Is Proof Real?

This notion of proof underpins jurisprudence, science, and academic thought process. It can be found in the gossip columns where people find proof that their other half is cheating by looking at their ‘phone. In mathematics there is proof of theorem and the notion is found in certain schools of philosophy.

But can you touch proof with your fingers? Can you eat it or burn it?

Proof in the absence of theorem or postulate is but a mental construct. It is only when yet another mental construct is activated that the notion of proof comes into any mental being. Proof is not a physical thing. Though physical “evidence” can be a building block of the mental construct of proof.  

People of a certain bent believe in facts. From the root of facere, to do or make, facts are in one sense “made up”. They are a “thought” form sometimes pertaining to actions and deeds. They are often some kind of post hoc interpretation.

In our time the notions of facts and truths are way more ambiguous.

“My truth differs from yours…”

Facts are not immutable in the minds of men. They are changeable according to the operational socio-political construct.

At the moment a nation which celebrated the dam busters is berating recent events in Ukraine.


It was OK to drown Germans…but Vlad the Impaler is a mad vicious bastard.

In the past people with a penis were called he/him. I watched a program with Suzy Izzard last night, a being whose mind I find engaging and interesting. She is still engaging irrespective of pronoun. So accepted “facts” change; people are arguing if you can be a woman with a cock, these days. So-called facts cannot be separated from the prevailing social context, its fad or fashion.

Yet people bang on {and on} about facts…

Humanity can build truly complex and vast underground temples to prove various theories about the workings of physical matter, the forces relating to this so as to develop a cosmology which accounts for our physical existence. History shows that understanding is always transitory, yet to many the current version is “gospel” and they are a tad prone to evangelism thereof.

If you think about it proof cannot ever be absolute, though it is often treated thus.


It is at best a work in progress and represents the {usually consensual} best current working hypothesis. Yet humans are happy to give people lethal injections on the basis of this socio-political construct. This behaviour is absolute and based on a mutable idea.


What do you think, is proof real?

Please justify your answer and provide an evidential basis set to back it up….

Prove that proof is real….

The Itchy Back Paradigm

Along with the mantra of “growth” which underpins western economic dogma there is an operational paradigm which I shall term “the itchy back paradigm”.

Do you have an itchy back?

In this paradigm human beings enter into a transactional exchange in which one “favour” requires some kind of favour in return. Without the promise of return favour, the initial favour would never happen. People do things because they have an expectation of being repaid in some way.

People rarely do anything for free without any expectations.

“If you buy me a nice diamond ring then I will give you a BJ.”

This is an example of the conditional if associated with a transactional exchange under the cover of supposed mutual benefit.

“If you like my posts on the internet, I will like yours in return {even if I do not like it}.”

“If you big me up, then when someone asks me, I will big you up in return…”

“If you give me £100,000, I will not tell the press about our ongoing homosexual affair.”

“If you don’t give my pal a job, then I will kill a horse and put its bloody head amongst your satin sheets whilst you sleep.”

“You had better bung me some cash else I will blow the whistle on you sodomising choir boys.”

The itchy back paradigm suggests that there can be negative consequences for someone who fails to scratch back on demand. There is often a conditional threat associated with this paradigm.

We have if then and if else.

“We will fund your hair-brained scheme if it makes us as a funding agency look good.”

A part of the currency of the itchy back paradigm is apparent social kudos. There is often an unspoken threat. People it seems, seek to accumulate kudos and reputation, or brand awareness if you like.

The itchy back paradigm is always conditional.

{As an aside I estimate that I am no good at this game and as a consequence it had a detrimental effect on my social progress and advancement. I find it difficult to brown nose, lick arse, ego stroke and generally toady about. My back has never been all that itchy.}

Inherent in the paradigm is the “what is in it for me” crux. I need to metaphorically “have my palm crossed with silver”. If there is no silver then you cannot count on me…

The itchy back paradigm is a foundation stone of hedonist acquisitional materialism. It is the motive of those on “the make”. It has roots in desire and greed.

“If you scratch my back then I will scratch yours”, is the mantra.

I know people used me when my “star” was on the up, taking power by association in some cases and getting their name on publications in others (for example). Once my star became a red dwarf, interest waned. I was no longer useful for their advancement.

If we are to reorient towards a Soul infused society as a basis for a New Age, this paradigm must fade and die.

It is a rather old fashioned paradigm don’t you think…

Remote Viewing Proof – A Nobel Prize?

When I was young, I was prone to nose bleeds. It was my “party trick”. They used to come on suddenly and sometimes they were quite serious. They happened a lot at altitude in Zambia and in airplanes. There was talk about them taking me to have my nose cauterised with a “soldering iron”. I had one bleed at the cinema in the middle of a scary film. There was a lot of blood. They stopped for a few years. Then they came back a bit when I played front row rugby.


In the very late nineties whilst I was a lecturer in Physical Chemistry at a top Johnnie university, I participated in several experiments aimed at remote viewing. We followed the “CIA” protocols and it was tremendous fun. We were assigned a target to view and then asked to sketch it. Later we would visit our target and compare our sketches. I am pants at art, but there was some suggestion of “viewing”. Not enough to prove anything to my liking. It was fun.


It occurred to me this afternoon that proof of the ability to remote view or have telepathy would be worthy of a Nobel prize. It would turn the world upside down and if enough people could do it there would no longer be any need for Google Streetview.  I suspect that the Nobel committee, being a tad conservative, would purchase a barge pole from the infinitely long barge pole shop before it went anywhere near such a claim.

The implications of remote viewing are manifold. If you thought you were safe and doing things in “secret” there would be the possibility that your covert actions were being viewed from afar in a manner that electronic counter measure devices could not detect. Lying could also be a bit more risky. It would be a game changer. It might cause consternation.

What exactly would proof of remote viewing look like, what would it take to satisfy the nay-sayers?

What amount of evidence would be needed and how could it be watertight?

If it was “proven” how long would it take for scientific orthodoxy to accept it?

I shall look into my crystal ball for the answers…

Encounters With the Nagual – Armando Torres

Three-Pronged Naguals

“The Rule is final, but its design and configuration are in constant evolution. But unlike evolutionists, who view the adaptations of life as a haphazard accumulation of genetic mutations, seers know there is nothing random about the Rule. They see how a command of the Eagle, in the form of a wave of energy, shakes the lineages of power from time to time, producing new stages in sorcery.

“A more exact way of describing it, is to assume that all possible variations of the Rule are contained in a womb of potential, and what changes over time is the degree of knowledge the sorcerers have of that totality, and what emphasis they put on particular portions of it. Such periods of change are recurrent, and they are represented by the number three.”

“Why three?”

“Because the old Toltecs associated the number three with dynamics and renewal. They discovered that ternary formations – formations based on the number three – announce unexpected changes.

“The Rule dictates that, from time to time, a special kind of nagual will appear in the lineages; a nagual whose energy is not divided into four parts, but instead has only three compartments. Seers call them ‘three-pronged naguals.”

I asked him how they were different from the others. He answered:

“Their energy is volatile, they are always moving, and because of that they find it difficult to accumulate power. From the point of view of the lineage, their composition is faulty; they will never be true naguals. In compensation, they lack the timidity and reservation that characterize the classic naguals, and they possess an unusual capacity to improvise and communicate.

“We can say that three-pronged naguals are like the cuckoo birds incubated in other birds’ nests. They are opportunists, but they are necessary. Unlike the naguals of four points, whose freedom it is to pass unnoticed, those of three points are public personalities. They disclose secrets and cause fragmentation of the teachings, but without them, the lineages of power would have been extinguished a long time ago.

“Among the new seers, the Rule is that a nagual leaves a new party as a descendant. Some, due to their enormous energy surpluses, are able to help organizing a second or third generation of seers. For example, the nagual Elias Ulloa lived long enough to create his successor’s party and to have an influence on the following one. But this does not mean a fork in the lineage; all those groups were part of the same transmission line.

“On the other hand, the three-pronged nagual is authorized to transmit his knowledge radially, which does lead to a diversification of lineages. His luminous cocoon has a disintegrating effect on the group, which breaks the lineal structure of transmission and foments a desire for change and action in warriors, and an active disposition to be involved with their fellow men.”

“Was that what happened to you?”

“That’s what happened. Due to my luminous disposition, I don’t have any qualms about leaving kernels of knowledge behind, wherever I go. I know that I need an enormous quantity of energy to fulfill my task, and that I can only obtain it from masses. For that reason I am willing to broadcast the knowledge far and wide, and transform and redefine its paradigms.”

The Portion of the Rule for the Three-Pronged Nagual

The Three-Pronged Nagual

“As you know, my teacher became aware of the Rule for the three- pronged nagual when he tried to analyze certain anomalies in the new group. Apparently, I could not get in tune with the rest of the apprentices. Then he paid me sufficient attention to see that I masked my energy configuration.”

“Do you mean that Don Juan’s seeing had been mistaken?”

“Of course not! What was mistaken was his looking. To see is the final form of perception; there are no appearances, so it is not possible to be deceived. However, due to the pressure that he had exerted on me for years, my energy struggled to mold itself to his. That is common among apprentices. Since he was divided into four compartments, I also began to manifest a similar energetic weight in my actions.

“Once I was able to shake off his influence (it took me almost ten years of arduous work), we discovered something astonishing: My luminosity only had three compartments; it didn’t correspond to an ordinary, modern person, who only has two, nor to a nagual. This discovery caused a great commotion in the group of seers, since they all saw it as a portent of profound change for the lineage.

“Then Don Juan went back to the tradition of his predecessors, and dusted off a forgotten aspect of the Rule. He told me that the election of a nagual cannot in any way be considered as a personal whim, since it is the spirit who chooses the successor of a lineage at all times. Therefore, my energetic anomaly was part of a command. Faced with my urgent questioning, he assured me that a messenger would appear in due time and explain to me the function of my presence as a three-pronged nagual.

“Years later, during a visit to one of the rooms in the National Museum of Anthropology and History, I observed a native dressed in the old-fashioned Tarahumara costume, who seemed to have the most absorbing interest in one of the exhibition pieces. He examined it from all sides and demonstrated such a total concentration that it made me curious, and I went closer to look.

“When he saw me, the man spoke to me and began to explain the meaning of a group of excellent, painstaking drawings sculpted into the stone. Then, while I meditated on what he had told me, I remembered Don Juan’s promise, and realized that this man had been an envoy from the spirit, who had passed on to me the portion of the Rule concerning the three-pronged nagual.”

“And what does that portion say?”

“It affirms that, just as the party has an energy matrix of the number seventeen (two naguals, four female dreamers, four female stalkers, four male warriors, and three scouts), a lineage, which is formed by a succession of parties, also has a structure of power, of the number fifty-two. The Eagle’s command is that every fifty-two generations of four-pointed naguals, there will appear a three- pronged nagual who serves as a cathartic action for the propagation of new four-point lineages.

“The Rule also says that the three-pronged naguals are destructive to the established order, because their nature is neither creative nor nurturing, and they have the tendency to enslave all those who surround them. It adds that, to achieve freedom, these naguals should do it alone, because their energy is not tuned to guide groups of warriors.

“Like everything in the world of energy, the block of fifty-two generations is divided into two parts; the first twenty-six concerning themselves with expansion and the creation of new lines, the rest oriented towards conservation and isolation. This pattern of behavior has been repeating itself millennium after millennium, so sorcerers know that it is part of the Rule. “As a result of the activities of a three-pronged nagual, the knowledge becomes widely known, and new cells of four-point naguals are formed. From that starting point, lineages recapture the tradition of transmitting the teachings in a lineal form.”

“How often do three-point naguals appear?”

“Approximately once per millennium. That is the age of my lineage.”

The Task Of The Seers Of Today

“Upon verifying the Rule of the three-pronged nagual, Don Juan deduced that, inevitably, the time of a new breed of warriors was at hand; I have called them the modern seers.”

“Are there any peculiarities in the luminous composition of those warriors?”

“No. In every era, man’s energy pattern has been very homogeneous, so the organization of the party is the same. However, the warriors of today are experiencing a slide towards green in their luminosity, which means that they are recovering characteristics of the old seers. This is something unforeseen, although it is for sure covered by the Rule.

“The true difference between seers of the past and those of today is in their behavior. At the moment, we are not subjected to the same repressions as in previous eras, and therefore sorcerers have fewer restrictions. Clearly, this has a purpose: Popularization of the teaching.

“I have lived a moment of renewal. My task is to close the lineage of Don Juan with a golden key, and to open up possibilities for those who come later. That is why I have said that I am the last nagual of my lineage, not in an absolute sense, but in the sense of radical change.”

At this point, Carlos took a break in his presentation and reminded me of a conversation we had when we first met.

At that time, I had asked him to tell me tales of power. He replied that he could not refuse what I was asking, but to hand over those stories without any directions would have been to trivialize them.

“I hope what you have seen during these years fulfills your expectations. I did what I could, considering your limitations as well as mine. I know you have already begun to train your dreaming double, and that guarantees that you can continue by yourself; your double won’t leave you alone until you arrive at your totality. The theoretical part is finished, and it is time to give you a last gift.”

Patent Fun With Alice & Bob

The patent examiner has suggested that the above US patent application contains “prior art” but from the tone of his last letter he seems to have accepted my {semi-extensive} arguments against this.

He suggests that I replace “non-optical electric field”, which I added to the claims in the latest iteration, with “static direct current field” which is implicit and explicit in the description. I am not allowed to use non-optical field as this “extends” my claim.

It does differentiate explicitly between a three photon induced process and a four photon one!

This seems fair enough.

I am not allowed to use “non-resonant three photon process via the third order non-linear susceptibility”, this phrase actually removes generality and decreases the scope of the claim, rather than extending it. It fixes spontaneity into the description and does not allow for optical absorption and hence finite lifetime “states”. It has resonance without field “depletion” by any photon absorption. The maths covers this in the description.

It does not look as though we are too far apart. I probably need to sleep on it and use my AM fresh morning brain to respond.

The letter is not too divergent….hmnn

It would be good to get this off my desk so that I can get back into the garden…

Advice – tiefes Wasser

It is not uncommon for people to get out of their depth very quickly. Especially when they encounter a situation with which they are unfamiliar, full of bravado they can steam ahead convinced that they “know-it-all”. There is no point giving people who are already “omniscient” advice. They need to find out the boundaries of their knowledge for themselves, they may only do this in retrospect long after they have left the sanctuary of what they actually know.


People learn better by mistake than advice. This is true.

I can recall numerous occasions when I have given advice, sometimes solicited and sometimes not. In some cases when the advice has been ignored {usually because it required effort} people have landed up deep in the brown stuff of their own making. It is a bit silly but I cannot force anyone to listen to me. I have warned people when they have been getting out of their depth with their “cunning plans” but often if they are already in a hole, they simply continue to dig. Rarely do they actually end up in Australia.

To assume that detailed knowledge in one system, one society, is transferrable to another is the approach of a fool. To experiment with an open mind is a tad more wise. People can be arrogant, cocky and ignorant, they may be very unaware.

We like to watch the TV programme Dragons’ Den. There is a very large back catalogue. Yet when people come into pitch they have not done their homework concerning valuation, or P&L, profit and loss. The dragons go through roughly the same iteration show after show, with minor variations. It is formulaic. This should be bleeding obvious. Despite all the evidence available from previous shows people still enter the den ill prepared and unrealistic. They end up in deep water and out of their depth.  

Don’t people do their homework?

Do they simple cross their fingers as they fly across the sky on their unicorns?

People can think all sorts of things are good ideas, like AI and robots. It seems wise, but down the line there may be unseen consequences. Humanity will learn by its mistakes, it may not be advised by the “warnings” of science fiction. The ideas are way too groovy, let’s forget about the downside.


If in a hole like the climate crisis, humanity will try every possible avenue, no matter how ridiculous so that it does not have to change its ways. There is the idea of “permanent” carbon capture and storage to offset air miles. There is plenty of money to spend on various research in the hope of keeping on doing exactly what we are doing.  The inventions may get ever more inventive and perhaps desperate. There is only one planet there is no planet B in the goldilocks range, close by.

There is much less research on societal overhaul and change!!

People rarely stand still and truly take stock. You never know who might be reading this blog. Perhaps they have tried to advise others to no avail.  


When people are in “deep water” as a group, there is a tendency to have a conflab within the group and seek a solution from within the consciousness, mind, and mores of said group. Although no such solution can be found within these pre-set boundary conditions people can iterate ad infinitum, so long as the status quo is not threatened.

The dog rarely catches its own tail.

A frog trapped at the bottom of a well may be an expert on the well, its social order and the flora and fauna of the well. It has never seen the ocean and it is probably unaware that there is even such a thing.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results has been defined as insanity I am led to believe.

Relative Freedom to Speak

Yesterday I questioned whether economic “growth” can help to slow planetary warming. It is my opinion that it cannot, it will exacerbate it causing more heating. People, in particular politicians, are unwilling to let go of the “growth” mantra because without it there would be a gaping policy void. They pin their election hopes on this notion.

What would we do without an economic policy which has brought so much inequality, wealth for a few {and happiness for millions} via the exploitation of natural resources in other people’s lands?

I will speculate that were I employed at a well-funded august institution with strong links to corporate sponsors, I would be unable to state the above opinion in public without censure of some kind. The corporates might indicate, over a quiet canapé, that such a view is unlikely to enhance chances for future funding. We cannot have radicals upsetting the boat / gravy train / PR opportunity. Research funding is the raison d’être for many ambitious institutions. Upon which side is the bread buttered?

Because I can be seen as an eccentric git, living in the wilds with no power by association I can offer my opinion. Lacking institutional kudos few are likely to take me seriously and I can be written off. As a “nobody” I have a relative freedom to speak. I am not even worth bothering about. I can be classified as a disgruntled burn-out has-been who is a failure and who was unable to hack it in the topflight. He is a loner, a weirdo, and an outcast.

I have no “superiors”, no line manager, no boss, to call me in for a word. I do not belong to any societies from which my membership might be withdrawn. There is not a blind dog’s chance that I will ever seek any research grant funding ever again.

I can have a chat with the cat and the heron, but they are not concerned with human politics.

So, I have a relative freedom to speak if only to and with myself…

Fundamental Uncertainty


If you are insular and myopic, you might be concerned about Gary Lineker, Gary Glitter and Jeremy Hunt’s Budget as per the UK press. {Not Gareth Hunt}

“Do you want to be in my gang?”

Or if you read Reuters:

“March 14 (Reuters) – Shockwaves from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank further pounded global bank stocks on Tuesday as assurances from President Joe Biden and other policymakers did little to calm markets and prompted a rethink on the interest rate outlook.”

There is growing fundamental uncertainty and the deal to build fresh nuclear submarines is still big news.

There is one centuries old trick Cruella forgot. Why not ship the cross-channel immigrants off to Australia where they can assist in ethnic cleansing of the population?

It worked before, there is precedent.

Seems to me that humans are not great at learning from history. Ship your troubles off rather than face the causal reality. Out of sight, out of mind. It always worked stunningly well…before.

“There is nothing to see here. Move along, move along”.

When people are talking about problems for Credit Suisse all the reassurances of government seem a bit hollow. Concern about the energy price cap could quickly fade in importance. Domestic political priorities may cease to seem so very all encompassing. The sickness which caused the prior credit crunch has not been healed or cured.

In the blue books the Tibetan talks about an incoming New Age. When the world is already choc-a-bloc with stuff and edifices, there is not much space. So called “Tech.” has been shedding jobs, the bubble of assumed efficacy of internet advertising may yet pop. The vast revenue streams could dry up. Instalinktokbook, will no longer be so profitable.

I don’t know about you but I never buy anything pushed by an annoying internet advert. I just switch off, mentally. It has got to be a con of sorts.

The implications are that a New Age will need fundamental change and an entirely new paradigm. The old edifices will not yield willingly and nature, process, may have to be the force of change. As the current world “growth” paradigm fails under the tumult of climate change, there will be a period of considerable flux and uncertainty as humanity struggles to find its feet. The cost of climate crisis will grow exponentially and people do not understand non-linear phenomenon. Wishful thinking and crossing fingers, won’t work.

Who exactly is going to finance the cost of trying to mitigate the effects of climate change? Which insurers will offer affordable premiums?

“Don’t worry it will be alright. COP 50 in Svalbard will get it all sorted.”

Science fiction experiments like designer cities in the desert seem grandiose and smack a little of the metaphor of the Tower of Babel. Man’s arrogance knows no bounds, planetary forces are considerably more powerful than even a multiple kilo-ton nuclear warhead.

“Phew, covid is over, now we can relax and get back to “normal” …”

“I know let’s get Boris, Donald and Jair back in office. They always have an “upside” to sell us…Thank God for their visionary excellence. No doom and gloom there.”

People are not being real they are allowing themselves to be distracted by Love Island, Eurovision and bullshit about great post Brexit deals.