Physical Plane Reality

Today I took the masking tape off in the bathroom. Aside from a little tidying up with razor blades and a bit of touch up painting the room is finished. Then it will be the floor in the vestibule. I am due to lay some PVC adhesive tiles once I have taken the door off. There are only a couple of fiddly bits in the doorways but I have cereal packet cardboard templates for these. One day should be enough.

The big piece of work is this office. After that the ground floor is done and only the upstairs bedroom remains.

We have been looking at properties in a 20 minute drive radius of the Haematology department at Saint Brieuc. The wife will call to make some viewing appointments tomorrow. There is one property at 40 mins but it is only a couple of hundred metres from a beach. Given our quotations for gardening we do not no have to move. We can afford another year here without eating too much into capital. Journey time to the hospital is ~35mins.

Bowie is a girl. Felix has been following her around like a lovelorn teenager and has been pissing up all the bushes. When Bowie has had enough attention, she comes and sits close to one of us. This keeps him at bay. We are playing cat chaperones. Although she might be menstruating or the cat equivalent, hopefully she is not yet ovulating as well. Otherwise, it will be kittens. If another tom gets a whiff we may have cat-fights on our hands. It is funny watching Felix trying to follow Bowie. She is slim and agile and he is a bit of an old porker who has trouble keeping up.

Irrespective of any of the dreams, the likelihood of physical plane reality remains unchanged. We will go to the supermarket tomorrow. I have a physio appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully we will view some houses on Wednesday which will provide some more input for the move / not move question. Our mundane existence is most likely to carry on unperturbed. The likelihood of me ever going to London again in this life looks to be very close to zero.

I will get zero personal telephone calls or texts and very close to zero personal emails.

At the end of the month the blood samples will inform us as to whether the Myeloma remains in remission or is showing signs of return.

Next weak I will cut up another palette for kindling and if the weather is more clement continue harvesting wood ready for next winter.

We are due -3˚C tonight, the pond has not thawed, my guess is that we will be way colder than -3.

And then the wind changes direction…

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