Strimmer Frenzy

Oh dear the grass looks long…

If I cut the bank now it will be ready for the primroses early next year….

This is going to take some shifting…

It is about 50m down to Le Jaudy…

It is time for strimmer frenzy, the lawn needs a cut soon too…

The strimmer is 2m long and weighs 15kg…it makes a mess…it has a high vibration 2 stroke motor.

That looks better…

I swept up the cuttings….

Two hours later … I now feel like the strimmer looks…knackered…

Mr and Mrs Heron?

Over the last few days there has been not just one but two herons in the garden and by the pond.

Here is one on the football pitch this morning.

It saw us trying to take a photo from indoors at 80m distance…and flew off.

To see two of these large birds fly up into the oaks by Le Jaudy is quite a sight!

Will they nest there and make heronettes in spring?

Difficult to Believe

Many people hold the notion that is was Columbus who discovered the Americas. This is a very euro-centric view. They were already there, the Americas. I have read Breton folklore which suggests that Bretons went there way before Columbus, similarly Madog from North Wales is supposed to have been and there are Scandinavian stories too. Many people buy the Columbus story. If I remember correctly there was debate as to whether the world was flat and whether or not one might sail off the edge of the world. People can and do {allegedly} believe what they want, and many might convert religions to avoid torture or execution. People bullshit and spin for convenience.

{Word does not want me to use this word bullshit because it might offend, word is woke.}

While the wife was getting ger PET scan I was re-reading the introduction by Gregory Hays to “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. He outlines the supposedly Greek stoic philosophy of logos and the vital breath pneuma. The migrations of the early Celts had made it to Greece and the Balkans. They perhaps brought with them the notions of prana. It sounds like the same notion to me, pneuma and prana. A classicist might struggle to accept that Vedic thought underpins what they imagine to be pure Greek…There is a land bridge between Greece and the Indus valley. The influence of Persian Zoroaster is often passed over. “Pure” classics must not be tainted by browner people.

There is to my knowledge, no modern day archaeological proof for Atlantis. There is circumstantial evidence by the similarity of built structure and belief systems around the world. Atl in the Toltec tradition is the planetary logos. He whose thought form is our home. There are flood descriptions in many ancient texts. We know less about the depths of our oceans than we do about the surface of the moon.

I’ll wager that the notion of a continent of Atlantis being destroyed because of human ill-doing is very hard to believe for many people. Their minds would want proof, physical plane evidence. If you want to get a notion of what the planet is capable off, take a holiday in Santorini. There is a big caldera where an island used to be.

The previous post is pretty extensive and the book it is drawn from even larger.

It the notion of Atlantis too difficult to believe?

Autumn Garden Macro

Still flowers on the Clematis

Lichen on the silver birch

It is often damp here, one tonne of propane…

We have loads of these pink flowers which we rescued and replanted..

small puddle in the arms of the beech

Don’t you just want to pop them like bubblewrap?

look at my wings…we are ready for our annual daddy long legs invasion

This shiny chap is about 1 cm across.

Maple leaf on bitumen…there will be loads of these!!

Spiders in the wood store…

Print of Bakula Rinpoche thangka on my current gardening shirt…I am getting the last few wears out of my tatty old t-shirts before binning them.

New Visitors

On the edge of the pond there is evidence of new visitors.

The footprints are several centimetres deep and there looks to be more than one animal…quite heavy…

These ones below are more shallow, perhaps a juvenile?

Best guess is deer, we had some two autumns ago…

The Temple Annexe

This is a visualisation to assist in Dreaming Practice:

It is one of those hot, balmy, end of summer nights. You are dressed in white linen. The sun is low on the horizon and in the process of beginning to set. The sky is starting to pink just a little. There are a few wispy clouds.  You are in a vast field of ripened wheat, the heads of the wheat are curled over and near ready for harvest. You are carefree, no-one is watching. You allow your left hand to fall to your side to touch the wheat, strolling through the field allowing your fingers to touch what one day, will become bread. The feeling of lightness and joy is upon you.  All the stress has gone from you, you feel young again as you stroll through the wheat field. You come upon a tall dry stone wall and start to explore. You run your fingers over the stone, it is much taller than you.  You notice that the sun is now setting and you must go home. Because you have loved the field so much you resolve to come here again at dawn.

It is now just after dawn, and you are back in the field. The air is as crisp as apples and there is a faint dew on the wheat again you allow your left hand to caress the wheat as you meander through the field. Your eyes are bright and alive. As you approach the wall you wonder what lies beyond it. You follow the wall round to your left touching the sometimes mossy stones with your fingertips. Soon you come upon an archway in the wall. It is taller than you and there is an old wooden door there. There is a metal ring painted in black enamel which you know will open the door. Slowly you reach down and raise the lever. The door opens before you. In front of you, you can see an exquisitely manicured rose garden. The scent wafts over you enticingly. You step forward into the Southern Precinct of the Toltec Temple. There are bed after bed of the most exquisite roses, the scent is overwhelming. In the near distance you can hear the soft gurgle of a fountain. Here in a sunken part of the garden the fountain is surrounded by stone benches, roughly hewn.  You sit and open up your ears to the fountain.

When the utter serenity of the place has begun to deeply imbue you, you decide to explore further. A little in the distance you can see a man working in the rose bed. Today he is tending the yellow roses, turning over the earth and whispering to the roses. As you approach he winks at you. He is the venerable gardener, master of the Southern Precinct.  He has a gift for you. He hands to you a single yellow rose of considerable beauty. He has cut it just now. The cut on the stem is diagonal and perfect. The leaves are dark, dark green and lustrous. The rose itself is of such vibrancy, never have you seen yellow such as this. The flower head is only partially open and the swirl of the petals overlaps in a radial display. The scent is heady.

Taking this single rose you walk along the gravel path to a building which lies ahead. You know this to be an annexe of the great Toltec Temple. As you approach you can see an arched doorway carved in stone. The doors are open and beckon you in. As you pass within you are almost overcome by the sensation of utter silence. You walk upon the black and white marble floor sensing the aeons of its construct. Ahead of you in the Eastern corner is a white marble slab. It is lit by the light of dawn issuing sunbeams onto the altar. You approach the altar and genuflect, cradling the rose in your hands. You lean forward to place it within the sunbeams on the marble slab. As you do so a single drop of dew rolls out of the rose onto the marble slab.  A single tear trickles out of your left eye at the same time. You feel it wind down your cheek.  It drops onto the altar and merges with the dew. You know that soon you will be home.

Rising now you nod your head and retrace your steps out of the annexe, along the gravel path. The venerable gardener has disappeared. You walk past the fountain and out of the archway. Slowly you close the door.  You are now again in the field of wheat, you trail both hands through it, feeling such a sensation of utter poignancy as you have never had before; somehow though you KNOW this feeling only too well.




Science and Taboo

Port Blanc this afternoon.

There are some things, in certain circles, that are effectively taboo. If I said something like, “I remember catching and locking up wayward nagals on Atlantis” or “we came here from a planet in the Sirius system, which had two suns, 18 million years ago” there are those who might think me a nut job. There are others who might mock me behind my back. I will wager if I was still an academic and the science undergraduate students found out, there would be gossip.

If I were to criticise people in new age circles for misusing scientific nomenclature, I would be a mean nasty person, to some not all.

I can’t win, it seems.

Similarly, if I say I have seen dead people, ghosts if you like. People might soapbox that I am making stuff up. I’ll wager that they would however be unwilling to come with me at night into a “haunted” house. With my vajra in hand I would be game. I see dead people from time to time or rather what is left of their sheaths.

The same people would start to get very uncomfortable if I started to speak of exorcism, even more if I started a rite of exorcism.

Is it taboo for a trained scientist to be an exorcist or is it just a taboo subject for conversation?

People who believe in exorcism by priest or voodoo, are unlikely to accept a chemical physicist laser jock as qualified exorcist.

Is it taboo for an exorcist to be a laser jock?

There are millions of people who believe in chakras but if I was to talk about the anja centre in a high resolution molecular spectroscopy conference it would go down faster than a lead balloon on a planet the same size as ours but with ten times the mass.

Scientists often think that they have very open minds and no prejudices. This is not necessarily the case.

I often wonder if I am, as a being, taboo. Or is it just my leper’s bell which puts people off.