Is The New Age About Wokeism, Wellness and Merchandise?

It is possible to go on an ultra-high air miles wellness retreat to an “unspoiled” exotic location, to get massages, do fashionable yoga in the latest Instagram-able clothing, eat purging diets, and share the communal bathroom with people equipped with penises, breasts and who are full to the brim with big pharma produced synthetic hormones and who are sporting a “magnetised” butt plug made from asteroids of a bespoke design. One can wear ethical garments made in a Bangladeshi sweat shop. One might eat lab grown protein and have a vaginal chakra massage from a pervert. One may have to specify in advance pronoun choice and ethnicity in case someone called you a sheep shagger for being Welsh. No one seems upset about the colonial history of the English invading the land of my fathers. Perhaps we should sue them for reparations for exploitation and inflicting the Welsh knot so as to ethnically cleanse our language. Heinous bastards.

Do you think that people in Eastern Ukraine recognise the above wellness retreat as what the future holds for them?

There is a great deal of commercial interest in the whole wellness market, in ethically “responsible” clothing, cleaning products and business models. This market is not for the poor, the needy, the dispossessed and the tortured. It is largely for the “comfortable” relatively well off. There would not be commercial interest unless there is a buck in it.

If the motivation for teaching wellness is money, does that taint motive? Are people likely to make marketing claims beyond fact?

As we walked past a cosmetics show room today I said, “Come on in, pay top dollar for our potions which have not been clinically proven to have any positive measurable effect despite the expensive luxurious branding and advertising.” The wife suggested that I go into PR for the cosmetics industry.

Which is more insulting being called he or she when you deem that irrespective of your genetic make-up you prefer people to use the other pronoun or a 9mm bullet shot through your shoulder, or a piece of shrapnel from a downed suicide drone stuck in your spine?

Seems to me a whole lot of people have huge problems with reality and perspective.

Just as greenwashing pervades corporate PR, so does “ethical” virtue signalling pervade the so call “ethical” market. You can have bad ethics as well as good ethics, unspecified ethics are ill-defined.

There is a lot of hype and much less substance.


The incoming new age is not about new marketing opportunities, clichés, fads and fashions. It will be about reality and not glamor, illusion and silliness.

People do not yet like reality…

Having said this I am left with a problem how do I shift the 10,000 ethically sourced, vegan, penis scented candles which I have stored in the garage?

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