700kg of Propane and a Tidy Up

It has been tanking in down on and off today.  So, I have taken the time to clear out my various email accounts. Some of these had archives going back ten years or more. These are now gone. Which means the email accounts should load quicker. It felt like more of a severance with things past and largely British.  There remains some correspondence with the Intellectual Property Office. If the patent is not granted then that is the end of that. If it is granted I can either pay or just say thanks and add it to my CV. Though it is extremely unlikely that anyone will ever need a copy of my CV again, with one exception and that being an application for French citizenship. A timeline of employment is needed as is a DBS check for UK. Maybe a few granted patents and academic publications may help…who knows?

During the week we had a delivery of 700kg of propane on our fixed rate contract. This should, thanks to global warming, see us through to April. We have two palettes of oven ready wood. At first pass we are good to go until November. I need to make a mental note to buy more propane and wood in the summer. We are not subject to gas price fluctuation until 2025.

We have asked for some more quotations for lawn mowing in spring. If these are reasonable then we can afford to stay here without eating into capital…

The wife in painting in the downstairs loo and the adhesive tiles arrive Monday. The decorating should be finished by the end of next week. The MOTs for the cars are scheduled for next week. This means that our routine start of year expenses should be over by the end of January.

The next project is this office. It will be ~ €500 for wall tiles to go on top of the polystyrene and ~€500 for the floor. There is about €100-200 worth of painting to be done. DIY is a rainy day chore.

We have started to economise on luxury items {wine} given that purchasing power is reduced. We find if we bulk buy meat then there are plenty of savings to be had. I know that the water in the well is drinkable if things get really dire with Vlad and his pals.  The spring offensive with the new Russian army if successful will draw NATO ever closer to war. If we are already sending tanks, what next?

Inexorably more and fancier resources are being sucked into the conflict…

“May you live in interesting times…”

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