Are You a Petty Tyrant?

If someone has less apparent mundane positional power than you how do you treat them?

I have come across people who if you give them the merest hint of positional power become right and utter jobsworths.  “Brünnhilde” the highly efficient departmental administrator in Bern, had many of my Swiss colleagues quaking in their boots. For some reason because I developed some banter with her, we got along well. She was not a jobsworth, she was a highly skilled and facilitating individual. People made shit up about her in their heads. She could have worked at servicing board level in a multi-national.

Here we are considered, at first pass, generic Brits, which means that we don’t understand the sophisticated French ways and are unable to communicate in French beyond a few grunts. When we were trying to get into the system, French administrators approached things in erroneous ways. There was not a blind dog’s chance that they would listen to us. We knew they were wrong. So, we had to let it play out and wait until the system said error. Then start all over.

Some people cannot help but enjoy lording it up over others, they like to inflict their temporal power wherever possible. Little people can feel bigger if they make someone else’s life miserable. They like to assert the rule book, chapter and verse.

There is a subspecies of petty tyrant, the petty tyrant gatekeeper. Unless you are of high rank, they will stop you having any access to their Lord and Master, or Lady Mistress. Because I have no power by association, I am unwelcome and repelled by such as these on many occasion. The gate is closed to the likes of me.

A petty tyrant likes to stick by the “rules” and use them as a stick to beat others with.

Now I have no mundane positional power so I get to see how poorly the “great and the good” treat the plebian outcasts.

I can put on my expensive leather jacket, my pointy hard healed leather shoes and don my Ray Bans.

I could thus suited and booted walk into somewhere with the air of “owning” the place. I know how to make people feel very uncomfortable. Luckily, I am an old fart now and not an adolescent dick head.


Do you inflict yourself on others?

Do you get off on applying what little “power over” you have?

Are you petty?

Are you something of a tyrant whenever the opportunity arises?

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