This is a bit shit…

To get an email from someone on a late Sunday afternoon telling me the deadline for something is tomorrow.

Is a bit shit…

It does not smack of good customer service nor client engagement.

I cooked Sunday dinner, watched some TV and then went to bed.

If I had not been a little restless, I would not have come downstairs and read that email.

I would have picked it up tomorrow morning…The clock would have been ticking

Smells well fishy to me.

Not a happy bunny…


IPO|Making life better through IP

Sunday Email from the IPO…

Received 17:11 on Sunday 08/01/23

On what planet do people work on Sunday afternoons?

Seems a bit fishy to me…not much time to reply…off

“Good afternoon,

Thank you for your letter dated 04.01.2023 and for filing Amendments . However, you have only filed a “tracked” Specification and not a new set of “clean” Specification.  If you wish to continue with your Patent application, please file amended claims as soon as possible, as the Latest date for reply  is tomorrow – 09.01.2023 for Examination Report dated 07.11.2022. However, if you need more time, you may request a two month retrospective extension of time to respond to Examination Report dated 07.11.2022.

Kind Regards,”

My response was at 23:15 CET…

What are these dreams pointing at?

It is possible that my patent application was being treated as wishful thinking by a man in his shed. I mentioned the SW7 gang and suddenly ears pricked up.

Suddenly something shifted…

There must be some defence interest in all things pertaining to quantum. I could suddenly have been shifted from the joker pile to the we need to look into this pile.

Speculation, m’lord.

I suspect that there is defence oversight on high technology patent applications.

I do not believe that I have done anything illegal.

My estranged sister quite possibly has/had high level security clearance and her relationship or otherwise with me must have cropped up in her ongoing vetting. Probably not a showstopper for her. Eccentricity is allowed so long as it is declared.

There is a mildly odd backstory and that is about it.

How the foxtrot did that dude end up socially isolated in the countryside?

Is it possible there is some hoo-ha? Yes.

Is it likely? That depends on whether or not this blog is monitored and by whom. So probably, no.

Irrespective the application is in the system and someone will be dealing with it.

If a helicopter lands on the “football pitch” I will metaphorically shit my pants and then adopt a wry smile…

It all seems so very far away…

IPO and Incoming

During the night I had a dream in which I was being attacked. I defended myself with a left jab. In reality the left jab knocked the glass of water off the bedroom table. So, we are going to be buying plastic beakers.

The second dream was a warning about some “incoming”. Again, it was thematically linked to various people from my past. The dream concerned the dark jewel #30. The jewel for manipulation. I have taken it as a heads up. It pertains to something old, perhaps festering and unresolved.

The shortcoming manipulation as per Theun Mares:

30 Manipulation

Active Shortcoming: Lust for…

Behaviour: Sexual manipulation, covetousness, lewdness, power hungry, love of intrigue

Passive Shortcoming: Corruptible

Behaviour: Easily seduced, fraudulent, degenerate, depraved, decadence, perversion

I am warned and alert…this jewel is very much of the tonal, of the form and of silver

{30 pieces}


Anyway, I have sent off my response and amended patent application to the Intellectual Property Office, which means that it is off my desk for a few months. I have tried my best. I dropped the name of the place I used to work. So maybe he might consider my incarnation before “man in a shed”. He was in general helpful and doing his job. Which is nice and how things ought to be.

Over the years I have noted that physicists can imagine themselves smarter than chemists. I have been looking at nonlinear optics on and off since 1985 when we had to calibrate the tuning curve of a second harmonic generation crystal with nanosecond lases. I have looked at stimulated Raman scattering in gases, degenerate four wave mixing, CARS, surface second harmonic generation, electric field induced second harmonic generation, resonant and non-resonant multi-photon ionisation spectroscopy, stimulated Raman ion depletion spectroscopy, multi-photon absorption and used femtosecond optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers along with frequency doublers.

It is weird putting the grey matter back in that zone.

Tomorrow it is logs or wallpaper.

Life is odd…

Ancillary Thoughts

There are some sizeable equations in non-linear optics especially when you get to the third order non-linear susceptibility tensor. It is complicated enough for isotropic media, for symmetric crystals it can be even more tricky.

Do I need to go back to the derivations?  

They must at least do modules on this kind of thing….

If I was to say that I have two granted US patents and give him the numbers, would that be seen as bordering on the illegal?

In some ways I am talking about new science I am not aware of anybody having tried it yet. One is applying an “DC” electric field and this is quantized via creation/annihilation ladder operators.

It is related to the only piece of Fortran code I wrote concerning anharmonic oscillators, Hermite polynomials and Frank-Condon factors.

I had speculated that there might be certain resonance enhancements in the magnitude and direction of applied field.


Mashed sweede….  

Provenance and a Man in His Shed

I think I expressed myself well in the covering letter to go with my patent application ammendment. On a re-read it seems clear enough. However, my address as, the garden shed, down at the bottom of the path, somewhere in rural Brittany might not be as impressive as say “Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, ON, Canada N2L 3G1.”

I am wondering if there is a subconscious bias against my credibility. A man in his shed {or grenier} has no power by association. Nor for that matter did I pay a five grand a pop patent attorney to draw up my application. If I had a big cheese university stationery and email address, would I be taken more seriously? If I had a top ten attorney from Holborn or Lincoln’s Inn Fields would that assist psychologically in the cutting of the metaphorical mustard.

I have direct experience of writing to people in universities about my idea. Out of a dozen or so emails only one, an Englishman, replied and I had to name drop in order to facilitate this. He did not remember me but we were actually “competitors” a bit, way back in the last century.  

I sign this the eccentric nut job in his garden shed…

Implicit or Explicit?

I need to step aside from the patent documentation for a while. I have front loaded the arguments of the examiner and they seem to be a tad pedantic, but that is his job after all…

Your common or garden physics graduate is unlikely to have extensive personal experience of three and four wave mixing optical experiments. And certainly not in a wide variety of contexts from gas phase, through liquid to solid state and surfaces. What seems obvious to you, may not be to him. When the computer search finds “electric field” it does not add sense making context it is simply searching for terms.

What you are talking about is a tad esoteric in physics terms…

I am wondering if this is an outcome of introverted intuition, where in my world everything holds together in the explanation leading up to the claims. It is a χ (3) process and not a χ (2) one, obvs. An electric field to tune the wavelengths of a χ (2) process is not causal of the parametric down conversion. The electric field in the laser light is not the same as an applied quasi DC field.

Is it an example of intuitive mind trying to interact with concrete mind? Maybe.

Or am I struggling to make something explicit in the outer world when it is so obviously implicit in my internal world. How come they don’t see it?

I often bump into this, a problem of communication. You must remember Alan that many people have “bullet point” thinking and not holistic picture forming.

They may not get that bulk Silicon has no χ (2) but it can have χ (3) processes…


I need to let this rattle around on the background processors for a while…

There seems to be a way forward, how do I verbalize it in a way that can be bullet pointed?

Paid â chodi pais wedi pisio


Fel ci a dau goc

Like a dog with two willies / = being so excited you don’t know what to do with yourself

Roedd y cwbl yn freuddwyd gwrach wrth ei hewyllys.

(It was all the dream of a witch according to her will / = wishful thinking.)

Paid â chodi pais ar ôl piso.

(Don’t lift a petticoat after pissing / = cry over spilt milk; shut the stable door after the horse has gone.)


It has been raining this afternoon and as a result there has been no mole catching. Although I don’t speak more than a few words of Welsh I did the Wales online Welsh insult quiz and only got three wrong. This is because the Welsh which was spoken in my grandparents’ house was aimed at veiling their opinions in front of the children. With me it had quite the opposite effect. It made me want to find out, so I asked my grandfather who did not care what the women were saying and thinking. He also knew that I was not susceptible to “interrogation”. I can do silent. Like a rech capel, or chapel fart.

I have to say describing someone as being like a dog with two penises is quite the most excellent turn of phrase. He is so excited that he does not know which cock to use and as a result is lacking in clearcut decision making processes.

If you get all excited by hype, imagine a grandiose project and it fails, there is no point in being upset or backward looking.

In many ways this could describe an ENTP personality, each new thought propels.

“That was exciting, oh well that did not work out, onwards to the next witch’s dream.”

I am mindful that one of the people keen for me to do decision making courses, had problems making decisions.

People can and do have problems with time’s arrow, so often they seek to put the genie back in the bottle, to shove things back into Pandora’s box.

People who use threat as a means of negotiation, may imagine that others do the same. If they live in a “if you don’t do this I will…” mindset may not realise that some people don’t make idle threats, they simply decide and then act. I have encountered at least half a dozen occasions when I have made a big decision fast, which people did not see coming. As I mentioned previously, I was once at an interview and one of the interviewers was very late for a solo interview. If I had not needed security clearance to get out, I would have done an Elvis and left the building. This is not the sort of thing that senior vice presidents expect.

I have a decision to make over the next few days as to whether to update my patent application to include the recommendations of the examiner. I don’t think he has a good grasp of non-linear optics so it could mean another iteration. As things stand it is very unlikely that I am going to do anything commercial with it. But it might be nice confirmation that I can still generate a patent worthy idea.

Perhaps it was all the dream of a witch deep in the Breton countryside…One of my maternal great grandmothers was allegedly a “witch” up in deepest darkest Snowdonia.

The bit that still tickles me is that the registered address for the patent will be a tiny Breton commune and probably its first ever quantum optics patent.

Cyfarpar i gynhyrchu parau ffoton  – Apparatus to Produce Entangled Photon Pairs

That is still some seriously ticklish feather. Before we came here, I looked into submitting a patent application into the IPO in Welsh. As I understand it, it would have been a first. I spoke to a lot of patent attorneys and some were up for it, but it would also have to have an English translation. That took the fun out a bit.

The updating will take a couple of days, one day to get my head back into the space and the second day to do the alterations and submit online.


Patent I Ching Consultation

These poems are written by Jay Ramsay and are from:

“I Ching The Shamanic Oracle of Change”

by Palmer, Ramsay and Xiaomin

In the mid-late nineties I attended an I Ching course given by Ramsay at Hawkwood House. I went to prep school in Stonehouse only a couple of miles from Stroud, where the course was held. So I got to visit old haunts too.

I was the only male on the course and possibly the youngest by a decade.

I was the only scientist and laser jock!!

Please comment on what to do with my patent application.


24. Fu / Return (The Turning Point)



Changing to


36. Ming I / Darkening of the light



As usual the I Ching is open to interpretation. These poems by Jay are very him, very left sided. He took us to the pub in Slad nearby where Laurie Lee who wrote “Cider With Rosie” used to go.

I had been using the I Ching on and off for about five years at the time. It has played a part in many of my decisions even when I was an academic.

Taken together there is a no rush – dao -attitude. I have until the 9th of January to reply.

Sometimes the I Ching answers a question which was not explicitly asked and there is a part in Fu which relates to something else I have been considering. This is to pick up chanting again. It is good for my chest.

I have been waking in the middle of the night and doing raja yoga whilst lying under the duvet.I have not done this for a while.

Past experience has suggested that attempts to link back to the techno-sphere have not ended well.

In the previous post when the hexagram changed to Ming I, this line stood out.

“here a man of dark nature is in a position of authority and brings harm to the wise and able man.”

The thing about the I Ching is that it is a snapshot of now. In a few days time the snapshot may change. Ask too often and the I Ching tells you to piss off.

It was a bit spooky to get the hexagram assoicated with the winter solstice, due in ten days.

So I will ask again after the solstice and maybe write to the IPO while stuffed full of Brussels sprouts…

Patent Application I Ching Consultation 10-12-22

Please comment on what to do with my patent application.


24. Fu / Return (The Turning Point)



The idea of a turning point arises from the fact that after the dark lines have pushed all of the light lines upward and out of the hexagram, another light line enters the hexagram from below. The time of darkness is past. The winter solstice brings the victory of light. This hexagram is linked with the eleventh month, the month of the solstice (December-January).


RETURN. Success.

Going out and coming in without error.

Friends come without blame.

To and fro goes the way.

On the seventh day comes return.

It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

After a time of decay comes the turning point. The powerful light that has been banished returns. There is movement, but it is not brought about by force. The upper trigram K’un is characterized by devotion; thus the movement is natural, arising spontaneously. For this reason the transformation of the old becomes easy. The old is discarded and the new is introduced. Both measures accord with the time; therefore no harm results. Societies of people sharing the same views are formed. But since these groups come together in full public knowledge and are in harmony with the time, all selfish separatist tendencies are excluded, and no mistake is made. The idea of RETURN is based on the course of nature. The movement is cyclic, and the course completes itself. Therefore it is not necessary to hasten anything artificially. Everything comes of itself at the appointed time. This is the meaning of heaven and earth. All movements are accomplished in six stages, and the seventh brings return. Thus the winter solstice, with which the decline of the year begins, comes in the seventh month after the summer solstice; so too sunrise comes in the seventh double hour after sunset. Therefore seven is the number of the young light, and it arises when six, the number of the great darkness, is increased by one. In this way the state of rest gives place to movement.


Thunder within the earth:


Thus the kings of antiquity closed the passes

At the time of solstice.

Merchants and strangers did not go about,

And the ruler

Did not travel through the provinces.

The winter solstice has always been celebrated in China as the resting time of the year–a custom that survives in the time of rest observed at the new year. In winter the life energy, symbolized by thunder, the Arousing, is still underground. Movement is just at its beginning; therefore it must be strengthened by rest so that it will not be dissipated by being used prematurely. This principle, i.e., of allowing energy that is renewing itself to be reinforced by rest, applies to all similar situations. The return of health after illness, the return of understanding after an estrangement: everything must be treated tenderly and with care at the beginning, so that the return may lead to a flowering.

Six in the third place means:

Repeated return. Danger. No blame.

There are people of a certain inner instability who feel a constant urge to reverse themselves. There is danger in continually deserting the good because of uncontrolled desires, then turning back to it again because of a better resolution. However, since this does not lead to habituation in evil, a general inclination to overcome the defect is not wholly excluded.


Changing to


36. Ming I / Darkening of the light



Here the sun has sunk under the earth and is therefore darkened. The name of the hexagram means literally “wounding of the bright”; hence the individual lines contain frequent references to wounding. The situation is the exact opposite of that in the foregoing hexagram. In the latter a wise man at the head of affairs has able helpers, and in company with them makes progress; here a man of dark nature is in a position of authority and brings harm to the wise and able man.



It furthers one to be persevering.

One must not unresistingly let himself be swept along by unfavorable circumstances, nor permit his steadfastness to be shaken. He can avoid this by maintaining his inner light, while remaining outwardly yielding and tractable. With this attitude he can overcome even the greatest adversities. In some situations indeed a man must hide his light, in order to make his will prevail inspite of difficulties in his immediate environment. Perseverance must dwell in inmost consciousness and should not be discernible from without. Only thus is a man able to maintain his will in the face of difficulties.


The light has sunk into the earth:


Thus does the superior man live with the great mass:

He veils his light, yet still shines.

In a time of darkness it is essential to be cautious and reserved. One should not needlessly awaken overwhelming enmity by inconsiderate behavior. In such times one ought not to fall in with the practices of others; neither should one drag them censoriously into the light. In social intercourse one should not try to be all-knowing. One should let many things pass, without being duped.