We have a weather warning for wind…and change.

According to Ventusky the wind will peak at around 13:00 with gusts up to 80 kmh-1. This means that for now tree work is probably not sensible. There are a number of other jobs I could do later on.

It looks as though the badger has had dinner, made a mess of the lawn, and then headed back over the fence. I’ll adjust the pieces of twig over the hole later to see if it returns.

I have had a look at the web cam up at the coast and the sea looks whipped up. Here is another web cam from atop the Schilthorn in Switzerland. Enjoy!

Schilthorn web cam

When the wind gets up here, we have a “roar” as a background and then when it gusts the shutters rattle. I don’t recall the same sound when we lived near Farnham, possibly because it was further inland.

I have been reflecting overnight on how some might find the scarcity of social interaction that we have difficult to believe and imagine that it is difficult to tolerate. It is easy for me.

As a teenager I used to watch “The life and times of Grizzly Adams” where he flees up into the mountains and lives deep in nature. Unfortunately, my family were prone to talking over the TV, extroverts the lot of them. They could not understand how Adams coped. I could…When they were rabbiting on, the Rocky Mountains looked and sounded so attractive.

The seed was there all those years ago.

In the previous post from the Dhammapada an aspirant is advised to extricate themselves from society and the societal norms. That is cease attachment and clinging. There are a lot of people who practise Buddhism. The degree to which they attain varies. For most I suggest that it is a nice calming add-on. They remain largely materialistic and societal.

I know that I can go a long time without talking to people. I rarely speak unless the situation requires it. I am in many ways a quiet man.

I have observed that in general people view others through their historical lens. That is, they imagine others unchanged by time. My family wrote off my meditation and chanting as being “weird”. They could not accept or even notice the radical changes I had made. They remained stuck in their vortex, their net. I have left it.

I’ll wager that many who once new me, might imagine me as I appeared the last time we interacted. I use the word appeared, because they were unaware of the warrior’s path, which I was following. I would have been interpreted through the common socio-political lens, even though I was in a process of radical change.

My mother used to call my needs to be rid of them for a while my Marlene Dietrich moments. They never tried to understand, too busy talking.

I have a theory that talking inhibits accurate perception. If the brain is eager to emit words, some of its processors are engaged. Talking can be more “important” than thinking and observation. People miss a lot by rabbiting on.


Do you hold people to your personal story which you have made up about them?

Can you accept that some people change and radically so?

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