Prejudice Against Loners & Recluses

Whenever someone is murdered it is a shame and a tragedy because they were popular, well liked and an asset to the community. Often the murderer is typecast as a loner, a recluse, a weirdo who simply did not mix well. This is often hinted as causal in his {it is usually him} lunacy and deviance. Rarely is the deviance of someone who mixes well given such scorn. There are lot of deviants who mix “well” and often. Anyone who seeks to escape from the psychotic hurly burly is immediately deemed suspect.

I will postulate that society is prejudiced against loners and recluses.

{There must be something wrong with them, the nutjobs.}

If someone famous falls out of the public eye and becomes a recluse, it is reported as if that is a fate worse than death. Maybe it is a welcome respite from the prying eyes, the gossip ticker tape, and the rumour mill.

{Thank foxtrot I am away from all those vampires.}

A number of people here have asked us if we socialise and have made friends here. When we say no, they do not know what to say next. There is an uncomfortable silence, for them not for us.

What do you think, is my postulate accurate?

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