A Whole Heap of Dreams

It is difficult to unilaterally make sense of the dreams that I have been having for the last few months or so. They point at people trying to kill me {metaphorically} with a Walther P48 a known manifestation of the evil robot Megatron. {Far out man}

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the person doing this in the dreams is still livid and perhaps resents me. I have had other dreams in which he projects anger at me.

Why did I have a dream about an EUV crisis meeting?

And the day after I submitted my updated patent application I had the Himalayan Monastery secret services dream.

Today there is white magic and witchcraft, together with La Maison Dieu and Yeshe.

The juxtaposition of theme is very strange, yet perfectly normal for me.

Doors indicate possibility and when I go into the mansion, I have “VIP” status. {Reflecting a genuine reorientation of perception?}

Two can indicate something akin to destiny and it feels like this possibility is in the south the gateway to the nagal’s world.

Candles are “power” or guidance from the dreamer. 

Blue is the need for humility and understanding sometimes related to destiny. It could be that the third woman is also of a southerly persuasion.

The direction of the flow of power in the act of manifesting is from the south, power enters from the south and heads north.

Later on the disembodied head says that I need to work with “the groups”.

I put up some material which pertains to the rule of the four pronged nagal and the structure of a Toltec unit. This rule does not apply to me and it would be foolish to attempt that.

I have been asked before if I would like to form an Ashram. No thanks.

The groups of Souls?

First guess is that something unknown is just starting to manifest.

In the “sitting” I absorb and then pulse out the white-pink-red “rod” of light through the Ajna. A fully open and radiatory Ajna is indicative of a certain level of achievement…

Under certain circumstances there is a shade of pink which pertains to the spirit, the Nagal.

There has been and even may still be resistance {and resentment} from those interested in the maintenance of mundane power. I have a good idea who these people are yet that is a unilateral idea.

Something is changing, the wind is from the South…

Let us see if I get another two pager dream tonight…

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