The Priam Precept and London W4 Injury Dream 29-12-22

I have taken these two dreams together as they ran into each other.

The first dream starts on public transport in a kind of spacious wagon. The mode of travel is unclear. In the cabin are various academics. I join them. They are all debating what the Priam* Precept means. The spelling of these two words is clear and distinct in the dream.

They have all been on a senior management training course concerning this precept. I recognise some of them. I have joined them without the benefit of the course having just gotten onto the public transport.

I suggest to them that the meaning of the Priam Precept is pertaining to Intended Outcome and that the intended outcome concerned did not manifest as intended and an unexpected one arrived in its stead.

There is a murmur of agreement in the cabin…

The dream changes scene and I am at an indoor training facility with some kind of obstacle course. Youngish people are going around this course. There are two groups going around the course in opposite direction. There is a collision and a scream. One young man is lying on the floor gripping his left side and in pain. I go over to investigate with Gillian, who is an off duty nurse. We inspect the man and he looks to be in a bad way. I say that we need to call 999. I borrow someone’s old style folding mobile ‘phone. There is no signal. Together with Gillian we go outside. I call 999 and the triage team ask for address and directions. I look up at a wall and there is a London street sign which says London W4. We are on a private training park located in W4. I say that we will get to a position where we can guide them in.

We go back into the training facility and they have transferred the young man onto a massage table and put a blanket over him. I go to the canteen and gets some ice in a clear plastic freezer bag which I bash up with a rolling pin. I give this to Gillian who holds it against his side.

I go to wait with the mobile ‘phone at the entrance to the training park. The ambulance arrives and we go to the facility.

The paramedics examines the man and he has a blunt force trauma to an existing condition which has broken several ribs. They put him on oxygen and onto the stretcher. They take him away.

As I come to, I note Priam Precept without and S and London W4

Dream ends.


*In Greek mythology, Priam (/ˈpraɪ.əm/; Greek: Πρίαμος, pronounced [prí.amos]) was the legendary and last king of Troy during the Trojan War. He was the son of Laomedon. His many children included notable characters such as Hector, Paris, and Cassandra.

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