Cultural Differences and Prejudice

According to which “world” you live in different things are important, different things create a buzz. I have sat on the stairs in a lecture theatre in Bern to hear Benoit Mandelbrot, and in South Kensington to hear Roger Penrose. I have never been to Mecca at pilgrimage time, nor St Peter’s square to hear the pope. I have listened to the Queen’s and now King’s speech. I have been to some pop / rock music concerts. I have never stood waving flags at a royal procession down The Mall. I am not a fan of “influencers” on social media.

For whatever reason I have Lhamo Thondup {HHDL} at the periphery of my consciousness tonight.

Each “church” has its sacred rites, be they Nobel or Noël.

There is for some, ever the tendency to profess that their “church” is the best. People get tortured and slain for this.

If we all would wear the “moccasins” of others for just one day, it is possible that the world would be a less judgemental and more harmonious place.

No more stiletto fingers stabbing the air…

Them might give way to us all, together.

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