Stryd Gwynant and Kitchen Chemistry

This afternoon I have been playing with acetone and 95% ethanol. One of the good things here is that you can buy chemicals over the counter. I also have some concentrated ammonia solution which is an excellent degreaser but malodorous. It saponifies grease.

We bought a wonderful Tefal oil box deep fat fryer. It enhances the longevity of oil and is a fine product. We have not long changed the oil and I have given the outside a good once over with acetone {for the metal} and ethanol for the plastic, together with kitchen towel. It is now spick and span. I have lab gloves. I also cleaned the oven door with acetone and paper. It is good non-abrasive cleaning method if you can hack the fumes.

The Welsh Senedd are changing the rules for council tax next year. This means that local councils can charge up to 300% council tax for second homes.  On a whim I looked at houses for sale in Beddgelert. As a rule, there aren’t any. Today in Stryd Gwynant there were two which are affordable. Some of my relatives lived in that very terrace in the 19th century. 5 houses in that little pocket of around a dozen houses are holiday rentals.

It looks like house prices in tourist areas of Wales are being impacted by the new legislation. If we moved back, I would get a Cymru sticker for the car and then go and get a bit pissed up at the Prince Llewelyn and let my history be known. Explain that I am not English. I have been there looking for a Jones amongst many in the graveyard.

I could do the Alex Haley thing and go back to my roots…to the house of my great, great, great grandmother the washerwoman. The men worked down the copper mines at Sygun…

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