The Cormorant and the Heron

I am almost exactly the same age as Keanu Reeves, I am older than him but just a day and a bit. His mother’s maiden name is also Taylor.  This means that we are both “Virgo” wood dragons. He is allegedly an introvert too.


So, there you go…

This morning something unusual happened I saw both the Cormorant and the Heron at the same end of the pond. The Cormorant was on the water and the Heron was a few metres away on the land. The Cormorant saw me and flew off South.

This means that we are a bit of a breakfast diner for the local predators.

We won’t know the stock levels in the pond until it gets warmer and the fish are more active. Two birds of prey will eat quite a lot of fish…

Felix, the back and white stray cat, is a bit confused. He can see Bowie indoors and is wondering what is going on. He lets me get close to him now. So maybe, I need to check him for an identity chip…Guess is that he has not got one and it would take weeks of patience to earn his trust.

The weird thing about being 58 is that loads of people who are roughly the same age and famous, start dying. It is always mooted as a “tragedy”. It reminds one of mortality. The various life expectancy tools suggest that I should live into my eighties. If that happens, I am financially buggered. My guess for an expiry date, for me to be taken off the supermarket shelves, is very early seventies, assuming nothing untoward happens.

Anyway, Keanu has been seen drinking in pubs in and around Tring near where I used to live and where a copy of the I Ching jumped off a bookshelf and fell at my feet…

If he tips up near here, it will freak me out a little.

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