The Stench of Death

If you have been used to going out into the bush you get a nose for the smell of death.

A while ago now, I picked up the smell of a dead animal just outside our property. I thought it was something small. This afternoon when I walked around the pond the smell was very strong in one corner. It could not be a bird. It had to be something big. I looked and there, just the other side of the fence, was a big hairy carcass.

It looks to be a wild boar. I guess 30-40kg.

These are known to mess up the gardens locally. I have been closing the gates of a night to keep them out. This chap lies only a few metres the other side of the fence. So, they are close!!

It smells bad and will get worse.

It looks like we will have to report it to the mayor. If it died after a hunting injury, there is not much of a problem. But there is an African porcine virus, which is bad news. The carcass is crawling with insects and it is near a river.

It needs to be disposed of…

We shall see what happens next…

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