restraining and subduing influence. To carry out our purpose we need firm determination within and gentleness and adaptability in external relations.


The wind drives across heaven:


Thus the superior man

Refines the outward aspect of his nature.

The wind can indeed drive the clouds together in the sky; yet, being nothing but air, without solid body, it does not produce great or lasting effects. So also an individual, in times when he can produce no great effect in the outer world, can do nothing except refine the expression of his nature in small ways.


Nine at the beginning means:

Return to the way.

How could there be blame in this?

Good fortune.

It lies in the nature of a strong man to press forward. In so doing he encounters obstructions. Therefore he returns to the way suited to his situation, where he is free to advance or to retreat. In the nature of things this will bring good fortune, for it is wise and reasonable not to try to obtain anything by force.

Nine in the third place means:

The spokes burst out of the wagon wheels.

Man and wife roll their eyes.

Here an attempt is made to press forward forcibly, in the consciousness that the obstructing power is slight. But since, under the circumstances, power actually lies with the weak, this sudden offensive is doomed to failure. External conditions hinder the advance, just as loss of the wheel spokes stops the progress of a wagon. We do not yet heed this hint form fate, hence there are annoying arguments like those of a married couple. Naturally this is not a favorable state of thing, for though the situation may enable the weaker side to hold its ground, the difficulties are too numerous to permit of a happy result. In consequence even the strong man cannot so use his power as to exert the right influence on those around him. He experiences a rebuff where he expected an easy victory, and he thus compromises his dignity.

9. Siao Tch’ou / Le Pouvoir d’Apprivoisement du Petit

En haut Souen : Le Doux, le Vent.

En bas K’ien : Le Créateur, le Ciel.

L’hexagramme représente ce qui est petit, le pouvoir de ce qui est obscur : il retient, apprivoise, freine. A la quatrième place, qui est celle du ministre, il y a un trait faible qui tient en bride toutes les autres lignes, lesquelles sont fortes. L’image est celle du vent qui souffle, haut dans le ciel. Il ralentit l’haleine du créateur qui s’élève, les nuages, si bien qu’ils s’épaississent. Mais il n’est pas encore assez fort pour les faire retomber en pluie. L’hexagramme présente une constellation où un élément fort est passagèrement tenu en bride par un élément faible. C’est seulement grâce à de la douceur qu’une telle situation peut être accompagnée de succès


Nuages épais, pas de pluie venant de notre domaine de l’ouest.

La comparaison est tirée de la situation de la Chine au temps du roi Wen. Il était originaire de l’ouest, mais se trouvait alors à l’est, à la cour du grand souverain, le tyran Tchéou Sin. L’heure des grandes actions n’était pas encore venue. Il pouvait seulement tenir jusqu’à un certain point le tyran en bride par des suggestions empreintes de bonté. De là l’image de nuages abondants qui montent promettant à la terre humidité et bénédiction, mais qui, pour l’instant, ne laissent pas encore tomber de pluie. La situation n’est pas défavorable. Elle permet de prévoir le succès final. Toutefois il y a encore des obstacles sur la route. On peut commencer les travaux d’approche. Ce n’est qu’en utilisant l’humble moyen de suggestions empreintes de bonté que l’on peut agir. L’heure n’est pas encore aux mesures énergiques et vastes. Il est cependant possible d’exercer une influence modératrice et adoucissante dans un rayon limité. La réalisation d’un tel vouloir demande une ferme résolution à l’intérieur et une adaptation pleine de douceur à l’extérieur.

Le vent exerce sa poussée, haut dans le ciel :


Ainsi l’homme noble affine la forme extérieure de son être.

Le vent a beau pousser ensemble les nuages dans le ciel, comme c’est seulement de l’air sans corps solide, il ne produit pas d’effets importants et durables. Ainsi, dans les temps où une grande action extérieure n’est pas possible, il ne reste à l’homme rien d’autre à faire que d’affiner les expressions de son être dans l’accomplissement de petites choses.

Neuf au commencement signifie :

Retour au chemin.

Comment y aurait-il là un blâme ?


Il est dans la nature de l’être fort de pousser en avant. Mais, ce faisant, il se heurte à des obstacles. Il retourne donc au chemin correspondant à sa situation, sur lequel il se sent libre d’avancer et de reculer. C’est là chose bonne et intelligente, que de ne vouloir rien obtenir par la contrainte et la violence et, conformément à la nature des choses, cela apporte la fortune.

Neuf à la troisième place signifie :

Les rayons se détachent du chariot.

L’homme et la femme roulent les yeux.

On tente ici de pousser fortement en avant en ayant conscience que le pouvoir d’obstruction est encore peu considérable. Mais comme, en raison des circonstances, c’est, en fait, l’élément faible qui possède la force, cette tentative d’attaque par surprise doit échouer. Des circonstances extérieures empêchent le progrès, de même qu’un chariot n’avance pas quand les rayons de ses roues se détachent. On ne se conforme pas encore à ce signe du destin. C’est pourquoi d’aigres explications ont lieu entre mari et femme. Naturellement, ce n’est pas là un état de choses favorable : car même si, à la faveur des circonstances, la partie la plus faible réussit à tenir ferme, trop de difficultés sont liées à la situation pour que le résultat puisse être heureux. Dans ces conditions, même l’être fort ne peut pas utiliser son pouvoir pour exercer une influence sur son entourage. Il a éprouvé une rebuffade là où il escomptait une victoire facile. Ainsi, un faux pas a été commis.


Changing to :

59. Huan / Dispersion [Dissolution]



Wind blowing over water disperses it, dissolving it into foam and mist. This suggests that when a man’s vital energy is dammed up within him (indicated as a danger by the attribute of the lower trigram), gentleness serves to break up and dissolve the blockage.



The king approaches his temple.

It furthers one to cross the great water.

Perseverance furthers.

The text of this hexagram resembles that of Ts’ui, GATHERING TOGETHER 45. In the latter, the subject is the bringing together of elements that have been separated, as water collects in lakes upon the earth. Here the subject is the dispersing and dissolving of divisive egotism. DISPERSION shows the way, so to speak, that leads to gathering together. This explains the similarity of the two texts. Religious forces are needed to overcome the egotism that divides men. The common celebration of the great sacrificial feasts and sacred rites, which gave expression simultaneously to the interrelation and social articulation of the family and state, was the means of employed by the great ruler to unite men. The sacred music and the splendor of the ceremonies aroused a strong tide of emotion that was shared by all hearts in unison, and that awakened a consciousness of the common origin of all creatures. In this way disunity was overcome and rigidity dissolved. A further means to the same end is co-operation in great general undertakings that set a high goal for the will of the people; in the common concentration on this goal, all barriers dissolve, just as, when a boat is crossing a great stream, all hands must unite in a joint task. But only a man who is himself free of all selfish ulterior considerations, and who perseveres in justice and steadfastness, is capable of so dissolving the hardness of egotism.


The wind drives over the water:

The image of DISPERSION.

Thus the kings of old sacrificed to the Lord

And built temples.

In the autumn and winter, water begins to freeze into ice. When the warm breezes of spring come, the rigidity is dissolved, and the elements that have been dispersed in ice floes are reunited. It is the same with the minds of the people. Through hardness and selfishness the heart grows rigid, and this rigidity leads to separation from all others. Egotism and cupidity isolate men. Therefore the hearts of men must be seized by a devout emotion. They must be shaken by a religious awe in face of eternity-stirred with an intuition of the One Creator of all living beings, and united through the strong feeling of fellowship experienced in the ritual of divine worship.

59. Houan / La Dispersion (Dissolution)

En haut Souen : Le Doux, le Vent

En bas K’an : L’Insondable, l’Eau

Le vent qui, en haut, vagabonde au-dessus des eaux, les disperse et les dissout en écume et en embruns. L’hexagramme contient aussi l’idée que, si la force vitale s’accumule dans l’homme (ce que la propriété du trigramme inférieur donne pour dangereux), elle sera de nouveau dispersée et dissoute par la douceur.

Le roi s’approche de son temple.
Il est avantageux de traverser les grandes eaux.
La persévérance est avantageuse.

Le texte de l’hexagramme est apparenté à celui de Tsouei, « le recueillement, le rassemblement » (n° 45). Là, il s’agit de rassembler ce qui a été séparé, comme l’eau se rassemble dans les lacs sur la terre. Ici, il est question de la dispersion et de la dissolution de l’égoïsme qui sépare. L’hexagramme « la dissolution » montre en quelque sorte le chemin qui conduit au rassemblement, au recueillement. C’est ce qui explique l’analogie des textes. Pour vaincre l’égoïsme qui sépare, l’homme a besoin de la force religieuse. La célébration en commun des sacrifices solennels et des services divins qui exprimaient en même temps la cohésion et la structure sociale de la famille et de l’Etat était le moyen employé par les grands souverains pour faire communier les cœurs dans les mêmes émotions grâce à la musique sacrée et à la pompe des cérémonies, et leur faire prendre conscience par là de l’origine commune de tous les êtres. C’est ainsi que les séparations étaient vaincues et qu’on faisait fondre les rigidités. Un autre moyen était le travail en commun à de grandes entreprises collectives qui proposent un grand but à la volonté; la concentration sur cet objectif fait tomber tout ce qui sépare, de même que dans un bateau qui traverse un grand fleuve tous les passagers s’unissent dans le travail commun. Toutefois seul est capable de faire fondre ainsi la dureté de l’égoïsme celui qui est exempt de toute pensée égoïste parasite et qui demeure dans la justice et la fermeté.

Le vent vagabonde au-dessus des eaux :

Image de la DISSOLUTION.

Ainsi les anciens rois sacrifiaient au Seigneur et construisaient des temples.

En automne et en hiver l’eau se met à se figer et à geler.

Quand viennent les douces brises du printemps, la rigidité cesse et ce qui était dispersé dans les glaçons se réunit. Il en va de même de l’esprit du peuple. La dureté et l’égoïsme rendent le cœur rigide et cette rigidité le sépare de tout le reste. L’égoïsme et la cupidité isolent les humains. C’est pourquoi il faut qu’une émotion religieuse s’empare de leur cœur. Il doit se dissoudre, pris d’un frisson sacré devant l’éternité, se sentir saisi d’émoi devant la présence pressentie du créateur commun de tous les êtres, et faire l’expérience de l’unité grâce à la puissance du sentiment de communion éprouvé lors du culte d’adoration rendu à la divinité.