Weird Phone Stuff and Patents

Whilst the wife was in hospital on Tuesday our French mobile ‘phone decided unilaterally to stop me from sending SMS text messages to her British ‘phone. It also decided out of the blue that our contract did not allow calls to her ‘phone either. Given I was supposed to be picking her up after her operation this was a bit off. I had no way of getting in contact. So, I sent her an email and drove down to the hospital. Weird…

Today we went into a shop run by the mobile ‘phone operator and the guy there told us that there was no block on our account, and we went through several iterations of customer service call, wait and get cut off. The waiting times were said to be 30minutes!! Maybe they need to outsource to New Delhi or Morocco? I spoke with a nice Canadian lady while we were waiting. I noted a young woman in her thirties trying to open a mobile ‘phone contract and get a new ‘phone. The shop assistant asked for the date of birth of her father, which she had to figure out and where was his place of birth. The assistant put this down on the form. He did a credit check on her and, in her case, she needed to put 400 euros down up front for the expensive new ‘phone. I commented to the wife, and she said she would have trouble saying the date of birth of her father. I can’t remember my father’s birthday, but he was born in 1931. They do things differently in France. You would never get asked this in a mobile ‘phone shop in the UK. There is a lot more local administration at the Mairie level.  Weird…needing to put your father’s place and date of birth on some kind of contract. There must be a reason for it, there usually is some logic. Do your parent’s credit ratings impinge?

I checked the mail today and as I did so, out of the blue, I started wondering if the intellectual property office has examined my patent application. I have not heard from them for a long time. I argued the case against the machine raised objections. I may be hearing from them soon. If it is a no, then no decision. If it is a yes, I will probably have to pay something. We just got our poll tax bill and it is the same as last year. I have to say that the Mairie here does a damn fine job of keeping the communal places clean and with a lovely array of plants which are well tended. They do good roundabouts here.

Psst, Can I Score Some Lenalidomide?

One of the potential showstoppers of a move to South Africa is the price of Lenalidomide. The primary patent for Revlimid has expired around the world but patent law is strange in South Africa.

People there have been sourcing generic Lenalidomide from India. A year supply was R32,000 {1900 euro}. The loophole was closed by some legal action.

The wife now gets hers from Vidal and not Celgene. Sandoz are also doing a generic.

We found this today.

“Eurolab Group CEO, Lynne du Toit, says, “In keeping with our vision to bring down the cost of cancer treatment and expand access to care, we are proud to announce the launch of Eurolen, South Africa’s first lenalidomide generic.

“Historically, the only lenalidomide product on the market cost over R60 000 per box. Over an average maintenance course of treatment, a patient needed to pay over R720 000 per year. Most medical aids cover R200 000 per year for cancer treatment, leaving patients to fork out a co-payment of over R520 000 for a chance to survive their cancer.

“Eurolen costs R8 711 per 25 mg box. By slashing the cost of treatment down by over R10 000 per month, we are offering renewed hope to South Africans fighting multiple myeloma. Patients who are treated with Eurolen will therefore be fully covered by their annual medical aid oncology benefit.

“Furthermore, treatment of multiple myeloma can last eight years and beyond, meaning that patients needed to pay some R4 million in co-payments. It was clear to us that something needed to be done: the cost of lenalidomide in South Africa is out of reach for most people.””

I have just sent them an email to inquire as to prices, for 10mg boxes…If this is correct then the R8700 would be covered by health insurance and in any case ~£500 is not too onerous.

The guys at Celgene have been raking it in; R60,000 is about 3600 euros a box!

Eurolab have just gotten back to me…that was quick…

A box of 21 capsules of 10mg is about R6000 or 360 euro…

The price of lenalidomide is therefore not a showstopper!!

Dai-Ichi Hotel Dream 07-08-22

This dream is in stark contrast to the one yesterday morning. Although I am reading “Le bureau des jardins et des étangs”, by Didier Decoin which is set ~800 years ago I am not getting much other Japanese influence.

The dream opens with the view of a large boardroom table around which are sat men in suits, mostly grey but some dark navy. They are all over 40 years of age, some have grey hair, some are partially balding. They are of mixed nationality with some being oriental. Everyone is wearing a tie. At the end of the table there is a large white presentation screen. I am in front of it with a pointer stick and am giving a technical and commercial presentation to the audience, who are listening intently. I am dressed in a charcoal grey suit with a navy blue tie and am wearing my rimless spectacles.

The presentation finishes and I am outside the boardroom in the lobby of a hotel. An American man in a grey suit with a patterned darker grey inlay motif comes up to me and says, “Thanks for that Alan, it was very useful. But you let it go a bit at the end, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did, I did that on purpose.”

The American man walks with me to the hotel reception desk. I tell the clerk that I am going out for a wander. He gives me a card with the name of the hotel and a telephone number. The hotel is called The Dai-Ichi Hotel” and the name is written in Kanji and Latin script. He says, “if you get lost hail a cab and show them this”.

The hotel is in a very built up area of Tokyo and within walking distance of the central station. I take my time and enjoy wandering around.

It is starting to get dark, and the lights come on. I look at the card to remember the name of the hotel “Dai-Ichi”. I know dai-ichi means number one, first or top.  I turn the corner and there is the high rise Dai-Ichi hotel.

I enter the lobby and sit down. Next to me there are some young Japanese people. One of them is a young hostess and she has been sent there for me. She is very friendly, and I know that she is by way of a business temptation for me. I say, “no thank you I am tired” and go up to my room. In the dream I know that there are some low level attempts at corruption going on pertaining to the content of my talk.

In the dream I make sure that I remember Dai-Ichi which verbally would be Dai-Ich with the last I silent.

I wake up and the first thing I do after putting the kettle on is type Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo into Google.

It looks like this:

And is in a quarter not too far from the Imperial Palace. It also not too far from my favourite hotel, Hotel New Otani. I have not been to Tokyo for ~two decades. Back in that “lifetime” I was good at doing technical / commercial presentations. After going to “Semicon East” I met representatives of Canon and Nikon in the lobby of the New Otani. It was considered a good neutral place for the first meetings.

I have never heard of the Dai-Ichi Hotel before.

When I used to go to Tokyo, it was great to get off the plane and into a hotel room, shower, dress in a yukata, and then order a couple of bottles of Asahi beer and a bento box. Many gaijin who suffer jet lag wander the streets of Tokyo at strange hours of the day. I often met them.

Gardening and cyfarpar i gynhyrchu parau ffoton

I have spent the morning in an alternate universe and now Word is objecting to me writing in English.

It will get over it soon….

Cyfarpar i gynhyrchu parau ffoton

I have sent my response to the IPO and they may or may not agree. There will be at least one more letter from them. This will be the minimum.

Unfourtunately there is no WD40 for rusty brains.

Possibilities include refusal of grant, one more iteration all the way through through to grant.  The best possible upside in this is that someone wants to buy the patent if it is granted. That way we could have a few quid or put the cash aside towards a new car.

Right now, it is 23˚C outside and breezy.  This makes for good gardening weather after the few scorchio days.

Bizarre from nano-photonic circuits and waveguides to hard physical exercise mediated by a strong cup of coffee…


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I am a lone individual living in a small commune in rural Brittany. It is likely that nobody has written a quantum optics patent application here before. As a Welshman I have submitted to the IPO in South Wales. It could make a local interest story in the local newspapers here. “Mad Welshman who did a reverse Brexit files for quantum optics patent…” I have met the head of the Agglo and the local developmental agency. I spoke with the photonics cluster. There are loads of laser companies here. Nothing has happened since I bust my hip.

Other than this I am not an entity, nor do I pertain to an entity. I have no power by association. Nor do I have a .edu or a email address.  It is a moot point as to whether I am being taken seriously or not. I have not forked out the requisite five grand for a patent attorney. Ergo I could be see as one of the “whacky racers” who makes stuff up in my attic or shed. There is little political risk in dealing with a “nobody”, not so for some big entity or some big cheese.

If they start to argue and I do not back off, what might happen then?

They are big, I am small…

What could possibly go wrong? {A lot methinks}

I have to consider if I want to set this in motion or not.

Is it about vanity or something entirely different?

Impressions and What Level to Pitch?

I have been offered the chance for a face to face online discussion. This is what I look like today.

It does not say, “I am a boffin”. It perhaps says out of work bouncer…

This from


To work as a patent examiner for the IPO, you’ll need a 2:2 degree or above in a relevant science, engineering, mathematics or computer science subject. Job adverts will state the disciplines that are being recruited for, so you’ll need to look out for jobs that relate to your area of expertise.

You don’t need legal experience before joining the IPO as you’ll be trained in the relevant legal and practical skills once you’re in post.


Salaries for patent examiners at the IPO start at £29,061, including a £3,030 recruitment and retention allowance. With experience this can rise to around £36,600 a year

Senior patent examiners can earn around £52,700 to £56,200, including a £2,020 recruitment and retention allowance.

Salaries for patent examiners at the EPO follow a grading system and vary depending on your experience. Patent examiner basic monthly salaries (grades 7 to 10) are around €5,360 to €8,340.”


Ok the person I am in contact with has at least a Desmond {Tutu} but probably not a Ph.D. as we had both previously assumed.


From the University of Adelaide – Not a part of the core honours physics courses which goes up to 4060b but a part of the postgraduate courses…

PHYSICS 7010 – Non-Linear Optics

North Terrace Campus – Semester 1 – 2022

A review of laser physics and an introduction to non-linear optical phenomena with applications. Laser physics content: optical amplification, gain saturation, laser threshold and efficiency, spatial and spectral mode control, CW and pulsed lasers, including Q-switching, cavity dumping and mode locking. Nonlinear optics content: chi-2 processes, three-wave mixing and phase matching, SHG, SFG, DFG, OPA, OPO; Pockels effect; chi-3 processes, third-harmonic generation, optical Kerr effect; Inelastic scattering, stimulated Raman scattering, stimulated Brillouin scattering; nonlinear interaction of light and atoms.


So, it is possible that the person may not know as much about this stuff as I do…

The reply I have written so far might be a bit too technical…hmn…

biexciton-resonant hyperparametric scattering

The Patent search has suggested that this process is the same as my three photon one.

This is clearly a four photon process involving a resonant excitation. It looks as though there will need to be spectral filtering of ML and MT.

I think I should be able to counter his arguments…the other objection refers to adjusting the cavity length of DBR based waveguided cavity by applying an electric field…

So first pass we are good to go.

Strange Start to the Day – Weird Dream

Yesterday I got absolutely soaked finishing off mowing one of the lawns. I was only in the rain for five minutes or so, but I got wet through. I had forgotten how much I liked being out in the rain. As a consequence of riding the sit on mower I had John Wayne cowboy hips last night. “Get off your horse…”

This morning I had a very weird dream.

In that dream were my dead parents and J. He too is dead. He came into my office carrying with him a bird of prey. My desk was cluttered with my patent application. The bird of prey looked to be part eagle, part owl. It stood on the table.

I picked up my camera with the telephoto lens on and went to take its photo.

{In “real life” my camera is on the table to my right on top of my patent application documents.}

The bird, in impeccable English, said to me that it did not want to have its photo taken. It said that the flash hurt its eye, specifically the left eye.

I put the camera down.

It walked along the table and then stood directly in front of me.

It leaned forward and touched its beak to my nose. The feeling was not of threat but of a kind of camaraderie.  We were in tune.

I asked if I could take its photo without flash.

It said yes and stepped back.

I picked up the camera, now with a normal lens on it.

It let me take several pictures…

The dream ended and I felt invigorated.

This is the closest image I could find on the internet, an eagle owl.


Nose is the dreaming symbol for personal power

Birds of prey except owls are the symbol for power as in knowledge

Owls are death of the old / wisdom

Dead people – death of the old…patent thinking is old? Perhaps.

Photography is the need to recapitulate the contents of the image.

Eye is sobriety / clarity

Left is left side knowledge / feeling

This is about my relationship with power, knowledge and wisdom, methinks, peut-être…