MOTs and Start of Year Expenses

Both the cars are due the bi-annual MOT or controle technique tests this month. Fingers crossed they will be OK. The right hand drive Peugeot 207 with 22 Breizh plates remains something an eye turner, a non sequitur, especially when there is only one of us in it. It really freaked out the old dear at the MOT place last time.

I am due my comprehensive blood tests and I have to measure my blood pressure at home. In the surgery the values are very high. I tried to explain to the GP that if she had to speak in English and listen to English at Mach 3, her blood pressure readings would be high too. She is tiny and has cold hands but is a good professional, unfortunately she also reminds me of the ex-wife which does not help with the blood pressure, either. Imagine your ex measuring your blood pressure. At home the readings are OK. No doubt I will get a telling off about booze. But they do not bang on about BMI here quite as much. I am “technically” obese with a BMI of 32. But I am also built like a brick shithouse for my age.

We have sourced a delivery of oven ready logs from Saint-Brieuc. In order to get him to deliver out here we had to buy two palettes, which comes to € 900. I have had to clear out the garages ready for delivery. This will ease the log harvesting pressure on me. It should last us into 2024. We have been to the recycling centre. It was fairly empty at 13:50, by 14:10 it was heaving, true to form the post lunch rush arrived.

The propane cylinder is down to 32% we shall have to order a tonne soon. We should be on a fixed price rate for 2023. This means we need to top up in the summer ready for 2024 when we re-enter the gas lottery.

I need a day off the hard physical labour. I have taken the patent file out of the filing cabinet and put my “Straight Outta Quantum” NWA style T-shirt on. So tomorrow I will put my underpants on inside out and attach some Elastoplast to my glasses. I will select a miss matched pair of socks and I should be good to go…

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