Looking for a Nanna House

One of the prime considerations if we are to move is proximity to a Haematology department. At the moment there is a once a week clinic at Guingamp, but that may change. The nearest stable Haematology is likely to be at Saint-Brieuc. The sword of Damocles posed by multiple myeloma means that we don’t know when the disease will return. We do need to factor in perhaps single story living and reduced garden size because my osteo-arthritis will not get better, a downstairs bog could be important. We do not want to do much decorating, there are some pretty rum {loud} designs here.

At the moment we rattle around in this big house.

To my surprise this afternoon I have found two smaller places at roughly the same valuation as ours a little north of Saint-Brieuc. I guess the plan is to do a viewing or two and see what we feel about the notion. One of them is in walking distance of a beach, where there are two {in season} restaurants. I could easily take up fishing again.

The feelings will inform us more than the thoughts.

Location then halves the available living space. It also halves the heating bills…

So, on Monday we shall try to fix up some appointments…

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