Fanatically Devoted to the Archaic Economics

Fact: It is impossible to sustain continuous economic growth on a planet of finite resources. The resources will run out.

Fact: The Obsession with continuous economic growth has caused and is causing the global climate crisis.

Opinion: The so called financial trickle-down effect is a lie by the rich to appease the poor via a not so subtle manipulation.

Opinion: Chanting the mantra “economic growth, economic growth” will not stop global warming, nor will it stop the return of coronavirus.

It is impossible to have a cake and eat it. If you eat the cake, it is gone.

We have just seen a sixth ray budget {UK} based on archaic notions of economy. The growth during the Industrial Revolution put shed loads of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Doh…

People are fanatical about their cunning plans. They are unwilling to think of new ways. There is historical precedent of budgets like this causing boom-bust cycles. Do people not learn?

Opinion: Unless the world adopts a radically different economic paradigm, we are up shit creek in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle.

I found it hard to believe Russia would invade, it did. I found it hard that in times of economic difficulty anyone would give rich people a bung while others starve, crossing their fingers that the trickle down effect would supercharge the economy. It is the Agincourt salute methinks…

Go forth and multiply, plebs….

Using Mantra and Sound

In the previous post the mantra below is translated.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

I think of it as being:

gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond the beyond, hail the great awakening.

It is perhaps the mantra of a Tathāgata.

This from Wikipedia

“Tathāgata is a Pali word; Gautama Buddha uses it when referring to himself or other Buddhas in the Pāli Canon. The term is often thought to mean either “one who has thus gone” (tathā-gata), “one who has thus come” (tathā-āgata), or sometimes “one who has thus not gone” (tathā-agata). This is interpreted as signifying that the Tathāgata is beyond all coming and going – beyond all transitory phenomena. There are, however, other interpretations and the precise original meaning of the word is not certain.”

Together with AUM it is one of my favourites. It seems to me the mantra par excellence for shifting awareness a long way from the day to day drama of physical plane life. I have chanted it in my version of Tibetan Deep Voice very many times and it acts as a “key” to change jhana or state of awareness. I always do this with eyes closed.

One of the great things about living here is that one can really let rip with the chanting without fear of upsetting the neighbours. This means I can play with tone and volume. Have a listen to my recording of Gayatri which I made a couple of years after I found I could do this. This will give you a low sound volume idea.

One can roll the chant around one’s mouth and apply torque to the sound “pāra”. As one ramps up the volume and the intent coming out of the diaphragm control one takes conscious / awareness a long way. And then when you stop chanting there is a sense of complete stillness, emptiness and perhaps, a glimpse of śūnyatā.  There is utter silence after the sound.

As with all meditations one needs to take care that one can get back in into the body. The torque is what unscrews the Sahasrāra in the crown, lifts it and enables one to start to exit awareness by stretching the Antahkarana and Sutratma. If I may phrase it thus the quietness outside in deafening. Time and space cease to have their usual meaning and there is / can be a controlled contact with what Toltecs call the void. {I may elaborate on this another day} Because time is not, it can feel that one is “there” for a very long “time”, yet when one comes back to earth time only tens of minutes have passed.

What I am doing in this is high volume chanting whilst visualising the sound twisting the Sahasrāra “manhole cover” open. Then using the sound to elevate the cover so that I can take my awareness the other side of the cover.

I can now do this with out the need to chant.

One “exits” slowly. And when one comes back it must be done at exactly the same pace. If you imagine an elastic band stretched it needs a controlled relaxation otherwise it will “ping” and that is dangerous.

As described here this is a raja yoga visualisation using a Buddhist mantra chanted in something like Tibetan Deep Voice…

From my experience if you trust your intuition, you will find the appropriate notes yourself.

The mantra works on four levels

gate gate   —-   pāragate —- pārasaṃgate —- bodhi svāhā

Each level is further from the mundane and the hurly burly. The repetitive steps take you “out” of day to day mind.

Coming back is done by controlled intention, step wise. Slowly one materialises back in the head.

I always do some purification om ah hum as an act of sanctity, respect and of thanks. Before I open my eyes, I clap my hands three times to feel really grounded back.

I have just clapped….

This is an example of synthesis…


From the Compass of Zen

By Zen Master Seung Sahn


From Wikipedia

In the {full} sutra, Avalokiteśvara addresses Śariputra, explaining the fundamental emptiness (śūnyatā) of all phenomena, known through and as the five aggregates of human existence (skandhas): form (rūpa), feeling (vedanā), volitions (saṅkhāra), perceptions (saṃjñā), and consciousness (vijñāna). Avalokiteśvara famously states, “Form is Emptiness (śūnyatā). Emptiness is Form”, and declares the other skandhas to be equally empty—that is, dependently originated.

Avalokiteśvara then goes through some of the most fundamental Buddhist teachings such as the Four Noble Truths, and explains that in emptiness none of these notions apply. This is interpreted according to the two truths doctrine as saying that teachings, while accurate descriptions of conventional truth, are mere statements about reality—they are not reality itself—and that they are therefore not applicable to the ultimate truth that is by definition beyond mental understanding. Thus the bodhisattva, as the archetypal Mahayana Buddhist, relies on the perfection of wisdom, defined in the Mahāprajñāpāramitā Sūtra to be the wisdom that perceives reality directly without conceptual attachment, thereby achieving nirvana.

The sutra concludes with the mantra gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā, meaning “gone, gone, everyone gone to the other shore, awakening, svaha.


Written by

Richard Hayes
Religious Studies
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

The key word is BODHI, a feminine noun in the vocative case, which means awakening. All the other words are also in the vocative feminine and therefore modify BODHI.

GATE means gone.

PARAGATE means gone to the further shore and is a stock Sanskrit expression used by Jains and Buddhists to refer to arahants. (The word PARA means the bank of a river opposite to the one on which one is presently standing.)

PARASAMGATE means completely gone to the further shore. (The prefix SAM is intensive in meaning: completely, thoroughly, altogether.)

SVAHA is an indeclinable particle from Vedic Sanskrit. It is said to be the name of the wife of Agni, the god of fire. It is used at the end of a recitation that accompanies a burnt offering made at a Vedic sacrifice (rather as “amen” is used at the end of a prayer in Christian liturgy). It cannot really be translated, since it is a performative word rather than a word that conveys meaning.

The whole mantra, literally translated, comes out a bit like this: “Oh awakening that has gone, gone, gone to the further shore, gone completely to the further shore. Amen.”

Status and Kudos in the New Age

Can you measure kudos and status with an electromagnetic device?


They are socio-political constructs of human inter-personal power dynamics and negotiation. They are technically made up and imagined things. Nevertheless, they do enable certain actions. Some status and kudos are un-earned, they come along by nature of birth. Famous parents by association confer fame on their offspring. There are Nepo kids.

As things currently are materialistic wealth confers status and kudos. We have all heard of Gates, Bezos and Musk. They are famous geezers.

Different groupings have different kudos metrics. In science a Nobel Prize confers a lot of “brownie” points. Depending on who you are Lionel Messi has way more brownie points than Roger Penrose. More people will read about Messi than Penrose. I have read some Penrose and the dude is smart. I have never read anything by Messi and don’t read much about him, but you cannot open a newspaper or watch the news without coming across that name.

The New Age when it manifests fully will bear little resemblance to our current one. If humanity is heading towards buddhic “polarisation”, the genuine intuitional, many of our current socio-political “artefacts” must fade, wither and die. If consciousness is elevated away from the gonadic, a tiny bikini or a pair of budgie smugglers won’t buy you fame, kudos and power.

The notion of rank on the physical plane will cease to have such vested and apparent importance. You may be a dame or a laird but does a leopard give a toss? If it met you in a jungle on a dark night, you would be supper. If one looks the relevance of monarchy is on the wane despite endless twaddle about Diana. Being a lord is pretty common these days, a bit of arse kissing, and a few donations and you are off.

How humanity transitions from where we are now to the full manifestation of the New Age is unknown. It will not be quick and there may need to be wholesale devastation so that the clinging old forms fail and need replacement.

I’ll speculate that when people become more Soul infused the notion of power over another being will lose its temptation and thus the need to invent things through which power over is asserted and inflicted will ease. The popularity of slavery and serfdom has already gone. People have tried to redact history.

Society has changed and in the last few hundred years manacling and whipping others for labour has become unfashionable. There are karmic legacies in the leisure sector. Things have changed radically which suggests that even more radical change is not only possible but likely.

Elsewhere in this blog I have suggested that the mantra of economic growth is unsustainable on a planet of finite resource. But today Prime Minister Mary O’Leary sees growth as the way out of an economic black hole. Nobody it seems is willing to acknowledge yet that a complete change of economic paradigm, must in due course, occur.

Continuous attempts at economic growth are the direct cause of climate change. It is so obvious!!

If genuine and intuitional intelligence finds purchase in the hearts of humanity, there will be no need for enforced and inflicted human power structures. People will not feel the urge to be “better than” to have more kudos and status than their brothers and sisters.

The notion of winning will not be about beating other beings, but winning liberation from the three lower worlds. Petty interpersonal point scoring will be seen as primitive as cannibalism. One upmanship will die out. Snobbery will have its death throes.

There will be no place for kudos and status as we imagine them now, in the fully dawned New Age.

Duḥkha –दुःख – Suffering – Dissatisfaction

For a long while, in this lifetime, I had something of a problem with Buddhist teachings. I kept thinking, “why is it so miserable?”. Why do they keep banging on about suffering all the time? Do they have a poor me, victim mind-set? Oh, it is so unfair, life is so hard, and the universe is mean to me. They pretend to be calm and then they whinge on about suffering…

Then one day I saw the translation – dissatisfaction.


After that it all made sense because so many people are so very dissatisfied with their lot. They always want more, and the grass is always greener somewhere else. This materialistic acquisitional dissatisfaction is aback the climate change crisis. Siddhartha saw this 2500 years ago! What a genius.

The world rotates around more and never finds enough, therefore there is dissatisfaction. People do not have their wants desires and ambitions satisfied. They are hungry ghosts.

Over the years I have met many people, some with good health and a well paid job, who have a massive chip on their shoulder and feel very hard done by even when there is much to be grateful for. There are a lot of whingers and moaners out there who think life is unfair to them even when they are “successful”!

They have the “it is not fair mummy” mantra going around.

It is simple.


Are you dissatisfied with your life?

If so, why?

Who is the cause of your apparent dissatisfaction?

Have you ever attained the state of enough?

Unacceptable Truths

There are some things which the human mind is unwilling to accept or at least accept fully, because to truly accept these things changes everything. People in general prefer some comforting “version” of reality over reality itself. I have said in this blog that in my opinion humanity will not reach its current climate change targets for 2050 unless something truly dramatic and/or devastating happens which acts as an alarm call which cannot be put on snooze.

In my opinion the economic paradigm of aquisitional materialistic hedonism under the mantra of economic growth is not sustainable upon a planet of finite resource. The logic in this statement is true.

The bank of England is predicting recession, one of the Tory candidates is saying that economic growth will solve all the problems on the red national balance sheet. There is no obvious way to get people to accept the truth that growth is in the longer term unsustainable, it is an unacceptable truth within the context of the current economic paradigm. People must at one level know this truth but then they forget about it and chant the mantra of growth.

I have often wondered if GDP growth is a little like exam grade inflation. People don’t get smarter, teachers don’t improve vastly, people learn how to play the increasingly predictable exam game. There was already dumbing down when I worked in a university. Prices goes up, GDP growth ensues. It is real growth or an artificial thing? What is growth calibrated against?

In the previous post about context and juxtaposition, I hinted at a possible truth which deviates from those that other people might have of me. That putative truth suggests that I am some kind of reincarnated Buddhist monk / priest. I am guessing that this possible truth would be very hard to swallow for a large number of people who may have interacted with me. Implicit in it are some strong karmic implications for people who have been a bit of a Jeremy towards me. It also suggests that although they may be adamant about what their interactions have meant, they have gotten entirely the wrong end of the stick. They may not be able to accept this from within their own paradigm of “reality”. To appreciate would require work and learning which is not their main interest in life. They may be too busy to lend it even the most fleeting of passing thoughts. Who even donates a turd?

I joke that I am a geek-yogi superposition state, therefore a quantum yogi. I am bilingual, in that I can speak concrete science and esoteric thought.

Many at best pay lip service to the notion of reincarnation. Some still imagine Pearly Gates and Hellfire. Most are caught up in the pass times of modern existence. There are a lot of displacement activities and much escapism.

Logically the only way one gets to find out with 100% surety about what happens after death is to die. At brain death consciousness either ceases or it carries on without any corporeal apparatus. Ladies and gentlemen faites vos jeux, place your bets. Everyone is certain that they are going to die, but few prepare for it whilst they can still significantly alter their orientation towards life. When there is little left on the clock one cannot alter the deeds of a life, there is not sufficient time to rebalance, it is too late.

I have been “told” that I am never coming back here as a human being, this makes me a non-returner within that context.

So what?

Many people say things for effect. We can hear what others say and then discount it, even forget hearing it. Our confirmation biases are often rigid and far reaching, though we might never accept this. Biased, moi? Anything which does not fit with our confirmation bias is discounted in a neo-Pavlovian way. It does not even get considered.

Is this statement about not coming back, my imagination, something that I am saying for effect or is it an unacceptable truth; a truth that is hard to accept from within your paradigm or a truth which is hard to accept because it has implications. I know several people who might take this statement at face value and go, ok no big deal. Others might think that I am a whacko nut job.

It is not my problem; I am not coming back.

I have a version of some events which suggests that various people are deep in the karmic do-do. There is no way on earth that these people would accept this. They are adamantly convinced that they are right and thoroughly justified in their actions and in the manner in which they construct their version of “reality”. To even accept as a working hypothesis that my version has any merit, would be to start to reorient themselves towards their “reality” paradigm, this would be destabilising for their view of the world. It would be, therefore, unacceptable because the acceptance changes the perception of everything.

Sometimes the penny refuses to drop, and people demonstrate their magical powers of telekinesis to keep said penny in the air, they are like Magneto, so to speak.


Have you ever found it difficult to accept something which was/is true?

Did you ever break any rules about having office parties during lock down?

What makes a truth unacceptable to you?

8,300,000 and Rising!

Is aquisitional materialistic hedonism working?

Perhaps it is for some but last year in the UK there were 8,300,000 people taking some form of antidepressant, that figure is 12% of the total population and was on the up. Some figures I have found for France suggest that the antidepressant percentage is 9.7% but the anti-anxiolytic figure was a whopping 17.4%. I did wonder why the French kept banging on about being anxious.

That is a large number of people who are not happy bunnies.

Prescriptions for children and the elderly are probably down from this figure, so it might suggest that something like 1 in 5 adults had a prescription, in the UK, for antidepressants and well more than 1 in five in France had one for anti-anxiolytics.

This means on average, if you know five people, one of them is being treated for mental “illness”. The illness density per capita is higher in teens and young adults.

What do we do?

Try to persuade them the society as it currently is works and give them some pills? Or do we accept that the modern way of living simply is not working for a fair tranche of the population.

People are not taking climate change seriously; they are not addressing the so-called mental health crisis. I’ll wager as the cost of living crisis worsens the number of prescriptions for pills will get even higher.

There is this “sticking plaster” mentality. “Let’s deal with the effects and not go to the cause…”

Something has got to change and radically so.

If the younger people are being peddled Love Island which is all about vanity and shagging, they are not being given a balanced approach to living. All this obsession with image and appearance, is not conducive to inner peace.

Unfortunately change from within the paradigm of economic “growth” and aquisitional materialistic hedonism is unlikely. There must be a vast paradigm shift or even destruction of paradigm, sooner or later. Humans will not make this shift willingly; they will look for more and more sticking plasters and pray for silver bullet cures.

Future generations, if there are any, will think, “They knew this was happening and they did nothing? They fiddled with each other while the planet burned!”

It is unlikely that I have more than twenty years left on the clock. I won’t get to see if the “agreed” targets are met by 2050. I will wager that they will not be.

Just when will humanity understand the difference between more and enough?

This is the crux and the solution and is simplicity in itself. It is so obvious, but people in general do not want to shift in that direction…

More is the cause of the climate crisis. The paradigm of unlimited growth in a finite ecosystem is obviously and ultimately untenable. Yet economists keep banging on about growth; it is deeply illogical. The mantra of “growth” is the mantra of excessive consumption. People don’t phrase it that way, consume, consume, consume does not sound as nice as grow. It is a legerdemain.

Is aquisitional materialistic hedonism working?


Sahasrāra – pārasaṃgate

Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

In various traditions at death the awareness is extracted via the Sahasrāra, the Antahkarana and Sutratma are withdrawn, and the lower vehicles cease to be animated by the causal reincarnating jiva. The time taken for this varies according to tradition and being. The lower vehicles fade away. The body is burned or buried. Legend has it that what people see as ghosts are not lost Souls rather empty shells, lower vehicles, which have not yet disintegrated. They are largely vital/etheric and astral/emotional forms.

I have been experimenting mixing mantra in deep voice chanting with raja yoga visualisation over the years. In my case one aids the other and in particular the above mantra is brilliant for going beyond and going beyond the beyond. It does what it says on the tin.

A part of the central column meditation starts with om mane padme hum, or the jewel in the centre of the lotus in which one opens the petals of the “heart” chakra enabling direct communication with the causal jiva.

The next stage is to elevate the jewel and then transfer consciousness “above the jewel”. After a while a second fire can be seen rotating atop the jewel in the centre of the lotus. This is the first sign of monadic contact. The colour indicates upon which of the three rays the monad of a being is.

If physical plane death is extraction of the two threads, might one prepare for it so that the process is relaxed and practised?

In theory yes, but one would have to open the Sahasrāra.

This is on the central column directly above the “heart” chakra, on the same axes as the rotating diamond.

Just as the jewel in the centre of the lotus rotates on its axis, there is circular motion in the Sahasrāra. To take awareness beyond Sahasrāra is not for the foolhardy nor the feint of heart. Mess it up and it is curtains.

Using the pārasaṃgate mantra, at correct pitch and with significant intent, it is possible to “unscrew” the Sahasrāra and take awareness beyond. There is a loss of sense of body if one does this and one needs to take care to stretch the threads only a tiny bit each time.  If one or both of the threads snapped, you would be deep in the Sierra. The wife would find a lifeless piece of meat sat in a chair.

It took me several months of effort to even start to budge the Sahasrāra one tiny bit. It is like a cast iron manhole cover. In my inner space it does not resemble any of the drawings which can be found by an image search. What amazes me about the illustrations of these things is that they are generally gaudy and are in no way sufficiently ephemeral.

I suspect that a lot of what is written  and drawn is borrowed, or imagined and not based on personal experience.

What lies above Sahasrāra extends {this is a massive understatement}. If I am not kidding myself, then it is possible to stretch the Antahkarana and Sutratma in an analogous way one does a corporeal yoga stretch.

Oaths, Vows and Other Spells

It is 34˚C in the shade outside and I am now in full summer dress which comprises army surplus camouflage desert combat trousers and a vest. I have adopted the local shaving habit.

I mentioned previously that my personality is best described as seventh ray. This means that I am interested in the synthesis of ideas, philosophies and thought. It also means that I am interested in ceremonial order or magic. Despite the word magic I am very fond of plans and in particular planning, the act of drawing up a plan.

I enjoy the planning, the scoping out, way more than execution.

Have a look at this quotation below and my image above. Do these two things belong together? What if I had a cape, a funny hat and a wand?

Excerpted from:

Esoteric Psychology II – Chapter II – The Ray of Personality – The Coordination of the Personality

By Alice Bailey and Djwhal Kuhl

Ray Seven

    ” ‘I seek to bring the two together. The plan is in my hands. How shall I work? Where lay the emphasis? In the far distance stands the One Who Is. Here at my hand is form, activity, substance, and desire. Can I relate these and fashion thus a form for God? Where shall I send my thought, my power the word that I can speak?

    ‘I, at the center, stand, the worker in the field of magic. I know some rules, some magical controls, some Words of Power, some forces which I can direct. What shall I do? Danger there is. The task that I have undertaken is not easy of accomplishment, yet I love power. I love to see the forms emerge, created by my mind, and do their work, fulfil the plan and disappear. I can create. The rituals of the Temple of the Lord are known to me. How shall I work?

    ‘Love not the work. Let love of God’s eternal Plan control your life, your mind, your hand, your eye. Work towards the unity of plan and purpose which must find its lasting place on earth. Work with the Plan; focus upon your share in that great work.’

    The word goes forth from soul to form: ‘Stand in the center of the pentagram, drawn upon that high place in the East within the light which ever shines. From that illumined center work. Leave not the pentagram. Stand steady in the midst. Then draw a line from that which is without to that which is within and see the Plan take form.’ “

It is not possible to be more explicit than this. This great and powerful ray is now coming into manifestation and it brings new energies to man of so potent a nature that the disciples of today must move and work with care. They are literally handling fire. It is the children who are now coming into incarnation who will eventually work more safely and more correctly with these new potencies.


I use mantra meditation and chanting. I have taken a foundation course in shamanism and have attended two Vajrayana empowerments, Guru Rinpoche to develop tantric abilities and Tara for protection, healing and developing compassion. Since then, I have experimented with other mantra, my favourite pertains to the heart sutra.

Tayatha om, gate gate, para gate, para sum gate, bodhi svaha.

Family legend has it that my great grandmother from deepest darkest Snowdonia was a witch. Sometimes the gift skips generations so I have a bloodline which may be suited to/for the gift.

From one angle these mantras can be viewed as spells. But a spell without intent is just a collection of words. It is the combination of intent and word that makes magic be that dark or white.

As I mentioned before I used to hang out in scientific circles and therein the notion of magic and things that go bump in the night are not widely accepted, to understate and by several orders of magnitude. What people might say in a nice city office surrounded by technology would differ if for example I had them out here, with no light pollution down by Le Jaudy at midnight. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility to induce a trouser changing moment for them. I could introduce them to the Korrigans who live by the river.

Le korrigan est une créature légendaire de Bretagne, comparable au lutin. Bienveillant ou malveillant selon les cas, il peut faire preuve d’une extrême générosité, mais est capable d’horribles vengeances.

« Korrigan » (du breton korr, nain, suivi du diminutif ig et du suffixe an (ancien diminutif qui n’est plus utilisé en breton moderne et populaire contemporain si ce n’est dans des mots figés, tels que korr-ig-an, traduction littérale le nain-petit-petit), pluriel breton : korriganed) signifie « petit nain » avec un suffixe hypocoristique très fréquent dans les noms de personnes. Au féminin, on trouve parfois une forme féminisée à la manière française, « korrigane », qui peut désigner une fée malfaisante. Bien qu’il soit connu comme « le lutin de Bretagne », le korrigan renvoie étymologiquement au nain (korr) et non au lutin. Les préfixes corr- (littérature galloise) et cor- (ancien cornique) désignent tous deux un nain et le cornique moderne au mot korrik (pluriel korrigow) pour désigner un gnome ou un lutin.

La langue bretonne connaît un très grand nombre de mots pour désigner le petit peuple, et dans cette « région infestée de lutins », il est commun de les distinguer par leur habitat. Pierre Dubois attribue aux kornikaneds les bois, aux korils, courils, corrics, kriores, kéréores et kannerez noz les landes, aux poulpiquets les vaux, aux teuz les prés, aux boléguéans les tumuli, aux hoseguéannets les cercles de pierres et aux boudics, boudiguets et bouffon noz les fermes. Mais la Bretagne connaît aussi des « farfadets », « duz », « korrigs », « kerrighed », « komaudons », « korandons », « kormandons », « kérions », « ozégans », « fomiquets » ou encore « chorriquets ». Au fil du temps, toutes ces petites créatures jadis distinctes sont venues à être désignées sous l’unique nom de « korrigan ».

See the thing is that many people have a tendency to scoff about things that they personally have no experience of. Especially if that makes them look good amongst their peers and pals.

The words in any spell are designed to aid in building intent to empower the spell and so often it is the increasing rhythm and volume that shows the intent is building. Magic always has some rhytym.

I mentioned that I have, in effect, taken the Bodhisattva vow in this lifetime because of my repeated reading of it. I have checked out numerous translations.

A long time back I apparently entered an apprenticeship with someone claiming to be a nagal being. This involved making some kind of binding oath to him. We fell out for one reason or another and I spent the next three years or so skilfully getting him to release me from this apprenticeship, because some spells need the release of another party. If that release is not given, they remain binding to a degree. The power may wain but not the connection.

When I got him to say in writing that my apprenticeship was terminated, I felt a magnificent sense of release.

Any oath or vow then can be viewed technically as some form of spell.

You may not believe in magic but how many contracts have you entered into? Is the wording in such things a bit like a Harry Potter spell? What costumes do the wizards in the highest court wear?

I have participated in a massive magical ceremony or two at The Royal Albert Hall where the rites of passage of degree for thousands of youngsters was presided over by my colleagues and me. I was dressed in a funny gown with a weird hat. We were led out onto the stage by someone holding a ceremonial rod. There we presided.

When I was a co-founder of a spin out company the document we signed was very binding of us. The intent was clear. It was to make sure that we could not leave the company. It was a spell of attachment because we had not put huge amounts of personal cash in.  The second round funding document is close to one kilo in mass. They kindly let us sign in ink and not blood. The release document was a single side of A4.

A marriage is a form of binding spell, and this is backed up in most cases by sex. These spells therefore run deep and although unpicked on paper the binding persists for many years. We see it in the Depp/Heard case. They are using a bunch of magicians {lawyers} to sift through the debris in public.

I have vowed my allegiance as a child to a flag bearing the Southern Cross, Australia.

Having said all of the above I can also say that I have measured quantum mechanical tunnelling phenomena using mass resolved two colour resonant multiphoton ionisation mass spectroscopy with a resolution of 0.2 cm-1 or ~6ppm in energy. I have carried out Ab Initio calculations at MP4 level using Møller–Plesset perturbation theory.

One needs a fair bit of Arcane training so to do.


They control the pleasure of our birthright

And to survive we have to struggle and fight

The present confrontation of our mind

The flexibility of our vision


What is life? I try to see

What is life? It’s unity

What is life? Life is a dream

What is life? Life is a treat


Black Uhuru