Sixth Ray Entrenchment and Schism

Before a flame goes out it can sometimes have a brief brighter flicker.

The sixth ray of idealism and devotion is going out of manifestation. The two nations most prone to its influence at the personality level are Russia and USA. The personality does not think holistically it is separative. We are right and those commie / capitalist bastards are wrong. This drama played out for decades.

American led NATO expanded to the edge of Ukraine. Russia does not like this and deems it hostile. {I am sure countries like Germany liked having a land buffer.} Half of Germany knows Russia. Russia invades Ukraine. The blitzkrieg did not work. Most countries in NATO deem it right to punish Russia. Russia deems this aggressive so raises the stakes of nuclear poker by “annexing” parts of Ukraine. {Sudetenland anyone?} The sides are entrenched. {The Somme and Passchendaele.} Ukraine asks to join NATO. It does not yet fit the criteria. Will NATO have the cohones and bend the rules to let it join? In all of this nobody is speaking of the fiscal cost of all the weaponry heading East. Is production of weaponry being ramped up to fill the empty inventory? Truss says she is going to increase the defence spending to 3% of GDP. With what, imaginary unicorn or faery coins, I ask?

Does history repeat itself?

Nuclear fission is at the “heart” of atomic weapons. They are the weapon, par excellence, of separation, division and entrenchment. It may be fitting for the sixth ray to go out with a bang. After all our ideal is the only correct ideal, we will exterminate anyone who disagrees. {Saddam, Osama bin Laden, Litvinenko, Sergei Skripal}. When the pot calls the kettle black, and neither are self-aware, what can you do?

Nuclear war may in a strange way bring us all together by merit of shared experience. You could say that the cleavage of a sixth ray atomic weapons cause could usher in the synthesis effect of shared experience. Which would be tad ironic, don’t you think?

Mr and Mrs Heron?

Over the last few days there has been not just one but two herons in the garden and by the pond.

Here is one on the football pitch this morning.

It saw us trying to take a photo from indoors at 80m distance…and flew off.

To see two of these large birds fly up into the oaks by Le Jaudy is quite a sight!

Will they nest there and make heronettes in spring?

Do You Believe in Fate?

Fate as a concept has been around for a long time, way more than two thousand years. In ancient European theology there were even the The fates who spun out the destinies of mankind. People use the notion of fate in physics, in common parlance and in romantic novels. There is this made up concept of soul mate. Souls cannot mate they do not have the necessary equipment. “It was fated that their paths should cross.” Fate is not too far away from karma, dependent origination and cause and effect can be related to fate. If you do that cause you will get that effect, that fate.

We have just seen cause and effect in action. The UK government did a reverse Robin Hood budget, the effects are still rippling out.

I don’t think of fate as a done deal. I think that a fate is a set of lessons which you set up for yourselves by choosing the vehicle you incarnate into. How you handle and learn from those lessons is dependent upon your willingness to cooperate with what you chose for yourself when you felt again that need for meat. One can squander a given life or one can welcome with open hands what life offers.

So, we set up for ourselves a palette of possibility with which we paint our current life. It might be Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso or Warhol. It could be tags on the wall in an underpass. Or a life lived entirely in silicio in the god-dammed metaverse. We might open for ourselves an “only fans” page.

Trying to find out why we incarnated and to cooperate with the purpose of that incarnation is not easy. To do so we must begin to have Soular contact. If we start to sense the emanations of our Soul, we can cooperate and learn that which we need and want to learn.

If we have been an arrogant dickhead in a previous life, we might need to learn intelligent humility in the next. If we have been a doormat, we may need to learn to assert.

Dreaming, can help us to understand our fate. But we need to interpret dreams with an open mind and not with confirmation bias.

This morning I had an extensive dream pertaining to people who imagine that they are right. They think that they are expounding the true spirit of the Toltec teachings. They are so convinced that they know best. I beg to differ.

From my view they have gotten entirely the wrong end of the stick apropos of me. They have screwed up one possibility on the palette of possibility in this life.

Over the years I have offered many of these a feather of “hello” when my dreamer has suggested. In nearly all cases no reply. I am taboo.

I will restate. This is my current best attempt.

I think that a fate is a set of lessons which you set up for yourselves by choosing the vehicle you incarnate into and its circumstances. How you handle and learn from those lessons is dependent upon your willingness to cooperate with what you chose for yourself when you felt again that pressing need for meat. One can squander a given life or one can welcome with open hands what life offers.

Difficult to Believe

Many people hold the notion that is was Columbus who discovered the Americas. This is a very euro-centric view. They were already there, the Americas. I have read Breton folklore which suggests that Bretons went there way before Columbus, similarly Madog from North Wales is supposed to have been and there are Scandinavian stories too. Many people buy the Columbus story. If I remember correctly there was debate as to whether the world was flat and whether or not one might sail off the edge of the world. People can and do {allegedly} believe what they want, and many might convert religions to avoid torture or execution. People bullshit and spin for convenience.

{Word does not want me to use this word bullshit because it might offend, word is woke.}

While the wife was getting ger PET scan I was re-reading the introduction by Gregory Hays to “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. He outlines the supposedly Greek stoic philosophy of logos and the vital breath pneuma. The migrations of the early Celts had made it to Greece and the Balkans. They perhaps brought with them the notions of prana. It sounds like the same notion to me, pneuma and prana. A classicist might struggle to accept that Vedic thought underpins what they imagine to be pure Greek…There is a land bridge between Greece and the Indus valley. The influence of Persian Zoroaster is often passed over. “Pure” classics must not be tainted by browner people.

There is to my knowledge, no modern day archaeological proof for Atlantis. There is circumstantial evidence by the similarity of built structure and belief systems around the world. Atl in the Toltec tradition is the planetary logos. He whose thought form is our home. There are flood descriptions in many ancient texts. We know less about the depths of our oceans than we do about the surface of the moon.

I’ll wager that the notion of a continent of Atlantis being destroyed because of human ill-doing is very hard to believe for many people. Their minds would want proof, physical plane evidence. If you want to get a notion of what the planet is capable off, take a holiday in Santorini. There is a big caldera where an island used to be.

The previous post is pretty extensive and the book it is drawn from even larger.

It the notion of Atlantis too difficult to believe?

Water Shortage and Travelling with a Gamma Ray Emitter

It is strange. We watch UK news, France 24 and Al Jazeera. I read English and French Newspapers. I am quite a fan of Les Echos. It seems from here that the UK government has kind of lost the plot. Instead of getting down to business it spends its time firefighting about sex offenders, dreaming up catchy slogans, forbidden cheese and wine parties and now self-inflicted financial turmoil. It is not mentioning the taboo word Brexit because that is a lead balloon.

The French approach seems calmer and more measured. It is possible that EDF might be building some nuclear capability for UK. How will a weak pound help that? I am struggling to believe some of the things I have seen reported on UK news…really?

The local newspaper is suggesting that water levels are low and that there is about a month and a half of leeway. Using the let’s do this together approach the prefecture is asking people to reduce water consumption. During covid they used the first person plural US as well, not the nanny tells naughty boys and girls approach. Although we are not fully embedded into society one can see that collective action and collective responsibility are more instinctual here. It feels good and we are happy to join in. There is a joke about rain in Brittany, there is usually lots. The pond and Le Jaudy are up. Probably we shall be OK. The grass is back to green and mower frenzy approaches again.

Life in France has more rhythm, and they tend to think longer term. Motorway roadworks finish on time!!

Last night I drove the gamma ray emitter back from the hospital. The half life of F-18 is around 110 minutes. No doubt on the way home positrons were pinging about in her body and gamma rays issuing forth. She was slightly radioactive. By now her radioactivity will have dropped. The gamma rays, 511 keV photons, would have passed through me. I am wearing a t-shirt with a Λ particle decay and a peak at 1.12 GeV/c2. One of the guys at the hospital where she had the PET scan had a good long look at it yesterday but did not ask.

 And now we wait for the results…

Now Is the Winter of Our Discount Tents

I understand scorched earth thinking. When Hitler tried to invade Russia, they enacted a scorched earth policy at a terrible and brutal cost. A cost for Hitler and a cost for them. They, Russia, bore the cost; it is in the psyche. They remember.

The West may think it can negotiate gas supply. In the light of recent events, probably not. We can barter sanctions and gas price. Nah…

This “sabotage” if that is what it is, is “gloves off”. Irreversibility in September. Non-negotiable.

An irrevocable turn has perhaps happened.

Talk of stimulating growth in the UK economy by delusional economics is so far off the plot when compared to world events…

The storm is coming…

If you push someone into a corner, the results may well be unpredictable…

This does not bode well…

Considerable Uncertainty

There are reports in some press that the drop in gas pressure in the Nordstream pipelines are due to sabotage. A number of Chinese and Russian navy vessels were seen doing joint exercises near Alaska.

“Deutsche Bank have calculated that the surge in UK 10-year borrowing costs in recent days is the biggest shift in gilt yields since 1976.” says the Guardian

Russians are allegedly fleeing.

British building societies are pulling mortgage deals left right and centre.

I can remember 15% mortgage rates.

It all looks very unstable I am waiting to see if S&P, Fitch or Moody’s alter the UK credit rating. Should this happen things are going to get mightily unsteady.

We are past the equinox and heading towards winter. What kind of winter we will get is unknown.

I remember them being fairly predictable, they are not anymore. A cold winter and shortages in methane will make people sad and blue.

There is what the French call a neo-fascist prime minister in Italy. Marie Le Pen must be happy…

Muslims and Hindus fighting in Leicester.

I am kind of waiting for the next humdinger of chaos…

The world right now seems to be a very tense place, flammable even.

What next? What new joy?

Resolving Quantum Superpositions

If I have understood this correctly when a photon pair is created as a quantum superposition the moment the quantum states of one photon are measured and hence known, so by a kind of “subtraction” or “division” are that of the other. This happens “faster than the speed of light”. It does not matter what the distance is. Measuring one “resolves” the other. There is an implication of time in this. It depends which equations you use.

To the classical “reality” based physicist it is spooky though very groovy.

“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.

Science is inherently conservative…and time and time again that “certainty” is found to be unwarranted. New stuff happens…

History shows that the adamant insistence of some scientists has been blinkered and nigh on fanatical. History repeats itself this is a historical fact.

Human beings have created the notion of quantum superposition in the first place, through the mathematical descriptions, of observable phenomena.

The photons do not know what humans have described them as. Nor can they solve the equations applied. They are just photons. They do not have big brains.

Is the quantum superposition real or an artifact of human mind unable to adequately {for now} model and understand what is happening?

It works…

Was there no superposition in the first place only a love of human complexity?

Humans don’t like likelihood or probability. They like to assert, insist and be adamant. {soapbox}

When they do this, they are probably inaccurate and “wrong”.

How can we resolve this tendency?

Happy Valley School Mount Isa Queensland

From their web site.

“Happy Valley State School is located in Mount Isa, which is one of North Queensland and Australia’s premier mining areas. Happy Valley State School, which was originally opened in 1932 as Isa Mine State School, officially became Happy Valley State School in 1971 when it was relocated to the current Happy Valley site. 

Happy Valley State School community reflects Mount Isa’s multicultural population and includes support programs to improve outcomes for all students.

At Happy Valley State School, we work together to ensure that every child individualised success in their academic and social-emotional learning, within an environment that is both supportive and challenging.”

My old school:

Happy Valley State School

Brilliant Street
Happy Valley QLD 4825

This is the logo, a mine head. I started in the Mt Isa Mine State School and was relocated to Happy Valley with the school. I remember getting the school milk from under the verandas. It was pretty darned hot. So we must have been there in 1970.

We left a few months after cyclone Tracy

Cyclone Tracy was a tropical cyclone that devastated the city of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, from 24 to 26 December 1974.”

I remember the rain bouncing feet off the lawn and the Leichhardt river flooding so badly that the two sides of town were cut off from each other.

The school won a state champions award for science. I wonder if they would like to hear from an alumni who was there at the beginning.

I seem to remember that the queen visted, I thought it was the senility. But no here is photographic evidence.

Queen and Prince Philip visit Mt Isa in 1970

It is possible that my dad is somewhere in this picture, possibly the shorter bloke with the white helmet in the background. My dad was superintendant of lead-zinc-silver I think. He was a moderate sized cheese.

I had a collection of some neat rocks, some like this one….not my picture

Science and Taboo

Port Blanc this afternoon.

There are some things, in certain circles, that are effectively taboo. If I said something like, “I remember catching and locking up wayward nagals on Atlantis” or “we came here from a planet in the Sirius system, which had two suns, 18 million years ago” there are those who might think me a nut job. There are others who might mock me behind my back. I will wager if I was still an academic and the science undergraduate students found out, there would be gossip.

If I were to criticise people in new age circles for misusing scientific nomenclature, I would be a mean nasty person, to some not all.

I can’t win, it seems.

Similarly, if I say I have seen dead people, ghosts if you like. People might soapbox that I am making stuff up. I’ll wager that they would however be unwilling to come with me at night into a “haunted” house. With my vajra in hand I would be game. I see dead people from time to time or rather what is left of their sheaths.

The same people would start to get very uncomfortable if I started to speak of exorcism, even more if I started a rite of exorcism.

Is it taboo for a trained scientist to be an exorcist or is it just a taboo subject for conversation?

People who believe in exorcism by priest or voodoo, are unlikely to accept a chemical physicist laser jock as qualified exorcist.

Is it taboo for an exorcist to be a laser jock?

There are millions of people who believe in chakras but if I was to talk about the anja centre in a high resolution molecular spectroscopy conference it would go down faster than a lead balloon on a planet the same size as ours but with ten times the mass.

Scientists often think that they have very open minds and no prejudices. This is not necessarily the case.

I often wonder if I am, as a being, taboo. Or is it just my leper’s bell which puts people off.