Wild Boar and Coypu

We have just had our big hedges trimmed and the gardeners, who are local, say that they have been visited by wild boar who trashed their garden. The local press has similar accounts and the boar survey put the sightings for 2022 stable at 7 per year in our commune. This means that we should probably close the garden gate of a night. A little further north there have been more sightings.

Perhaps I should get a crossbow…

I am filling the pond with water from Le Jaudy in case of a prefectural edict for water conservation. We have had a very, very dry February and January. Though the rain is forecast soon to come in from the west. The big Kawasaki pump is making some strange noises. Time for some pump maintenance if it rains…

Despite finding “mommy” coypu dead a few days ago there are fresh coypu turds this morning. These look to be from a relative juvenile. We shall see if there are more signs tomorrow.

Maybe we have to buy a trap…

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