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Aside from soccer and Ukraine, there seems to be a lot about corruption in the news of late. French rugby boss, South African cash in the sofa, lordly PPE and EU. There are certain types of people who don’t think it wrong to award contracts to their mates even if they are paid for with public money. There are no laws concerning inviting speakers to lecture at your university. This is a favour asked and often results in a favour returned. It is perfectly legal. No itchy backs there. CVs are built up nicely for promotion and assessment exercises.

In some cultures, a bung is considered a part of the deal.

Ron the gangster gave me a job breaking car batteries as a sweetener {said with a London accent} for my dad who bought his lead. I did not get any special favours I sweated just like everyone else. It was a favour, in time Ron might have asked my dad to take his lorries off site… perhaps with some additional silver cached.

This is how corruption begins. It is a thin end of the edge, something innocuous which builds to a multimillion pound deal to be the face of a tournament. FIFA has a long tradition of corruption. Innocuous favours can quickly blur edges into corruption. We don’t know how much David Beckham other nations got to see. I guess his exposure to the UK was carefully reduced.

“I will pay for the wallpaper in your flat old chap.”

This is borderline to illegal, certainly not ethical in public office.

Usually after several sweeteners there is an ask. Then the whole thing starts to escalate.

In Zambia we were close to a number of Indian merchant families, playing badminton with them on a regular basis. I learned about the partition of India from them. When stock arrived in store, we would get a call. If dad had any foreign exchange allowance left, there would be a favourable Kwacha for Sterling exchange. Not illegal but again no itchy backs.

I suspect that the Sussexes are in so deep now, it probably cannot be stopped. To my eyes it will end in tears in due course. There is something iffy going on there.

What I don’t get is that people who already have a lot of money, want more and bend rules so as to get more. Is it the risk taking or simple gluttony?

Toltecs according to Théun consider money to be crystallized power. Here power can mean knowledge, positional power, power by association, personal power as in vitality. There is no denying that money is an enabler. People can “bought”. One can build spaceships or buy blue birds if you have enough dosh.

A long time ago I was able to “materialise” a considerable amount of money. I materialised a job offering shed loads of cash, but then got out of the contract.

Right now, I am powerless in the material plane sense and by pecuniary amount. I have no power over anyone else. I am nobodies’ boss or supervisor. Neither am I an underling.

I can no longer materialise money. I am virtually unemployable. {I have tried.}

Power is the third natural enemy and many yield to the temptation of pecuniary gain, whether legal or not. Some argue the toss that they deserve huge salaries. Premier league football is a ridiculous example. Do they really think they deserve or need a million quid a week?

My theory is that I did not yield to that third natural enemy and passed the test at a relatively young age.

There is another side to money or silver, argent, as they call it here. It is a human invention and pertains to the material plane, to materiality and materialism. Although technically not inherently evil, basically neutral, it has evil undertones and effects. Wherever evil is, so is money. This cannot be said to be the case for good.

Everyone has heard about the famous thirty pieces of silver. 30 is the number of the dark jewel manipulation! Silver is the dreaming symbol for the Tonal or the materialised world.

Worldly goods and money do not loosen the ties to the wheel of rebirth and there are material karmic effects from the greed for and misuse of money. Trump is embroiled it numerous lawsuits, it is his karma.

If you cling to materialism, you will, like Arnie, be back. If you are corrupt there is evil karma to face. Often a fair portion of those engaged in corruption get some kind of comeuppance in the same lifetime.

I am wondering if this corruption discovery theme is going to evolve and increase as this age draws to a close. Things need a cleansing…

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Waking up in the Dream

In “The Peaceful Warrior” film Socrates takes Dan up into the rafters of the Gymnastic Club of University of California, Berkeley. He shows Dan the internal dialogue of all his fellow gymnasts. Later in the film he gets Dan to turn off his internal dialogue by throwing him off a bridge into a river. In the absence of internal dialogue Dan has temporary enhanced perception. He has woken up in the dream, the nightmare, which humanity has self-created. He sees more than he had previously imagined possible.

As I walked around the pond this morning, I was trying to remember what it felt like to be plagued by internal dialogue. I was unable to. As a rule of thumb my mind is quiet and if I want to think, I have to initiate thinking. Thinking is a conscious process. I need to boot up the apparatus. I do not have a circle line train going round and round 24/7.

Many imagine that if they stopped the world they “think” they live in their “sanity” might collapse. A long time ago I used exist in a “world” in which student satisfaction surveys, Times Higher Education ranking and Research Excellence Frameworks demarcated the boundaries of reality. They even gave me hundreds of thousands of pounds to play with lasers.

I exist beyond that world now and in so far as I can tell I am quite sane. I live deep in nature and not the inner city. Wildlife comes and we experience the seasons fully.

In “The Matrix”, Neo is unplugged from the electricity grid and he wakes up from the software dream which was used to pacify his mind so that they could use him as a Duracell. Real life was much simpler.

These days many are so plugged in that they do not notice the seasons. We have the phenomenon of ‘phone zombies, walking the streets of our cities. We get to hang out in hospital waiting rooms. The first thing that ~80% of the people do is whip out their ‘phones. People are fearful of silence and having nothing to distract themselves. The other 20% are our age or older.

If you wake up in the dream you see that the “insistence” of the world you self-create is not as real as you insist it to be. The terror, the fear of missing out is an illusion. If you miss “Strictly Come Dancing” on the television you may not be able to talk about it with the other vegetables, but you probably won’t stop breathing.

If King Charles III and I were alone in the jungle at night and along came a hungry leopard. Who is more important and has higher kudos to the leopard? The leopard does not care. It would probably eat Charles first because he is older and possibly slower than me. The importance which humans bestow on rank is something made up in human “mind” and socio-political hierarchies.

A while back I tutored a young man who lived in big house in Hampshire. It was on an estate of similar houses all worth well in excess of a million. One morning I got there and there was evidence of a party from the night before and his mum was looking a tad hungover. She apologised profusely for the mess. I said to her that houses were not for show but for living in and she relaxed. This is the kind of thing societal constraints of ought and should evoke.

Internal dialogue can be very judgemental, both of self and others. Matt, teenage kiss by the bins outside the disco, Hancock has been very heavily tutted at. People want him to suffer in the bushtucker trials. Are not human beings great?

If you want to wake up in the dream, you need to stop the internal dialogue and then stop the world so you can see it for what it is. You will have to confront this fear of missing out…otherwise you will continue to exist in Avīci.

The 2025 Council Meeting

According to the Tibetan the council of the planetary hierarchy are due to “meet” next in 2025 to decide on the next steps to be taken, both in terms of the externalisation and what influxes humanity may or may not need.

When the Tibetan was “writing” after the war there was a great deal of optimism and indeed in terms of mass education humanity has come a long way since then. There have also been retrograde steps. {In my own opinion this obsession with image and mendacious PR blurbs is very retrograde. People are self-harming with tattoos and unwarranted plastic surgery interventions. The obsession with the form side of life has deepened and this obsession has a vice like grip. The obsession with sex and sex-toys is counter evolutionary.} Humanity remains bellicose and punitive.

If you were the planetary hierarchy together with the planetary logos, what would you think humanity might need?

I would think that humanity needs to be severely shaken by the shoulders and slapped about the face so that it wakes up to reality and stops squabbling and being so darned petty, arguing the toss about trivia.

According to the Tibetan there are already numerous initiates incarnate and it is through the likes of these that the council might have physical plane eyes.

The timescales of the hierarchy differ and are of much longer term, the vision is centennial plus.

What do think the hierarchy should decide upon when it meets?

What energies might it unleash…

Human Thought and Consciousness in the Coming New Age.

There are certain fundamental truths which lie behind all revealed religions. They are essential to the spiritual growth and the progressive realizations of divinity by man. All else found under the term “doctrine” and allied phrases are but expansions of these fundamentals, explanatory in nature, expressive of human interpretations, and formulations of evolutionary recognitions. These are mainly additions and are in the nature of adornment, speculation and prediction; they are constantly subject to change, to rejection or development as man’s intellect and spiritual perception unfolds; they are not basic or unalterable. It is the unalterable truths which must be discovered and recognized as the new world religion takes form on Earth and conditions human thought and consciousness in the coming New Age.

The Basic Truths to Date

These basic truths never change because they are related to the nature of Deity Itself and have become apparent to mankind through revelation, as evolution has proceeded and man has developed the needed perceptive faculties and the required persistence of search, plus the unfolding of the inner light of the soul. These truths, inherent in the divine nature, reveal the soul of God. They are:

  1. The Law of Compassion. This is the truth of right relationship, of loving understanding, of actively expressed Love. It is the foundation of brotherhood and the expression of the inner unity.
  2. The Fact of God. This is the truth that Being is God Immanent and God Transcendent; it involves the recognition of the great Whole and the related part; it is the knowledge of divinity, ascertained through right relationship and identity of origin. It is the revelation of the life of God, pervading all that is (God Immanent), and of that same life, providing that still greater cosmic relation (God Transcendent) which is the final guarantee of all progress and of progressive revelation. ‘Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain’ is the challenge of Deity and the eternal hope of humanity. This is the answer of Life Itself to the demands of humanity, to the enquiries of science and to the whole world problem. God is here, present among us and in all forms of expression; He includes, pervades and remains beyond. He is greater than all appearance. He reveals Himself progressively and cyclically as man gets ready for further knowledge.
  3. The Continuity of Revelation. Ever down the ages and at each human crisis, always in the hours of necessity, at the founding of a new race, or in the awakening of a prepared humanity to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God – impelled by the law of compassion – sends forth a Teacher, a World Savior, an Illuminator, an Avatar. He gives the message which will heal, which will indicate the next step to be taken by the race, which will illumine a dark world problem and give to man an expression of a hitherto unrealized aspect of divinity. Upon this fact of the continuity of revelation and upon the sequence of this progressive manifestation of the divine nature is based the doctrine of Avatars, of divine Messengers, divine Appearances, and inspired Prophets. To all these history unmistakably testifies.
  4. The Inevitable Response of Humanity. I have expressed in these simple words the instinctive spiritual reaction of man and of the undying human spirit to the three above foundational truths. This divine spirit in humanity must ever, and most surely does, respond to the divine Appearance. The witness to this is sure and proved. There is that in mankind which is akin to God and which recognizes its own when it appears. Such is the unshakable reality in the human heart, and recognition is the inevitable reward and result of revelation.
  5. Progress. The reaction of the individual man and of the masses of men to the continuity of revelation – historically proved – cannot be denied. It is the basic fact of religion. The types of that revelation may vary but each new revelation – given in response to human need and demand – has ever led humanity onward towards a steadily brightening goal and a greater glory. The revelation may come on varying levels of the human consciousness. It may be the revelation of new lands to conquer, terrestrial or mental. Some person pointed the way. It may be the recognition of new laws and facts in nature, scientifically grasped and used; it may be the response of intelligent man to increased knowledge, producing a new type of civilization. Some liberated spirit pointed the way. It may be the response of the human heart to the Heart of God, leading to the mystical beatitude, and to the recognition of spiritual Being. It may be the reaction of man to some new teaching, some further unfoldment, resulting in a new and enriched religious approach to the center of life. Some Messenger pointed the way. But always it has meant progress, a moving forward, a rejection of some existing limitation, a repudiating of the undesirable and the evil. Always it involves the recognition of the possible, the ideal and the divine.
  6. Transcendence. This means the innate capacity to pass beyond so-called natural law. This surmounting of limitation is ever taking place and this process of transcendence will call forth increasing recognition. It marks the next major phase in the manifestation of divinity in man; it signifies domination over physical law and humanity’s imminent triumph over the forces which have for so long held him to earth. Of this transcendence the present mastery over the air is the symbol. Man is rapidly mastering the four elements. He cultivates the earth; he rides the waters; he controls the electrical fires of the planet, and he flies triumphant through the air. The question now emerges: What, my brothers, next? Another transcendence lies ahead. It is one of the things which the coming Avatar will reveal.

With the lesser leaders, whom the human spirit evokes to its assistance, I shall not deal. I seek to unfold somewhat the Doctrine of Divine Messengers, of Avatars. From whence come They? What is Their nature? Who are They and what is Their relation to humanity, to the Hierarchy and to still greater groups of Lives? These are questions which normally arise and need clear answering.

An Avatar is a Being Who – having first developed His Own nature, human and divine, and then transcended it – is capable of reflecting some cosmic Principle or divine quality and energy which will produce the desired effect upon humanity, evoking a reaction, producing a needed stimulation and, as it is esoterically called, ‘leading to the rending of a veil and the permeation of light.’ This energy may be generated within the human family and focused in a responsive Messenger; it may be generated within the planet itself and produce a planetary Avatar; it may be the expression of the life impulse and energy of the solar system, or of sources outside the solar system and therefore cosmic. But always it is focused through a manifesting Entity, is called forth by a demand or massed appeal, and evokes response and consequent changes in the life activity, the culture and the civilization of mankind.

The response or reaction of humanity to the divine Messenger establishes in due time the recognition of something transcendent, something to be desired and striven for, something which indicates a vision which is first a possibility and later an achievement. This is the historically proven process and testifies eventually to a fact. This new fact, when added to the facts established by other and earlier Avatars, enriches the spiritual content of the human consciousness, enhances the spiritual life of the race, and stimulates man to move a step forward into the world of reality and out of the world of illusion. Each revelation brings him nearer to the world of causes.

At the present time the Avatars most easily recognized and known are the Buddha and the Christ, because Their messages are familiar to all and the fruits of Their lives and words have conditioned the thinking and the civilizations of both hemispheres; because They are divine-human Avatars and represent something which humanity can more easily understand; because They are of like nature to mankind, “flesh of our flesh and spirit of our spirit.” They therefore mean more to us than any other Divine Emergence. They are known, loved and followed by countless millions. I would ask you to ponder on the potency of the nucleus of force which They have set up. The establishing of a nucleus of energy, spiritually positive, is the constant task of an Avatar. He focuses or anchors a dynamic truth, a potent thought-form or a vortex of attractive energy in the three worlds of human living. Then, as the centuries pass, that truth and the effect of Their lives and words begin steadily to condition human thinking; the established thought-form acts increasingly as a transmitter of divine energy as it expresses a divine idea, and this in time produces a civilization, with its accompanying culture, religions, policies, governments and educational processes. Thus is history made. History is but the record of man’s cyclic reaction to some inflowing divine energy, to some Avatar or some inspired Leader.

Excerpted from “The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Section III – Forces behind the Evolutionary Process”

By Alice Bailey and Djwhal Kuhl

The Doctrine of the Coming One

Excerpted from:

The Reappearance of the Christ – Chapter I – The Doctrine of Avatars

By Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul


The Doctrine of the Coming One (Western Teaching)
The Doctrine of Avatars (Eastern Teaching)

Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself.

For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth age after age.

– Bhagavad Gita, Book IV, Sutra 7, 8.

Right down the ages, in many world cycles and in many countries (and today in all) great points of tension have occurred which have been characterized by a hopeful sense of expectancy. Some one is expected and His coming is anticipated. Always in the past, it has been the religious teachers of the period who have fostered and proclaimed this expectancy and the time has always been one of chaos and difficulty, of a climaxing point at the close of a civilization or culture and when the resources of the old religions have seemed inadequate to meet men’s difficulties or to solve their problems. The coming of the Avatar, the advent of a Coming One and, in terms of today, the reappearance of the Christ are the keynotes of the prevalent expectancy. When the times are ripe, the invocation of the masses is strident enough and the faith of those who know is keen enough, then always He has come and today will be no exception to this ancient rule or to this universal law. For decades, the reappearance of the Christ, the Avatar, has been anticipated by the faithful in both hemispheres – not only by the Christian faithful, but by those who look for Maitreya and for the Bodhisattva as well as those who expect the Imam Mahdi.

When men feel that they have exhausted all their own resources and have come to an end of all their own innate possibilities and that the problems and conditions confronting them are beyond their solving or handling, they are apt to look for a divine Intermediary and for the Mediator Who will plead their cause with God and bring about a rescue. They look for a Savior. This doctrine of Mediators, of Messiahs, of Christs and of Avatars can be found running like a golden thread through all the world faiths and Scriptures and, relating these world Scriptures to some central source of emanation, they are found in rich abundance everywhere. Even the human soul is regarded as an intermediary between man and God; Christ is believed by countless millions to act as the divine mediator between humanity and divinity.

The whole system of spiritual revelation is based (and has always been based) on this doctrine of interdependence, of a planned and arranged conscious linking and of the transmission of energy from one aspect of divine manifestation to another – from God in the “secret Place of the Most High” to the humblest human being, living and struggling and sorrowing on earth. Everywhere this transmission is to be found; “I am come that they may have life” says the Christ, and the Scriptures of the world are full of the intervention of some Being, originating from some source higher than the strictly human. Always the appropriate mechanism is found through which divinity can reach and communicate with humanity, and it is with this communication and these Instruments of divine energy that the doctrine of Avatars or of divine “Coming Ones” has to do.

An Avatar is one Who has a peculiar capacity (besides a self-initiated task and a preordained destiny) to transmit energy or divine power. This is necessarily a deep mystery and was demonstrated in a peculiar manner and in relation to cosmic energy by the Christ Who – for the first time in planetary history, as far as we know – transmitted the divine energy of love directly to our planet and in a most definite sense to humanity. Always too these Avatars or divine Messengers are linked with the concept of some subjective spiritual Order or Hierarchy of spiritual Lives, Who are concerned with the developing welfare of humanity. All we really know is that, down the ages, great and divine Representatives of God embody divine purpose, and affect the entire world in such a manner that Their names and Their influence are known and felt thousands of years after They no longer walk among men. Again and again, They have come and have left a changed world and some new world religion behind Them; we know also that prophecy and faith have ever held out to mankind the promise of Their coming again amongst us in an hour of need. These statements are statements of fact, historically proven. Beyond this we know relatively few details.

The word “Avatar” is a Sanskrit word, meaning literally “coming down from far away.” Ava (as prefix to verbs and verbal nouns) expresses the idea of “off, away, down.” Avataram, (comparative) farther away. The root AV seems at all times to denote the idea of Protection from above, and is used in compounds, in words referring to protections by kings or rulers; in regard to the gods, it means accepted favorably when a sacrifice is offered. With the result that the root word can be said to mean “Coming down with the approval of the higher source from which it came and with benefit to the place at which it arrives.” (From Monier-Williams Sanskrit Dictionary.)

All the world Avatars or Saviors, however, express two basic incentives: the need of God to contact humanity and to have relationship with men and the need of humanity for divine contact, help and understanding. Subject to those incentives, all true Avatars are therefore divine Intermediaries. They can act in this fashion because They have completely divorced Themselves from every limitation, from all sense of selfhood and separativeness and are no longer – by ordinary human standards – the dramatic center of Their lives, as are most of us. When They have reached that stage of spiritual decentralization, They Themselves can then become events in the life of our planet; toward Them every eye can look and all men can be affected. Therefore, an Avatar or a Christ comes forth for two reasons: one, the inscrutable and unknown Cause prompts Him so to do, and the other is the demand or the invocation of humanity itself. An Avatar is consequently a spiritual event, coming to us to bring about great changes or major restorations, to inaugurate a new civilization or to restore the “ancient landmarks” and lead man nearer to the divine. They have been defined as “extraordinary men Who from time to time appear to change the face of the world and inaugurate a new era in the destinies of humanity.” They come in times of crisis; They frequently create crises in order to bring to an end the old and the undesirable and make way for new and more suitable forms for the evolving life of God Immanent in Nature. They come when evil is rampant. For this reason, if for no other, an Avatar may be looked for today. The necessary stage is set for the reappearance of the Christ.

The Avatars most easily known and recognized are the Buddha in the East and the Christ in the West. Their messages are familiar to all, and the fruits of Their lives and words have conditioned the thinking and civilizations of both hemispheres. Because They are human-divine Avatars, They represent what humanity can easily understand; because They are of like nature to us, “flesh of our flesh and spirit of our spirit,” we know and trust Them and They mean more to us than other divine Emergencies. They are known, trusted and loved by countless millions. The nucleus of spiritual energy which each of Them set up is beyond our measuring; the establishing of a nucleus of persistent energy, spiritually positive, is the constant task of an Avatar; He focuses or anchors a dynamic truth, a potent thought-form or a vortex of magnetic energy in the world of human living. This focal point acts increasingly as a transmitter of spiritual energy; it enables humanity to express some divine idea and this in time produces a civilization with its accompanying culture, religions, policies, governments and educational processes. Thus is history made. History is after all only the record of humanity’s cyclic reaction to some inflowing divine energy, to some inspired leader, or to some Avatar.

An Avatar is at present usually a Representative of the second divine aspect, that of Love-Wisdom, the Love of God. He will manifest as the Savior, the Builder, the Preserver; humanity is not yet sufficiently developed or adequately oriented to the life of the Spirit to bear easily the impact of an Avatar Who would express the dynamic will of God. For us as yet (and this is our limitation) an Avatar is one Who preserves, develops, builds, protects, shields and succors the spiritual impulses by which men live; that which brings Him into manifestation is man’s need and man’s demand for preservation and help. Humanity needs love, understanding and right human relations as an expression of attained divinity. It was this need which brought the Christ to us before as the Avatar of Love. The Christ, that great human-divine Messenger, because of His stupendous achievement – along the line of understanding – transmitted to humanity an aspect and a potency of the nature of God Himself, the love Principle of Deity. Light, aspiration, and the recognition of God Transcendent had been the flickering expression of the human attitude to God, prior to the advent of the Buddha, the Avatar of Illumination. Then the Buddha came and demonstrated in His Own life the fact of God Immanent as well as God Transcendent, of God in the universe and of God within humanity. The Selfhood of Deity and the Self in the heart of individual man became a factor in human consciousness. It was a relatively new truth to man.

However, until Christ came and lived a life of love and service and gave men the new command to love one another, there had been very little emphasis upon God as Love in any of the world Scriptures. After He had come as the Avatar of Love, then God became known as love supernal, love as the goal and objective of creation, love as the basic principle of relationship and love as working throughout all manifestation towards a Plan motivated by love. This divine quality, Christ revealed and emphasized and thus altered all human living, goals and values.

The reason He has not come again is that the needed work has not been done by His followers in all countries. His coming is largely dependent, as we shall later see, upon the establishing of right human relations. This the church has hindered down the centuries, and has not helped because of its fanatical zeal to make “Christians” of all peoples and not followers of the Christ. It has emphasized theological doctrine, and not love and loving understanding as Christ exemplified it. The Church has preached the fiery Saul of Tarsus and not the gentle Carpenter of Galilee. And so, He has waited. But His hour has now come, because of the people’s need in every land and because of the invocative cry of the masses everywhere and the advice of His disciples of all faiths and of all world religions.

It is not for us yet to know the date or the hour of the reappearance of the Christ. His coming is dependent upon the appeal (the often voiceless appeal) of all who stand with massed intent; it is dependent also upon the better establishment of right human relations and upon certain work being done at this time by senior Members of the Kingdom of God, the Church Invisible, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet; it is dependent also upon the steadfastness of the Christ’s disciples in the world at this time and His initiate-workers – all working in the many groups, religious, political and economic. To the above must be added what Christians like to call “the inscrutable Will of God,” that unrecognized purpose of the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days (as He is called in The Old Testament) Who “knows His own Mind, radiates the highest quality of love and focuses His Will in His Own high Place within the center where the Will of God is known.”

When the Christ, the Avatar of Love, makes His reappearance then will the

“Sons of men who are now the Sons of God withdraw Their faces from the shining light and radiate that light upon the sons of men who know not yet they are the Sons of God. Then shall the Coming One appear, His footsteps hastened through the valley of the shadow by the One of awful power Who stands upon the mountain top, breathing out love eternal, light supernal and peaceful, silent Will.

“Then will the sons of men respond. Then will a newer light shine forth into the dismal, weary vale of earth. Then will new life course through the veins of men, and then will their vision compass all the ways of what may be.

“So peace will come again on earth, but a peace unlike aught known before. Then will the will-to-good flower forth as understanding, and understanding blossom as goodwill in men.”


The Difference Between Exoteric and Esoteric Psychology

I have read quite a few books on exoteric psychology. I have had cognitive behavioural therapy and talking psychotherapy. I am a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner and have employed this is multiple team and personal development scenarios.  I have experienced Prozac, anti-anxiety drugs and monoamine oxidase inhibitors. The latter are usually only given as an inpatient, but because of my vegan diet at the time, there was much less risk with me. I have worked with shamanism and animal totems together with the notion of dreaming classes. I have also been trying to apply the esoteric psychology from the blue books opus for around two decades. What I am going to write here should be treated as discursive speculation. If it rings true for you fine, if not that is also fine. I am not bothered about being right or winning arguments.

The major difference between the two psychologies lies in the orientation of self. “Normal” psychology seeks to have a stable notion or identity with self, with the personality. In terms of Myers Briggs, personality I am an INFJ. This means that I am in general introverted getting energised by my inner world and overwhelmed by having to speak with / listen to others. Because I have a judging orientation, I like organisation, timing, planning and plans. My dominant function is introverted intuition. Nobody sees it, it is introverted. I am at the top of the scale for this. My second function is extroverted feeling. So, I can appear warm and caring.  I do need to be alone more than most people can imagine and it is fine for me not to speak with anyone for a week.

Normal psychology seeks to explain people in terms of social conditioning and to get the “patient” to comply with the socio-political norms of their peer group(s). Normal psychology is the psychology of the herd, whereby the patient fits without too much discomfort, with the expectations of your common or garden human. These expectations vary. Iran is not Holland; Jamaica is not Japan and Senegal is not Iceland. Normal psychology has many theories about sex and shagging. It can deem selfish ambition as a good thing. If you are not ambitious you may even get diagnosed with depression. Normal psychology does not delve over much into the notion of Soul. Normal psychology is the psychology of the mean, the average. Diverge too far from this and you are diagnosed with a personality disorder. Within this framework it is possible that I had delayed onset post-traumatic stress disorder because of a childhood incident involving drowning, hippos and a crocodile induced death. I have been known to do reckless things.

If you accept the notion of Soul, then one can conclude that normal exoteric psychology is incomplete. It has many wonderful and life saving uses but it does not address the evolution of an incarnating being.

Esoteric psychology is the psychology of how the Soul “seizes” the steering wheel of the lower personality vehicle. The “Self” or “Personality” first of all does not like a back seat driver and will overrule the conscience from time to time. It does not want to hand over the steering wheel. Inevitably then as the Soul tries to take control some measure of conflict, struggle and crisis occurs.

As a descriptor esoteric psychology suggests that awareness can be “centred” in the physical/etheric, the astral / emotional, mental/manasic, buddhic or atmic “planes”. It has the notion of raising the awareness up the ladder. The awareness is not fixed on one level but depending upon level of evolution can be found there for most of the time. If you are obsessed with the form or meat side of live you will do a lot of exercise and be interested in carnal encounters.

The idea is that over multiple lifetimes the Soul gets better and better at driving the lower vehicle creating for itself a more suitable vehicle. The awareness of a normal person with an undeveloped intellect would be very different to that of a university mathematics professor. The latter would be using abstract mind on a regular basis, but he/she may still be polarised on the astral/emotional plane and consequently prone to bouts of drama from time to time.

In esoteric psychology by the time one has “taken” the third initiation the personality vehicle is no longer in charge. The being is Soul infused. The being then builds the buddhic and atmic sheaths. So when the Soul or causal vehicle is destroyed the awareness does not dissipate. Because there is no longer a Soul or Causal Vehicle, a new piece of meat is no longer obligatory.

My mental vehicle is fifth ray or concrete knowledge, my personality as a whole is seventh ray ceremonial order or synthesis, my Soul second ray or love-wisdom.

The seventh ray is entrepreneurial, and I love making new things such as courses up. Depending on circumstance I can show seventh ray shamanism or write a business plan. I can show clear scientific thinking or deeply feeling love-wisdom compassion. My intuition comes not just from my INFJ personality vehicle but from the second ray Soul.

In a real sense the lower separative personality has to surrender. It gets all grand, egocentric  and puffed up and then it has to kneel.

Esoteric psychology seeks to integrate the personality and then have it surrender. Exoteric psychology has no notion like this.

After the fourth initiation because there is no longer a causal vehicle, which is also separative to an extent, the awareness is no longer human. The awareness has echoes of its prior coloration but is now more monadic and therefore holistic, joined up, and universal. This is as opposed to the separate notion of ME held sacrosanct by the strong individualistic personality.

According to the suggestions for the New Age a very large part of humanity will undergo the process of personality integration, repulse and the full infusion.

In my case I would appear to change from an entrepreneurial scientist {5-7} to a love-wisdom buddhist {2}. The change would be a transfiguration. I would not behave like I used to.

This holds true for humanity at the end of the next evolutionary process, it will not behave as it once did

To Illustrate how this might apply to nations. Great Britain as a nation has a first ray personality and a second ray Soul. Have a look at these descriptors from Esoteric Psychology One in the light of recent events in the UK. Which qualities have been demonstrated in Westminster?

First Ray of Will or Power

Special Virtues:

Strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness, power of ruling, capacity to grasp great questions in a large-minded way, and of handling men and measures.

Vices of Ray:

Pride, ambition, wilfulness, hardness, arrogance, desire to control others, obstinacy, anger.

Virtues to he acquired:

Tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, patience,


The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom

Special Virtues:

Calm, strength, patience and endurance, love of truth, faithfulness, intuition, clear intelligence, and serene temper.

Vices of Ray:

Over-absorption in study, coldness, indifference to others, contempt of mental limitations in others.

Virtues to be acquired:

Love, compassion, unselfishness, energy.


I’ll speculate that the UK is demonstrating a poorly integrated first ray personality which fails to see the bigger picture. There are only faint hints of second ray vice coming through, whereas first ray vice is abundant.

In the fullness of time as humanity gets closer to soul infusion there will need to be a shift from the exoteric-SELF psychology to the esoteric-Soular psychology…

Almost Afraid to Listen to the News

“I wonder what new crisis will have happened in London” was the sentiment we shared this morning. This whole conservative party charade is getting to be almost as boring as Brexit. One of the main reasons for moving to France was to get away from the interminable Brexit coverage in UK media.

How can a country be so self-obsessed?

I think we may be getting first sight of how the old ways are crumbling and a country by shooting itself in the foot repeatedly is losing its place in the order of things. The UK is now a weak link in NATO.

Death of the Old, will not be pretty. We have already seen people clinging on to the bitter end. With Joe Biden showing more signs of forgetfulness and the conservative party ungovernable in London, things don’t look too great. I for one, cannot understand how they think that a new blue on blue election is going to solve anything. There is a lot of wishful thinking and not much realism.

In one sense the industrial revolution began in the UK, so perhaps it is fitting that it starts to end there too. There is not much manufacturing in any case. Here I get a sense of logistics and goods and produce on the move. In a rhythmic sense France is better organised. Britain is chaotic…

The New Age if it is to lead towards Soular infusion will be radically different from the current selfish one. It cannot be about Me and Me and Mine. How we get from A to B remains to be seen. There will have to be loss and much unsightly clinging.

I am almost afraid to open an online newspaper.

How many more Groundhog Day blue on blue elections will there be before all the Christmas bollocks appears on the TV?

Time to go and vacuum clean upstairs…

Definition of the Intuition

Extracted from “Glamor – A World Problem” by Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul


The intuition is not a welling forth of love to people and, therefore, an understanding of them. Much that is called the intuition is recognition of similarities and the possession of a clear analytical mind. Intelligent people who have lived in the world for some time and who have experienced much and who have contacted many other people can usually sum up with facility the problems and dispositions of others, provided they are interested. This they must not, however, confound with the intuition.

The intuition has no relation to psychism, either higher or lower; the seeing of a vision, the hearing of the Voice of the Silence, a pleased reaction to teaching of any kind does not infer the functioning of the intuition. It is not only the seeing of symbols, for that is a special sort of perception and the capacity to tune in on the Universal Mind upon that layer of Its activity which produces the pattern-forms on which all etheric bodies are based. It is not intelligent psychology, and a loving desire to help. That emanates from the interplay of a personality, governed by a strong soul orientation, and the group-conscious soul.

Intuition is the synthetic understanding which is the prerogative of the soul and it only becomes possible when the soul, on its own level, is reaching in two directions: towards the Monad, and towards the integrated and, perhaps (even if only temporarily) coordinated and at-oned personality. It is the first indication of a deeply subjective unification which will find its consummation at the third initiation.

Intuition is a comprehensive grip of the principle of universality, and when it is functioning there is, momentarily at least, a complete loss of the sense of separateness. At its highest point, it is known as that Universal Love which has no relation to sentiment or to the affectional reaction but is, predominantly, in the nature of an identification with all beings. Then is true compassion known; then does criticism become impossible; then, only, is the divine germ seen as latent in all forms.

Intuition is light itself, and when it is functioning, the world is seen as light and the light bodies of all forms become gradually apparent. This brings with it the ability to contact the light center in all forms, and thus again an essential relationship is established and the sense of superiority and separateness recedes into the background.

Intuition, therefore, brings with its appearance three qualities:

    Illumination. By illumination I do not mean the light in the head. That is incidental and phenomenal, and many truly intuitive people are entirely unaware of this light. The light to which I refer is that which irradiates the Way. It is “the light of the intellect,” which really means that which illumines the mind and which can reflect itself in that mental apparatus which is held “steady in the light.” This is the “Light of the World,” a Reality which is eternally existent, but which can be discovered only when the individual interior light is recognized as such. This is the “Light of the Ages,” which shineth ever more until the Day be with us. The intuition is therefore the recognition in oneself, not theoretically but as a fact in one’s experience, of one’s complete identification with the Universal Mind, of one’s constituting a part of the great World Life, and of one’s participation in the eternal persisting Existence.

    Understanding. This must be appreciated in its literal sense as that which “stands under” the totality of forms. It connotes the power of recession or the capacity to withdraw from one’s agelong identification with form life. I would like to point out that this withdrawal is comparatively easy for those who have much of the first ray quality in them. The problem is to withdraw in the esoteric sense, but to avoid at the same time the sense of separateness, of isolation and of superiority. It is easy for first ray people to resist the tendency to identify themselves with others. To have true understanding involves an increased ability to love all beings and yet, at the same time, to preserve personality detachment. This detachment can be so easily founded on an inability to love, in a selfish concern for one’s own comfort – physical, mental or spiritual, and above all, emotional. First ray people dread emotion and despise it, but sometimes they have to swing into an emotional condition before they can use emotional sensitivity in the right manner.

Understanding involves contact with life as an integrated personality, plus egoic reaction to the group purposes and plans. It connotes personality-soul unification, wide experience, and a rapid activity of the indwelling Christ principle. Intuitional understanding is always spontaneous. Where the reasoning to an understanding enters, it is not the activity of the intuition.

    Love. As earlier said, this is not affectionate sentiment, or the possession of a loving disposition; these two later aspects are incidental and sequential. When the intuition is developed, both affection and the possession of a spirit of loving outgo will, necessarily, in their pure form, be demonstrated, but that which produces these is something much more deep and comprehensive. It is that synthetic, inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beings (I have chosen these two words with intent!) which it is the high prerogative of a divine Son of God to operate. It negates all that builds barriers, makes criticism, and produces separation. It sees no distinction, even when it appreciates need, and it produces in one who loves as a soul immediate identification with that which is loved.

These three words sum up the three qualities or aspects of the intuition and can be covered by the word, universality, or the sense of universal Oneness.

Is that not something which all aspirants aim to achieve? And is it not something that each of you, as individuals, needs in a peculiar sense? Where it is present, there is an immediate decentralization of the dramatic “I,” of that capacity always to relate all happenings, all phenomena, all group work to oneself as the center.

I cannot enlarge further upon the subject of Intuition. It is too vast a matter, and too abstruse. All I can do is to put before you its three aspects and then to urge upon you the need to submit to that training and to apply to yourselves that discipline which will work out in your life as love, light and understanding. When the theory is grasped and the right adjustments are made and when the needed work is done, the personality then becomes magnetic, whilst the brain cells around the pineal gland, which have hitherto been dormant, become awakened and vibrant. The nucleus of every cell in the body is a point of light, and when the light of the intuition is sensed, it is this cell-light which will immediately respond. The continuance of the inflow of the light of the intuition will draw forth, esoterically speaking, into the light of day every cell which is so constituted that it will respond.

Om mane padme hum

We are at ~13% Incarnation

One of the facile arguments against reincarnation is that the number of humans incarnate now is higher than the number of people alive, say at zero A.D. People do not consider the integral between the limits of alpha and omega, with respect to time, delta T. They imagine some sequential bar chart, perhaps.

In the previous post the Tibetan suggests that there are 60 billion human monads. Never have these all been carnate at the same time. On this basis we are at the maximum percentage incarnation rate in our epoch {so far} of ~13%. Should the world swell to 60 billion all in meat at the same time it would be bad news for the planet!! They are already way too many of us locusts here on this blue planet of ours.

In so far as I can tell “my” monad is first ray. Which means when I call a spade a spade, I piss people off. It is not woke to use language like spade or shovel. People who are pissed off seek revenge, especially those with a fragile yet somehow massive ego, with a small e.

Most people are centred in their personality vehicle and are not infused by their soul. It is all about the separative ME, not us, nor Gaia. Very few have any monadic inflow into the matter of their meat, the wet dark grey matter which they worship as the temple of wisdom, a.k.a. brain.

It is possible we are due a massive dis-incarnation event(s).


What would the world be like with ~60 billion humans incarnate?

Would that nightmare satisfy the nit-picking accountant mentality?