Have You Been to Shamballa?

In the blue books opus, there are over 800 mentions of Shamballa. If what I read today on that great source of accurate information the internet, is correct, people have even tried to find it on the physical plane, and this includes Hitler and his crew.

Also, in that opus, it suggests that the world will undergo radical and transformative change as the old influences die out. The death throes are unlikely to be pretty. To let go of the unfeasible economic growth dogma, will be hard. The change from hedonistic acquisitional materialism to a completely different orientation towards life, will take time. Humanity has never before been so obsessed with stuff and images. It is held fast in this dense quagmire of heavy materialism.

Matter matters most…

We do not know what the new age will look like. It won’t be about being woke, smoking pot dancing with flowers in our hair, nor will it be about commercialising penis scented candles. For the new age to dawn, handwringing whingeing must pass.

The otherwise intelligent scientist, who believes they have an open mind, under the influence of the sixth ray will dogmatically insist that unless there is measurable physical plane evidence, Shamballa cannot exist. So utterly enthralled by matter they would be unwilling to accept even the notion or hypothesis of Shamballa. They would be adamant that they are right.

If I were to say to a scientist that they are a fanatic, they would not be happy bunnies. After all fanatics have beards, wear strange unfashionable clothes and blow shit up. Is that not what your common or garden physicist did in the 1940s? Are they still doing it now underground in Europe in their temple complexes?

“We are not the fanatics, that is you, old boy…We are sane and balanced. Everybody else is the fanatic.”

The whole LGBTQ++-&Z*åơ debate is riven with a form of fanaticism, gender is a matter of genetics not preference.

There is a lot of fanaticism about…

If I said that I have been to Shamballa, most would not believe me. If I say that I go there on a regular basis, I could be headed to the funny farm.

I can construct the most intricate thought forms…

What would be the implications if I have been to Shamballa?

Fanatically Devoted to the Archaic Economics

Fact: It is impossible to sustain continuous economic growth on a planet of finite resources. The resources will run out.

Fact: The Obsession with continuous economic growth has caused and is causing the global climate crisis.

Opinion: The so called financial trickle-down effect is a lie by the rich to appease the poor via a not so subtle manipulation.

Opinion: Chanting the mantra “economic growth, economic growth” will not stop global warming, nor will it stop the return of coronavirus.

It is impossible to have a cake and eat it. If you eat the cake, it is gone.

We have just seen a sixth ray budget {UK} based on archaic notions of economy. The growth during the Industrial Revolution put shed loads of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Doh…

People are fanatical about their cunning plans. They are unwilling to think of new ways. There is historical precedent of budgets like this causing boom-bust cycles. Do people not learn?

Opinion: Unless the world adopts a radically different economic paradigm, we are up shit creek in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle.

I found it hard to believe Russia would invade, it did. I found it hard that in times of economic difficulty anyone would give rich people a bung while others starve, crossing their fingers that the trickle down effect would supercharge the economy. It is the Agincourt salute methinks…

Go forth and multiply, plebs….

Light Through Darkness

It is possible that parts of the world will be plunged into darkness this winter, both literally and metaphorically. Whilst the West ramps up its anti-Putin rhetoric Lavrov only pays lip service to the UN Security council. There is a mobilisation in Russia and the western newspapers comment on Russians fleeing. I think there may be an unwillingness to acknowledge that this conflict is going to be longer and much wider spread. Hitler mobilised. People did not take it seriously.

I have said before that a nuclear winter is one way to slow global warming. It is a stark statement.

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

I personally am concerned for the UK economy with the ideological steps being touted for today. It is not conservative to put everything on tick, on the credit card. There is a choice to put a sticking plaster on and cross your fingers or to actually try something meaningful. The short term thinking of the West is in contrast to the longer term strategy in the East. Trying to please people to stay in power is not necessarily a good idea.

This morning I am thinking about water butts, purifying tablets, Geiger counter and Iodine. My pals at Agroconomy have been in touch. I have bought various things from them before. Is it time to think about a generator? Perhaps not yet.

Darkness precedes light.

Are we going that way?  

Differing World Models

The other day someone asked me if I was sad that Elizabeth had died. Rather than replying that I think death is a natural process and when someone goes there is no reason to be sad. I said that in my opinion, she was ready to go after Phillip died. They replied that she is up there with him now.

Many people say things like that, suggesting that people are together again after death. Very large numbers of people believe {apparently} in heaven and hell. They crop up in many figures of speech. The extent and depth of belief may vary. There is precedent of English royalty paying the church for shorter time in purgatory etc. by purchase of indulgences. If you are scared of punishment for sin trying to bribe your way out of it isn’t entirely rational.

This is it, there are many different world models. Some / most have an after death place to go to and that place is not the crematorium. I have met Christian, Jewish and Muslim scientists. I have had some interesting chats with the latter about the meaning of God’s name in Arabic, inter alia.

I guess many people are largely agnostic yet they like Easter and Christmas or whatever the appropriate festivals are. Islam is more demanding of its adherents than many faiths. People in general give a nod to divinity but are a tad lax with the rules, so to speak. Many people have died in the name of God, and by clash of creed. It goes on now. People insist their version of reality is real and they kill others who disagree. Most of these wars were really about power and not about following the teachings of religion. People can twist stuff to justify in their minds what they are doing.

What I wrote in the last post about ritual is unverifiable. For all you know I could be making stuff up.

I kept a lab book…

Billions of people believe in things which cannot be verified by modern scientific methods.

People believe that economic growth driven by materialistic consumerism is the answer to the threat of recession. The reality that the climate change targets are slipping and will not be met is something that people do not get or want to get. I saw the Prime Minister of Barbados speaking on French TV. The promises made for assistance have not been met. The little countries don’t matter, she said they were having problems even sourcing solar panels…She was very eloquent. She spoke of the disasters in Europe and Pakistan. The floods in Pakistan are biblical in proportion.

We cannot consume our way out of climate change. But people want to have their cake and eat it. Like a plague of locusts on the planet, we destroy.  We must it seems continue to consume and cross our fingers that it will all be OK in the end.

The problem is that the behaviours and way of thinking are so habituated.

People are so convinced that they and only they are right.

They will kill each other to prove this…how silly…

Wanting to be exclusively right and justifying actions by twisting stuff is at the root of world problems. It is another way of saying that egotism is causal of planetary disaster. But nobody will admit this, they would rather deflect and argue the toss…pointing the finger at someone else is easier, in the short term, than taking responsibility…

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it is a big massive TGV heading our way…

Status and Kudos in the New Age

Can you measure kudos and status with an electromagnetic device?


They are socio-political constructs of human inter-personal power dynamics and negotiation. They are technically made up and imagined things. Nevertheless, they do enable certain actions. Some status and kudos are un-earned, they come along by nature of birth. Famous parents by association confer fame on their offspring. There are Nepo kids.

As things currently are materialistic wealth confers status and kudos. We have all heard of Gates, Bezos and Musk. They are famous geezers.

Different groupings have different kudos metrics. In science a Nobel Prize confers a lot of “brownie” points. Depending on who you are Lionel Messi has way more brownie points than Roger Penrose. More people will read about Messi than Penrose. I have read some Penrose and the dude is smart. I have never read anything by Messi and don’t read much about him, but you cannot open a newspaper or watch the news without coming across that name.

The New Age when it manifests fully will bear little resemblance to our current one. If humanity is heading towards buddhic “polarisation”, the genuine intuitional, many of our current socio-political “artefacts” must fade, wither and die. If consciousness is elevated away from the gonadic, a tiny bikini or a pair of budgie smugglers won’t buy you fame, kudos and power.

The notion of rank on the physical plane will cease to have such vested and apparent importance. You may be a dame or a laird but does a leopard give a toss? If it met you in a jungle on a dark night, you would be supper. If one looks the relevance of monarchy is on the wane despite endless twaddle about Diana. Being a lord is pretty common these days, a bit of arse kissing, and a few donations and you are off.

How humanity transitions from where we are now to the full manifestation of the New Age is unknown. It will not be quick and there may need to be wholesale devastation so that the clinging old forms fail and need replacement.

I’ll speculate that when people become more Soul infused the notion of power over another being will lose its temptation and thus the need to invent things through which power over is asserted and inflicted will ease. The popularity of slavery and serfdom has already gone. People have tried to redact history.

Society has changed and in the last few hundred years manacling and whipping others for labour has become unfashionable. There are karmic legacies in the leisure sector. Things have changed radically which suggests that even more radical change is not only possible but likely.

Elsewhere in this blog I have suggested that the mantra of economic growth is unsustainable on a planet of finite resource. But today Prime Minister Mary O’Leary sees growth as the way out of an economic black hole. Nobody it seems is willing to acknowledge yet that a complete change of economic paradigm, must in due course, occur.

Continuous attempts at economic growth are the direct cause of climate change. It is so obvious!!

If genuine and intuitional intelligence finds purchase in the hearts of humanity, there will be no need for enforced and inflicted human power structures. People will not feel the urge to be “better than” to have more kudos and status than their brothers and sisters.

The notion of winning will not be about beating other beings, but winning liberation from the three lower worlds. Petty interpersonal point scoring will be seen as primitive as cannibalism. One upmanship will die out. Snobbery will have its death throes.

There will be no place for kudos and status as we imagine them now, in the fully dawned New Age.

Duḥkha –दुःख – Suffering – Dissatisfaction

For a long while, in this lifetime, I had something of a problem with Buddhist teachings. I kept thinking, “why is it so miserable?”. Why do they keep banging on about suffering all the time? Do they have a poor me, victim mind-set? Oh, it is so unfair, life is so hard, and the universe is mean to me. They pretend to be calm and then they whinge on about suffering…

Then one day I saw the translation – dissatisfaction.


After that it all made sense because so many people are so very dissatisfied with their lot. They always want more, and the grass is always greener somewhere else. This materialistic acquisitional dissatisfaction is aback the climate change crisis. Siddhartha saw this 2500 years ago! What a genius.

The world rotates around more and never finds enough, therefore there is dissatisfaction. People do not have their wants desires and ambitions satisfied. They are hungry ghosts.

Over the years I have met many people, some with good health and a well paid job, who have a massive chip on their shoulder and feel very hard done by even when there is much to be grateful for. There are a lot of whingers and moaners out there who think life is unfair to them even when they are “successful”!

They have the “it is not fair mummy” mantra going around.

It is simple.


Are you dissatisfied with your life?

If so, why?

Who is the cause of your apparent dissatisfaction?

Have you ever attained the state of enough?

50mm in 20 minutes

As we arrived back from the hospital the heavens opened and we were trapped for a while in the car as lightning, thunder and hail surrounded us.

When it eased I got the wheelchair out and took the wife inside. My combat trousers are still wet…

I love electrical storms with a passion. Right now I am feeling as high as a kite and all electrified.

The card now in play is La Maison Dieu

Liberation Through the Power of Intent.

One from the vaults…

La Maison Dieu – Triskélion Dream 05-05-2011

During the night there was a spectacular lightning and thunder show. First a couple of flashes then two huge flashes so bright that they could bee seen inside a curtained room through closed eyelids. The thunder of the first flash was extremely loud and right on top of us. The second one was a few seconds away. It was totally energizing.

Then the visual Image of Liberation Through the Power of Intent – La Maison Dieu

I had a short dream and then dream after dream of La Maison Dieu over and over. The notion was it was not for me I was even composing poetry about it.


Now I am like Jason Bourne. I have been asleep and bighting my tongue. It is sore and bleeding a little though I am unconcerned by this. Ahead of me is a wheel shaped like this.

The arms are of an iridescent deep red and an iridescent gold.

I am attached to the wheel, and it is a part of me. The wheel starts to revolve, and I merge with the wheel moving through space and time, spinning.


La Maison Dieu

Crowned in self important glory

man walks close

the house of God


Carrying worldly wealth,

fickle fame

and transitory temporal power


He seeks to deal with God

to buy his very own

stairway to heaven

Heaven is not for buying

and a thunderbolt

ejects man from His house

Bringing him to his knees

amidst his scattered goods

to ponder on his folly


To ponder the price of crowns,

the price of material obsession

and the cost of all his deeds

Firewood is Scarce!

Our normal supplier has stock problems! The wife has rung around, and the nearby lumberyard is sold out, the answering machine for another supplier is full.

So, we have ordered some less dry wood, which needs 3 months of drying.

Delivery which is usually within a week is three weeks out!!

Looks like everybody is having the same idea.

I have just scouted over in the swamp and there are some dead trees there.

There are two trees in the orchard which are earmarked.

The bumble bee nest in the central shed is active, there is a fair supply there. I may get a nest destroying kit.

I have a sneaky idea what I am going to be doing later in the year…..