Mr and Mrs Heron?

Over the last few days there has been not just one but two herons in the garden and by the pond.

Here is one on the football pitch this morning.

It saw us trying to take a photo from indoors at 80m distance…and flew off.

To see two of these large birds fly up into the oaks by Le Jaudy is quite a sight!

Will they nest there and make heronettes in spring?

Difficult to Believe

Many people hold the notion that is was Columbus who discovered the Americas. This is a very euro-centric view. They were already there, the Americas. I have read Breton folklore which suggests that Bretons went there way before Columbus, similarly Madog from North Wales is supposed to have been and there are Scandinavian stories too. Many people buy the Columbus story. If I remember correctly there was debate as to whether the world was flat and whether or not one might sail off the edge of the world. People can and do {allegedly} believe what they want, and many might convert religions to avoid torture or execution. People bullshit and spin for convenience.

{Word does not want me to use this word bullshit because it might offend, word is woke.}

While the wife was getting ger PET scan I was re-reading the introduction by Gregory Hays to “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. He outlines the supposedly Greek stoic philosophy of logos and the vital breath pneuma. The migrations of the early Celts had made it to Greece and the Balkans. They perhaps brought with them the notions of prana. It sounds like the same notion to me, pneuma and prana. A classicist might struggle to accept that Vedic thought underpins what they imagine to be pure Greek…There is a land bridge between Greece and the Indus valley. The influence of Persian Zoroaster is often passed over. “Pure” classics must not be tainted by browner people.

There is to my knowledge, no modern day archaeological proof for Atlantis. There is circumstantial evidence by the similarity of built structure and belief systems around the world. Atl in the Toltec tradition is the planetary logos. He whose thought form is our home. There are flood descriptions in many ancient texts. We know less about the depths of our oceans than we do about the surface of the moon.

I’ll wager that the notion of a continent of Atlantis being destroyed because of human ill-doing is very hard to believe for many people. Their minds would want proof, physical plane evidence. If you want to get a notion of what the planet is capable off, take a holiday in Santorini. There is a big caldera where an island used to be.

The previous post is pretty extensive and the book it is drawn from even larger.

It the notion of Atlantis too difficult to believe?

Water Shortage and Travelling with a Gamma Ray Emitter

It is strange. We watch UK news, France 24 and Al Jazeera. I read English and French Newspapers. I am quite a fan of Les Echos. It seems from here that the UK government has kind of lost the plot. Instead of getting down to business it spends its time firefighting about sex offenders, dreaming up catchy slogans, forbidden cheese and wine parties and now self-inflicted financial turmoil. It is not mentioning the taboo word Brexit because that is a lead balloon.

The French approach seems calmer and more measured. It is possible that EDF might be building some nuclear capability for UK. How will a weak pound help that? I am struggling to believe some of the things I have seen reported on UK news…really?

The local newspaper is suggesting that water levels are low and that there is about a month and a half of leeway. Using the let’s do this together approach the prefecture is asking people to reduce water consumption. During covid they used the first person plural US as well, not the nanny tells naughty boys and girls approach. Although we are not fully embedded into society one can see that collective action and collective responsibility are more instinctual here. It feels good and we are happy to join in. There is a joke about rain in Brittany, there is usually lots. The pond and Le Jaudy are up. Probably we shall be OK. The grass is back to green and mower frenzy approaches again.

Life in France has more rhythm, and they tend to think longer term. Motorway roadworks finish on time!!

Last night I drove the gamma ray emitter back from the hospital. The half life of F-18 is around 110 minutes. No doubt on the way home positrons were pinging about in her body and gamma rays issuing forth. She was slightly radioactive. By now her radioactivity will have dropped. The gamma rays, 511 keV photons, would have passed through me. I am wearing a t-shirt with a Λ particle decay and a peak at 1.12 GeV/c2. One of the guys at the hospital where she had the PET scan had a good long look at it yesterday but did not ask.

 And now we wait for the results…

511 keV gamma photons

This from Wikipedia

PET – CT Scanner

“To conduct the scan, a short-lived radioactive tracer isotope is injected into the living subject (usually into blood circulation). Each tracer atom has been chemically incorporated into a biologically active molecule. There is a waiting period while the active molecule becomes concentrated in tissues of interest; then the subject is placed in the imaging scanner. The molecule most commonly used for this purpose is F-18 labelled fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), a sugar, for which the waiting period is typically an hour. During the scan, a record of tissue concentration is made as the tracer decays.

As the radioisotope undergoes positron emission decay (also known as positive beta decay), it emits a positron, an antiparticle of the electron with opposite charge. The emitted positron travels in tissue for a short distance (typically less than 1 mm, but dependent on the isotope), during which time it loses kinetic energy, until it decelerates to a point where it can interact with an electron. The encounter annihilates both electron and positron, producing a pair of annihilation (gamma) photons moving in approximately opposite directions. These are detected when they reach a scintillator in the scanning device, creating a burst of light which is detected by photomultiplier tubes or silicon avalanche photodiodes (Si APD). The technique depends on simultaneous or coincident detection of the pair of photons moving in approximately opposite directions (they would be exactly opposite in their center of mass frame, but the scanner has no way to know this, and so has a built-in slight direction-error tolerance). Photons that do not arrive in temporal “pairs” (i.e. within a timing-window of a few nanoseconds) are ignored.

Localization of the positron annihilation event

The most significant fraction of electron–positron annihilations results in two 511 keV gamma photons being emitted at almost 180 degrees to each other; hence, it is possible to localize their source along a straight line of coincidence (also called the line of response, or LOR). In practice, the LOR has a non-zero width as the emitted photons are not exactly 180 degrees apart. If the resolving time of the detectors is less than 500 picoseconds rather than about 10 nanoseconds, it is possible to localize the event to a segment of a chord, whose length is determined by the detector timing resolution. As the timing resolution improves, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the image will improve, requiring fewer events to achieve the same image quality. This technology is not yet common, but it is available on some new systems.”

“PET scans are increasingly read alongside CT or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, with the combination (called “co-registration”) giving both anatomic and metabolic information (i.e., what the structure is, and what it is doing biochemically). Because PET imaging is most useful in combination with anatomical imaging, such as CT, modern PET scanners are now available with integrated high-end multi-detector-row CT scanners (so-called “PET-CT”). Because the two scans can be performed in immediate sequence during the same session, with the patient not changing position between the two types of scans, the two sets of images are more precisely registered, so that areas of abnormality on the PET imaging can be more perfectly correlated with anatomy on the CT images. This is very useful in showing detailed views of moving organs or structures with higher anatomical variation, which is more common outside the brain.”


I have just been up to the pharmacy to get some Seretide for myself. There is a small workshop for green agriculture in the local hall. There were about a dozen young farmers there outside chatting. Later the wife is going to have some F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose. From farming and deer to electron positron annihilation…

A little under a year ago I was trying to expedite a PET scan and rang around the UK and Switzerland to find alternative means. I got a prescription from our GP and worked out we could get one done at short notice near Geneva. There are flights from Rennes to Geneva. I know the roads in Switzerland…

Then when they did one here. They gave me the results without a narrative. It was against the background of an erroneous working diagnosis…It was a shocker to understate.

These PET scans are not cheap due to the synthesis of the F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose, but they are very informative. Today, the idea is to get a baseline assessment of the state of play regarding her Myeloma.

We are not due to see the haematologist until December.

They often give you web-links to download your own data.

I might be looking at images again soon but with a correct diagnosis…this time.

Life is strange

Happy Valley School Mount Isa Queensland

From their web site.

“Happy Valley State School is located in Mount Isa, which is one of North Queensland and Australia’s premier mining areas. Happy Valley State School, which was originally opened in 1932 as Isa Mine State School, officially became Happy Valley State School in 1971 when it was relocated to the current Happy Valley site. 

Happy Valley State School community reflects Mount Isa’s multicultural population and includes support programs to improve outcomes for all students.

At Happy Valley State School, we work together to ensure that every child individualised success in their academic and social-emotional learning, within an environment that is both supportive and challenging.”

My old school:

Happy Valley State School

Brilliant Street
Happy Valley QLD 4825

This is the logo, a mine head. I started in the Mt Isa Mine State School and was relocated to Happy Valley with the school. I remember getting the school milk from under the verandas. It was pretty darned hot. So we must have been there in 1970.

We left a few months after cyclone Tracy

Cyclone Tracy was a tropical cyclone that devastated the city of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, from 24 to 26 December 1974.”

I remember the rain bouncing feet off the lawn and the Leichhardt river flooding so badly that the two sides of town were cut off from each other.

The school won a state champions award for science. I wonder if they would like to hear from an alumni who was there at the beginning.

I seem to remember that the queen visted, I thought it was the senility. But no here is photographic evidence.

Queen and Prince Philip visit Mt Isa in 1970

It is possible that my dad is somewhere in this picture, possibly the shorter bloke with the white helmet in the background. My dad was superintendant of lead-zinc-silver I think. He was a moderate sized cheese.

I had a collection of some neat rocks, some like this one….not my picture

A Few Days Off

There has been quite a bit of rain overnight. This weekend there are no intrusions, no nurses coming to dress the wife’s surgery wound. It is healing nicely, and she is now on her feet walking.

It is a bit strange to have her whizzing around the house when I have had the floor to myself for a couple of months. I have to be careful not to bang into her. Later we may go to a garden centre so that she can practice walking again, in the dry.

We have a strident new government in the UK who are not approaching the energy crisis with as much realism as they are here in France. In the UK people are proud of the NHS. But from here the much lauded NHS looks shabby, congested and not very good. Insular views are insular. A while back we were perhaps considering going back to blighty. Recent events have made this less likely.

Are people really that uncaring and blind?

Unfortunately, if the pound continues to tank against other currencies, there will be an added inflationary pressure on imports and parts. A weak pound might be good for exports but access to the erstwhile biggest trading partner has been stymied by Brexit and Biden does not like the Northern Ireland protocol bending legislation. Well done peeps. Nice job, you really thought that through, didn’t you?

It also means that we will have fewer euros to spend as our pensions are in sterling.

We had our first fire in the wood burner last night and had a big delivery of wood on Wednesday. We are now running the washing machine and dishwasher late at night. We are already 13kWh a month lower. Thanks perhaps to the induction hob.

It was nice to feel the heat and see the flickering flames.

Winter is coming. History shows that winter is Russia’s friend. As a child I read a lot of military history, things like the battle of Stalingrad. I could give you chapter and verse on panzer versus T32.

It was strange watching the funeral. This is horse guard’s parade.

My uncle Kenwyn worked here for a number of years and would have been involved in the organisation of previous royal events. Family history says he was head of signals London station. He would have met Elizabeth.

Now there is a bit of a lull, to see what King Charles does, to see how the markets react to the budget and to see what Russia and China do next. People in the west do not get the fact of long term strategy, of five year plans. They are short term and reactive. They may deem this agile. But when you get rid of your gas reserves and trust to the oscillating gas supply market you are pretty vulnerable.

The west is driven by bargain hunting…not everything that appears cheap is a good deal.

The coronavirus numbers here are mounting again, up 8% in a week. People are starting to put their masks back on. EDF has been re-nationalised.

The water restrictions remain in force, but thanks to the recent rain the garden is green again. The pond level is low. The heron is getting fat…Le Jaudy is up a bit this morning and we have seven days rain predicted.

This is going to be a different autumn and winter…hard to predict…

We shall see what the waves of life wash up…

Weird Sierra Happens – Phenomena

Was that an omen?

Just as I was typing that Word decided unilaterally to set the proofing language to German!!

This from Wikipedia.

The Eyes of Buddha (also called Buddha eyes or Wisdom eyes) is a symbol used in Buddhist art. The symbol depicts two half-closed eyes, a style sometimes referred to as the Adamantine View (Sanskrit: Vajradrsti). In between and slightly above the eyes is a circle or spiral which represents the urna, one of the thirty-two characteristics of a great man (Sanskrit: Mahāpuruṣalakṣaṇa) in Buddhism. Directly below the urna is a curly symbol stylized as १, which represents the number one in Devanagari numerals. The curly symbol, which represents either a nose or a divine fire emanating from the urna above, symbolizes unity.

The Eyes of Buddha symbol represents the all-seeing eyes of the Buddha, or sometimes more specifically represents the eyes of the Ādibuddha. {primordial}


Last night Felix the stray cat freaked out. It started running round in circles and attacking Maple leaves on the freshly mowed lawn. I went outside and it appeared to calm down.

So, if the all-seeing eyes of Buddha have temporarily appeared in our yew hedge, that is some freaky stuff.

In Buckland two crows, Russel and Sheryl, nested literally a couple of metres from our back door in the old school building. Not usual crow like behaviour. We also had a peacock on the house roof there. I smelled incense in the building which was different to mine. Two cats appeared out of nowhere and took to sitting on our garden wall. We had listed yew trees at the bottom of the garden.

Once in Scotland in the dark driving along a road there was a horse running ahead of us.

Here we had an owl fly straight into one of our windows leaving an imprint.

In the vide sanitaire {a kind of basement} here I had a smouldering smudge stick burst into flames, during a house cleansing ritual.

The previous occupant had put springs of lavender at various “entry” points around the house.

The wife in her dream predicted a medical condition in one of the nurses.

Brittany is a land of myth and magic. When we were viewing houses, some had witch marks on the chimneys to keep the witches out.

A while back somebody or something left us the dead rat and the dead frog…

Something weird is going on…it started yesterday lunchtime. The birdsong is back. The heron is hanging out increasingly in the oaks by Le Jaudy. He was there again just now.

In the Penny Obeys Gravity

For whatever reason I have over the last few days been having visual images of various people from my past resident at the edge of my consciousness. There is a notion that some hullabaloo is unfolding and a sense of oscar mike golf and whiskey tango foxtrot. This notion of hullabaloo is particularly strong this afternoon, whatever is afoot?

There is one version of reality which may or may not apply. In that version quite a few people have made quite a large boo boo which has far reaching karmic implications for them. If that penny obeys gravity the implications are vast. Some people have been trying very hard with telekinesis to keep that penny up in the air.

There is another version of reality which has far fewer implications. I am guessing that version of reality is the preferred one.

This notion of some big to-do is growing, and I am seeing more faces, including ex-colleagues now.

There is some big disturbance going down…

A Strange Eerie Quiet

The wildlife in the garden is behaving oddly. Just now I went out to give the fish a few slices of bread. A bird of prey flew from one of our trees over to the swamp. The heron caught sight of me and flew up and perched in one of the oak trees. This is odd. I threw the bread on the water and the fish did not attack it piranha like as per usual. The wife was loading the composter and a wood pigeon let her get within 10 metres before flying off. These are usually easily spooked.

Then I noticed it there was no bird song, nothing.

Something weird is going down…

I’ll go and check if it is still silent.

Yup it is….

I just disturbed the heron again and again he flew and perched in an oak…


A Large Nocturnal Visitor and Mole Sign

Since we had some rain the grass has grown a lot and I have started mowing. Each morning as I walk around the pond I see that the wet grass has been flatened. The animal(s) follows roughly the same track. Today I found this footprint in the mud by the pond.

The size of the print is similar to my hand. So it isn’t likely to be the coypu.

Someone else’s picture of a coypu print, much smaller.

Two years ago we had otters.

I’ll keep an eye on the mud because it definitely drinks from our pond.

After a few months mole free, there is mole sign again, down by the pampas and near the footprint. I’ll wait for a couple more mountains, sorry molehills, and I’ll be better able to figure out where the blighter is tunneling.