Kindling, Mole Traps and Melancholy

Today I have been sizing planks from the broken up palette for kindling and chopping up the harvested hazel for storage. It looks like I have 6-8 weeks of dry wood sized to be chopped for kindling. This should take us towards the end of winter. Chopping the hazel with the chainsaw you get a lovely smell from the freshly hewn wood. I managed to overheat the motor on the chainsaw so I took that as a sign to stop. I put the v-frame for cutting the wood up on another palette. This made the whole thing a lot easier for my back, less bending.

The new pesky mole now has seven traps set in his new tunnels. I’ll wait a week and then see if I have caught it. No new mole sign means that the likelihood will be higher.

This afternoon I have been picking up wave after wave of melancholy. It is not my melancholy; it comes from elsewhere. I can see some faces associated with that melancholy, it feels as if some people are actually understanding something which they have failed to before. It seems as if some kind of penny dropping is causal of these waves of external melancholy.

Weird, I usually pick up anger directed at me, so melancholy is a bit new…

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