Daffodils and 78 Toads

We have recently had a warm spell with daytime temperatures ~ 14˚C. Slowly, inexorably, spring arrives. It has been relatively dry so far this year. Because we are in a valley, we get a little less sun.

Now the daffodils on the “football pitch” are starting to flower and they should be good for Dewi Sant {St David’s day}.

The newly liberated Camellia has started to flower about a week later than those up in the village.

It goes, Camellia then Azalea and Rhododendron, the holy trinity.

The crocuses and grape hyacinth are starting too. The primroses have a head start.

I have just done a toad count in the pond and I counted 78, earlier this morning it was 74. These are both record figures. There are a mixture of males and females engaged in the spring Bacchanalia. There will be tadpoles and micro-toads in due course. Their numbers have recovered after the decimation by otter two years ago.

If you listen carefully you can hear them sing. It is overcast today, but when the sun is out you can hear them more easily. Also, it is easier to count them. There could be as many as one hundred.

I can say that there are at least 78 of the blighters there this afternoon!!

Toads are back in force…

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