Moles, a Code and Spring Cleaning

This web site / domain is up for renewal end of March and it is timely to think about what to do with it.

Of late Yahoo has become annoying, each time I try to check my email it asks me to prove that I am not a robot. Which kind of suggests that it is time to close some / all of my accounts. I am done with Instagram and maybe Twitter.

I tend to have “project” related email accounts. When the “project” is over I bin the account. I have quite a few residuals and most of them get no emails whatsoever. The wife has closed her UK mobile ‘phone account and there are a number of other tidying up things going on. Nearly all my email verifications are now on one dotcom account. Perhaps it is time to get a dot FR or dot BZH email.

We have been preparing this office for decorating and I have bought an indoor scaffold. {No not the type used for hanging criminals.}  The first stage of preparation {wallpaper removal} will possibly be finished tomorrow. The scaffold arrived ahead of time and looks to be just the thing we need.

It may be time to remove my Amazon author page / kindle account for “Towards Freedom”. Perhaps I will order a couple of print copies first.

Of late Outlook has been deeming any communications from “Times Higher Education” as spam, so maybe it is time to quit that too.

On Monday I dug up my three mole traps and there was a dead mole. This is by far my best trap to kill ratio. We reckon that we have saved € 2000 since we have been here, because I do the trapping.

During the night I had a dream in which an ex-colleague was seeking to solve a problem using electronic means. He was having trouble logging on to the programme and needed a very long and complex password, which he could not remember. In the dream I gave him verbally the password it had a lot of letters and numbers. He still could not remember the password after he logged on.


On the wall here they have stuck polystyrene. It is low grade and not very strong. It may be a nightmare to remove.  Maybe it is chemistry time… I’ll have a play with some acetone…

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