Decisions with few Variables

Today we had a visit from a gardener who gave us a verbal quotation to cut the lawns. His offer in terms of cash is affordable and he seemed like a nice chap. We now know that we can afford to stay here one more year with me not having to use the sit on mower. We don’t know when the Myeloma will return. Spring and summer here are resplendent after all the work we have put in.

The default decision is do nothing, enjoy the fruits of labour, at least for a year…

We have opened up the downsizing option and are due to see some smaller houses closer to Saint Brieuc in the near future. Journey time to hospital will be ~15 mins less, garden size reduced. One is a bungalow, the other not. Proximity to sea is better. We will need to get a new GP and someone to do colon cancer follow up for me. No obvious showstoppers. We will be closer to the “big city”.

A bungalow could be useful when the wife gets ill again, no stairs. This kind of thing is future oriented as opposed to present. I have never lived near the sea.

We have not looked at houses to buy for over four years. We shall have a guide to the feelings evoked shortly.

It seems strange that the number of variables is so very low.

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