Applying for French Citizenship

We have been here almost exactly four years. During that time, we have not left Brittany. This means that next January we can start the process of application for French citizenship.

I need to have B1 competency in language, written comprehension, oral comprehension, writing and speaking. I guess the writing needs the most practise so some attempts may appear here.

It being France quite a dossier of documentation is required. They may check up on those related to me. I am required to supply names, dates of birth and current addresses.

I will need to familiarise myself with Le Livret du Citoyen, which at 28 pages won’t take too long. I did a bit of history on the French Revolution at school. I can swot up comprehensively and allocate more time to reading Les Echos.

Seems to me that the only bit lacking is community engagement…this can be addressed to.

What may change in the meantime are the laws about dual nationality…My British passport expires in 2025.

Although technically a Brexit refugee, I don’t think that enables me to claim asylum status…


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