Will Economic Growth Slow Planetary Warming?

In the UK people, politicians, chant the mantra of economic growth. It will, by magic, put more money into the treasury and be the answer to all our woes. We have had growth before and yet social injustice and financial inequity persist. The wand of growth lacks efficacy and generality. It is perhaps a false God.

I would really like someone without recourse to hand waving, gesticulation, assertion, and bluster, to explain to me how and in precisely what manner economic growth will slow down planetary warming.

“Blah, blah, blah, green economy. Blah, blah, blah, more renewables.”

I would really like to be enlightened…

Just exactly where is the energy going to come from to fuel this economic growth? Is nuclear fusion a ready technology? How much energy is needed to build a nuclear power station? Can we buy enough solar panels from China?

I doubt anyone will be able to provide a watertight and cohesive argument to prove {or even theorise sanely} that continued economic growth will slow planetary warming.

There may be wishful thinking and vested interests.

This paradigm of exploit, waste, and “grow”, is old fashioned.

Yet we have people saying that we must set targets for emissions, {moveable according to convenience}, and gather together to save the planet. There is a lot of show and tell, much less do.

The problem is these agreements have fewer natural teeth than someone who has been to a Turkish dentist for a full refurb.

The world is not yet serious about this and despite natural disasters it keeps pressing the snooze button.

There is a logical flaw.

On a planet of finite resource continuous economic growth cannot be sustained indefinitely, nor for that matter can population growth.

I really, really, would like a genius to explain to me {in reality} how “growth” will slow down and/or reverse planetary warming.

I just don’t see it…

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